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Royal Rabbit Kit

Royal Rabbit Kit

  • Royal Rabbit Kit
  • Royal Rabbit Kit
  • Royal Rabbit Kit
  • Royal Rabbit Kit
  • Royal Rabbit Kit
  • Royal Rabbit Kit

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Royal Rabbit Kit

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499 in PinkCherry Points

Mix of fun items :) (Nicki)

This is a great little mix of toys. Adds some variety to sex even if you're not too sure what you're looking for. The realistic toy is nice, too, good size. Would recommend this kit as a general go-to.

excellent (anonymous)

Title says it all!

Amazing First Toy set (Jason)

This was a great first set of toys to have. I bought this for a friend as a gift and she insisted on paying me back for it because it was so amazing for her. She loved everything.

Product Description

Give yourself the full Royal treatment in the bedroom; the fabulous Royal Rabbit kit contains all you need to satisfy yourself or your lover. Inside, you'll find 7 sex toy staples in a majestic deep purple color. At the core of the kit is a slick tapered multi-speed vibe in a very traditional design, on it's own it can easily satisfy, but when you add one of the two included soft jelly sleeves, the potential pleasure is instantly multiplied. One sleeve is excitingly ribbed, while the other boasts a classic rabbit that allows for twice the orgasmic sensation, with an insertable shaft and angled clit stimulator.

If you're not in the mood for vibration, there's also a firm jelly dildo in an irresistible realistic shape, enhanced with veins and a dramatically tapered head, a long set of plush, graduated anal beads with a big retrieval ring, a super soft jelly cock ring, and a soft pair of wearable orgasm balls.

If you're just getting into toys, this is great place to start, giving you a little taste of just about everything, and allowing you to pick and then potentially expand upon your favorite style. Each piece is fully functional alone, but you can certainly mix and match to find the perfect combination of pleasure for you or your playtime partner. Use a good water based lube if needed with all the included pieces to keep the rubber based material at its best.

  • Length: 8.75"
  • Insertable Length: 6.5"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Width: 10" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Battery: 2 x C Batteries
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Textured Surface, Smooth Surface
  • Color: Purple

Product Code: PD 2039-00
UPC Code: 603912160161
ITEM: PD-2039-00


Customer Reviews

loved it (Anonymous)

love the toy been using it about two weeks now and my gf loves it amazing toy with good battery life still working on my first set of batteries

Great starter kit (SexySara)

I ordered this kit because I've never owned toys before, and this gave me a little bit of everything to try out. It helped me find what I like, and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to toys like me.

ehhh (Anonymous)

Ordered this as a first time toy owner. The vibrator is good but a bit on the noisy side. The sleeves add extra girth but it seems that no matter how much you wash them they have a very strong rubber smell to them. The dildo is nice but not big enough for my liking. Love the color though

so much fun!! (Anonymous)

got this kit because I couldn't decide what I wanted! loved the anal beads even though Ive never experimented with that. although the non-vibrating dildo has a really rough tip, I love it all!
Highly recomended!!!

great kit (Anonymous)

The kit is great for a beginners toy box. I have a home party business and the only complaint I've had from this kit is that the dildo isn't soft enough. But of course, everyone has different opinions on that.

great set but.. (josephine)

great set! I love everything but the attachments you slide onto the vibrator are so hard to slide on I havent been able to slide either of them on more than half way down and its even harder to pull them off, help me!

Good Value (Anon)

Great value! the anal beads are the best I have ever gotten! The sleeves do not fit on the vibrator at all... but for the price still worth it. Also the Dildo has some really sharp-ish edges... (Michaela )

Very fast shipping.
Vibrator excellent
Spiked dildo- top rough
Rabbit dildo- the rabbit ears too sharp!

ehh... (Anonymous)

Got this kit as a first time toy owner since there's lots to choose from and see what I like/don't like. I was slightly disappointed. The rabbit sleeve is kinda pointy...I was expecting a little more soft/squishy? It hurts the already sensitive clitoris. I was also disappointed in the dildo... it wasn't as smooth and it just seemed like when it was made it wasn't trimmed around the sides. It also is feel feel IF the 'real feel' to you is foreskin, my man is circumcised. The ribbed sleeve is nice.The anal beads are nice..
ALTHOUGH, I can't give a proper review since I haven't tried the vibe yet.

