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Red Boy Large Butt Plug

Red Boy Large Butt Plug

  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug
  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug
  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug
  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug
  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug
  • Red Boy Large Butt Plug

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Red Boy Large Butt Plug

$19.99 CDN

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Last stop (DICE)

Like all the others say. This plug is really big. Considerable jump from medium plugs. It is awesome though.

Wow! (Patrick)

Just bought this a couple weeks ago and the first time I used it I fell in love with it

Large! (Anonymous)

I bought this guy almost a year ago and its seen my tight hole more than 100 times.

Product Description

Big, thick and seriously satisfying, the Red Boy Large offers up a classically swollen shape in an advanced level size. In sturdy PVC filled with a softer gel, the Red Boy combines precision firmness with a subtle flexibility that conforms to individual curves and contours.

Smoothed into a tapered tip, the Red Boy comfortably stretches the anal opening before widening gradually to its largest point. A slimmer neck helps hold the position once in place, making this plug a good choice for longer-term wear.

In body safe phthalate free PVC plus Doc's signature SilAGel, the red Boy cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 6.75" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Flexible, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface
  • Color: Red

Product Code: 0901-04-CD
UPC Code: 782421588908
ITEM: DJ-0901-04-CD


Customer Reviews

Stretches you big time! (Tom)

Awsome sensation. This butt plug will make you feel fully invaded from behind, and owned!

WOOHOO! (annonymous)

I finally got this in me after a month of trying. Don't kid yourself, this is a BIG toy. Really only for intermediate/advanced anal enthusiasts.

Awesome! (Anal me)

Nice and big without going stupid huge. Fits well and is very comfortable I only wish it tapered a little smaller to stay seated more firmly.
My favorite toy by far

Fulfilling Challenge (Anonymous)

I got this quite some time ago, but always fell short of it's demands... until this week!
It is definaiely not for beginners, but it is well put together.
Only complaint is that it is not as secure when inserted as some others. The narrow space above the base seems too little to grip.

Great sensation (kk80)

This is a great plug, my little sissy boy loves it, took a little while to get it in as it is a bigger toy, but ones he got it, hes in love!

Dagoboy (Dagoboy)

I got mine today- the service was great! This one is a lil bigger than advertised which is a plus. Could not wait, so I washed it and warmed it and let the fun begin. It filled me good while stretching slow then when it popped in I had to hold back from shooting my load. I hit it hard for a few minutes and could not hold back any longer. This one is well worth the money and the great service.

Fits great (Josh)

One of the best butt plugs I've ever bought. Fills me really well. I usually warm up with a smaller plug, then proceed to this Red Boy. It's a really great sensation when my butt latches this one in. I've worn it all day and feels great. Excellent price too. Highly recommended!

Way better than glass (Anon)

Great toy that fills you up perfectly. The soft silagel is way more comfortable than my comparatively smaller glass plug. The narrow base makes it the perfect plug.

Too big (Alex)

Good material and the quality seems very good. However, I was looking for something slightly bigger than a medium sized butt plug and this is way too big!

Perfect for Playtime (Bunnie)

This came in the mail today and I immediately tried it out. I LOVE RedBoy products- strong, easy to clean material.
This plug is pretty big. I recommend taking your time with it but HOLY does it ever feel good!

Perfect Plug (Brandon)

I love this plug. It's very comfortable and the material is perfect for getting nice and slippery. I Want bigger now though. Definitely recommend

Large! (Anonymous)

I bought this guy almost a year ago and its seen my tight hole more than 100 times.

Wow! (Patrick)

Just bought this a couple weeks ago and the first time I used it I fell in love with it

Bigger than expected (Anonymous)

Way too big for now but i'm working to get it in ! Assuming that i'm only 5,5'' tall.

Perfect Plug (Adriano)

I've been using this for about 6 months now and it's the perfect plug. Possibly too big for some people but me and my girlfriend/ ex boyfriend (I'm bisexual) have loved it.

wowsers!! (buck)

what can I say still have not made it all the way in. love it though I am going to keep on riding:}

Nice intro to larger plugs (Anonymous)

This is the first plug i have tried over 2" diameter. I have a pure plug 2.0 which I love using but it's a very different design from this. I didnt get this in the first time and was frustrated by the amount of squish in the material, it seemed to be working against me getting it all the way in. A couple weeks later, I did get it in and Wow, what an intense sensation, very nice. I do wish the neck was a little longer to help it stay in but its OK for shorter play times.

wow (Anonymous)

i thought i could handle it but not all the way yet will keep trying though

definitely a big boy (Mike)

I bought this ambitiously and it definitely is big but i like the feel of it, it's soft yet sturdy, easy to clean and doesn't have any smell to it really.

Nice Stretch (Anonymous)

The plug itself is an amazing sensation providing the girth that I crave. However the taper on the plug wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

Wow (Anonymous)

Fills me up great looking for 3 ou 3,5" now ! :)

easy to fit in and out.. (Anonymous)

This thing is really easy to insert. Less than five minutes. Don't stay in place :( The length is perfect for me. Diameter also, maybe a bit big, but almost perfect.
If you sit on it to keep it in place, that thing gives AMAZING, POWERFULL and INTENSE orgasms !!

Perfect fit (Steve Lucas)

Is big but has some give unlike glass or metal so more comfortable to insert. The small part at base could be smaller the large base makes harder to retain but I love it anyway. that does make it more comfortable to remove as u don't need to stretch so far to back it out

Large is an understatement (Markie)

I purchased this product feeling less than satisfied with my medium plug which now seems too small. I figured large was the next step up. This plug isn't large, it's humongous! Even after excessive amounts of lube and over an hour of trying I couldn't even get half of it in! However even at just halfway the stretching feels incredible, just don't expect to be able to push it all the way in or wear it for long periods.

Amazing (Tyson)

Love how This feel stretching then smoothly sliding in

For advanced users (Anonymous)

Be aware that this is a large plug. My girlfriend is not ready for it yet. We can only insert half of it.
The base will stick to slick surfaces.

Last stop (DICE)

Like all the others say. This plug is really big. Considerable jump from medium plugs. It is awesome though.

great toy (Anonymous)

I love it in me can not wait till it fits in wife not as big as I thought but a great add to the toy box

Amazing Stretch! (Dylan)

This plug is amazing, nice smooth texture and steady taper till the widest part, took 2 play times to get it in, but once my booty latched onto it I nearly came! Would highly recommend this plug if you are trying to work up to bigger toys ;3 I've only had this for 2 weeks, and I had never taken anything bigger than 1 3/4" in my butt, but this slips in easy now :) next step, Red Boy "The Challenge" <3 keep up the great work Doc Johnson ;3 <3

Bit off more then i could chew (Rockxie)

Went on a mini sex toy binge and this big boy made its way into the cart. My boyfriend and I are new to butt plugs so this was a lot more then we were ready to work with.
So, I'm afraid we can't review this one from experience, but can definitely say this isn't for beginners! :)

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