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Sex Toy 101

Okay pleasure seekers, listen up. We know very well that the huge range of toys, tools and accessories available can be pretty overwhelming to say the very least. While trial and error works great for some things, you probably don’t want to take a gamble on a vibe, dildo or buttplug being right for you. So, we’ve broken down some of the basics below. Get comfy because here we go!


From Wiki: A vibrator is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable erotic stimulation. Yep. Boring but true. Pleasurable erotic stimulation is indeed the goal.

Vibrators have probably been a thing for longer than recorded history, although not necessarily the electric, battery operated and rechargeable type we have today. We know that water or steam might have been the original power source, and some wild rumours are floating around that Cleopatra herself ‘invented’ the vibrator. How? Angry bees in a box. We don’t want to think too hard about the unlucky servant who had to acquire said bees and get them into a box, but suffice it to say that it probably wasn’t easy and we hope it was worth it.

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Wand Vibrators/Massagers

The original Magic Wand began as a body massager, intended for muscle massage. We’re pretty sure it took someone about three seconds to see (and feel) the potential for sexual pleasure, however. Wands have been historically electric, but more and more we’re seeing rechargeable versions.

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Rabbit Vibes

All hail the queen! The almighty Rabbit has been around for longer than Sex And The City, but Charlotte’s addiction to her vibrating buddy definitely helped buzz the bunny into the sexy spotlight. Developed around the beginning of the ‘90’s, the rabbit vibrator came into existence thanks to a growing demand for more female-friendly sex toys.

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Bullet & Egg Vibes

Packing lots and lots of pleasure into a (usually) tiny shape, Bullet and Egg Vibes are shaped like their namesake, curvy and streamlined. The most traditional of bullets powers on with a button at the base and can be easily secreted away in pants pocket, purse, kitchen drawer etc.

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Clitoral Suction/Stimulation

Packed with ultra sensitive nerve endings and pleasure sensors, the clitoris is thought to be the only human body part that exists purely for pleasure. Yay! Despite popular belief, the clitoris isn’t just the little triangle of tissue toward the top of the vulva, it’s actually a complex structure with vascular tissue and a matrix of fibers channeling through the entire pelvic region.

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G-Spot Vibes

Sometime in the 50’s, a German doctor and scientist named Ernst Grafenberg ‘discovered’ the G-Spot while studying the role of the urethra in female orgasm. Now, we’re preeetttty sure that this highly sensitive area on the upper vaginal wall had been ‘discovered’ by lovers, women and otherwise vagina-owners long before that, but thanks, Ernie.

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Pocket Vibes

Is that a rocket in your pocket? Har har har. Boooooo, hisssss! Well here’s the thing, it could be, if we’re talking about a rocket of the vibrator variety. Pocket Vibes are pretty self-explanatory for the most part, these little vibes are designed to fit in a pocket, purse, glove box, etc, ready to be pulled out whenever the mood hits.

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Finger Vibes

Craving lots of versatility and a design that absolutely won't get in the way of most sexy scenarios? The Finger Vibe is your go-to. Sliding over a finger (or thumb), these vibes can go (almost) anywhere their host finger can.

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Traditional Vibes

Sometimes, things don’t have to be mind-blowing esthetically or functionally to blow you away in other ways, right?

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Here’s another vibe style that speaks for itself. Realistic vibes, or vibrating dildos, as they’re sometimes called, are shaped phallically (or penis-ly, if you prefer).

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Vibes for Couples

Most, if not all vibes can be used by couples, it’s true. A few however, were specifically made to share. The best known has been magically reviving sex lives left and right, and the most-heard reason is ‘we can use it together!’

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Anal Vibes

We’ll be stepping on another toy category’s toes here a little, but Anal Vibes definitely deserve a mention.

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