Amazing First Toy set (Jason)

This was a great first set of toys to have. I bought this for a friend as a gift and she insisted on paying me back for it because it was so amazing for her. She loved everything.

Love it all (Anonymous)

Really great intro- good quality and let's you explore different options to help with future purposes- good buy

Love the intro (Anonymous)

Just starting to explore sex toys and thought this kit would give us a sense of what we like and what we want to explore- happy with the whole kit- and now ready to explore more- good quality

Great for beginners (Jane)

I bought this when I first discovered This site. What a great starter kit at an amazing price! Love the anal beads, fake dong, and vibrator. My only negative thing to say is the smell, very plasticky/silicony. But I think it will go away over time. The delivery was very quick. I've already placed my second order and know I will keep coming back!

sexy (aaron Russell )

It feels good to know u can get these items discreet

4 (Esmeralda )

4 stars!

best kit yet (love my toys)

Love this kit has more then you could ask for. Love love it. The odor is strong and hard to remove but I am sensitive anyway and use a condom so no worries for me I love it. I highly recommed it and I work at an adult boutique so more bang for your money love this kit. :) my fav. Thanx

Not that great... (Meh)

I love the variety of the toys offered in this package. The toys are hard cold plastic with a slightly weird scent. Fun experimenting with the toys but overall would not be worth buying again. Suitable for a the first time toy user, its a delightful low quality teaser set, I recommend that if you like anything from this set to buy a better quality version of it.

wonderfull toy kit (shhhh)

i just got this kit today and i like it. but the sleeves dont fit and they are even harder to get off. but for the price it is worth it

excellent (anonymous)

Title says it all!

at this price!! (guillaume)

i was very surprised for the quality
of this product fof the price !! its very good
a complete kit to enjoy
i recomend this product !

Mix of fun items :) (Nicki)

This is a great little mix of toys. Adds some variety to sex even if you're not too sure what you're looking for. The realistic toy is nice, too, good size. Would recommend this kit as a general go-to.

Good starting kit. (Anonymous)

Very good exploration kit. Plastic is a little to hard and smelly for my liking but great to experience new things.

good value (D)

Recently purchased this kit and could not wait to try it. It is good value for what you get, however, I am having a bit of difficulty putting the sleeves onto the vibe-they seem to be too small or maybe I will try some sort of lube, maybe that will work. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with this kit for the money value alone.

Great Kit (Anonymous)

This kit is great for a starter or for a pro! There are so many great toys in this kit. And what a great price for so much fun!

awesome kit for leaners (juicy chronic)

just got this a month ago I love it never used beads until now they were awesome you just need lube to put the sleeves on multi orgasims for sure :P and a great price for a huge set and shipping wasn't bad!

mmmmmmmmmmm (Anonymous)

my first toy ever! love it but the sleeves are difficult remove!

Worth it (Johnny)

When the package arrived her eyes lite up at different options and tools we got in this kit. Very reasonable in price too. Good quality toys, easy to clean. Fun times YAY GOOD BUY FOR THE PRICE,

The Smell! (LittleWitch)

Great variety but sleeves are very difficult to use, the anal beads are really if you're petite well they are gonna be difficult.
But it's the smell! I've had mine for nearly a year now and they still smell. I've tried cleaning them and leaving them out to air, but you can still smell them when you walk in the room.
Also, I have a reaction to the latex. Or maybe it's to the chemical that causes the smell...I don't know. I've had to replace the kit with similar toys from another manufacturer so I don't have a reaction.

Too Hard (Belial)

There are so many great reviews for this but honestly, for me, the main vibrator is too solid (this was my first time purchasing a solid one as apposed to a flexible one), it actually hurt when my bf tried to put it in. And for the life of me, I cannot get the gloves onto it, I can get it half way on and then it takes me an hour to get it off. My BF absolutely loved that. Great pre sex entertainment. Loved the idea though.

The Smell!!!!! (MizManderz)

I understand the term "you get ehat you pay for" but gross! The smell is just horrendous! I did some research and the chemicals that creat that smell are toxic. I definitely recommend using a condom over the dildo if you use it (it really is a great little toy). The vibe itself is fantastic but you have to use ALOT of lube to make the sleves work properly. All in all it wasnt a bad investment for the price although i threw the sleeves and beads away.

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