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Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe in Purple

CalExotics | Jack Rabbits

Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe

  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe
  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe
  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe
  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe
  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe
  • Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe

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Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibe in Purple

CalExotics | Jack Rabbits

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ITEM: CE-0610-80-2

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Buzzz in the night (Anonymous)

I had owned this toy for years, however it died, so I just replaced it! Comes highly recommended.

Amazzzzzing! (Karen)

Absolutely love it! Definitely recommend.

Great Vibrator (J & B)

Bought this Vibrator for my Wife and she loves it . Doesn't take much to get her going with this rabbit. Worth the money.

Product Description

A fantastically classic, satisfyingly full sized and ridiculously powerful waterproof version of the much-loved, tried and true Jack Rabbit, this crowd-pleasure of a pleasure piece offers blissfully full coverage stimulation, multiple speeds of vibration and rotation, plus a shower and tub friendly design ideal for splashy fun.

The Jack's dual-stimulating shape and reliably steady orgasmic power has made this Rabbit a fierce favorite of woman everywhere. A supple, non detailed phallic shaft with tons of rotating massage beads takes care of inner erogenous zones perfectly while a silky soft double eared rabbit ticker at clitoris-level covers that all-important female orgasmic hot spot.

Three speeds of thrilling vibration plus three more speeds of shaft rotation make for endless pleasure permutations, carried better than ever through the velvety silicone shaft and flexible bunny. Two powerful motors drive all those orgasmic patterns of vibration strongly and evenly throughout, they'll resonate through the entire vibe and straight to you. Within easy reach at all times, a simple interface controls the stimulation- easy up and down buttons vary speed at which the shaft rotates and vibrates, while another just above changes up the clitoral vibration intensity at a moments notice.

Made of a silky, phthalate free PVC, Jack is extremely easy to clean and maintain, a good toy cleaner or simple soap and water is all that's requires for everyday clean-up. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Requires 3 AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 10"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Battery: 3 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Rotates, Textured Surface
  • Color: Purple

Product Code: SE-0610-80-2
UPC Code: 716770040305


Customer Reviews

Bigger better bunny! (Anonymous)

Excellent rabbit.
Strong and can withstand tough use.
Is on larger side, so not for tiny women.
Lots of fun!

ouch (Anonymous)

I love the size of this and the vibration is great, but I found the material that it is made out of to be way too hard. It isn't pliable like some of them are.

Wow! (McKayla)

Super fast shipping! Super fast orgasm! Super duper quality! Super love for this toy!

Ahhh-mazimg (Taybreeze)

This one is my goto toy. The vibrations are great hits all the right spots. It's great for play makes you wet instantly. My only complaint is I wish it was a tad bit wider but this is great for begginers. Price is great can't beat it. Shipping is also fantastic! Love this site

Wow!!! (NoMessMomma)

Time of my life, this is my first toy and omg am i ever in love, sad part is my husband won't be getting much ass anymore lol!!

Amazing rabbit (Anonymous)

Tried this for the first time the other night, and all I have to say is WOW! Really enjoyed myself, especially the clit stimulator. Online ordering was simple and delivery was discrete & fast.

i realy love it (Anonymous)

its worth it

Amazing (Anonymous)

All i can say is BUY IT

love love love it! (Anonymous)

Works amazing. Made me have multi os that lasted almost 10 mins thrilled!!!

Pretty good (Cas)

A little thicker than I expected but all in all its exactly what I needed. 10/10 would recommend.

Mostly Good (Larissa)

It gets me off, but I find the whole vibrator a bit too hard. The rabbit ears dont bend as much as I would like so they can't reach the right places. I'm very small (5 feet tall), so I find that the ears are too long.
Still one of the better vibrators out there though!

Good stuff (Anonymous)

Not perfectly silent, but nothing a heavy blanket or fan can't cover.
Would like slightly stronger vibrations/more level options, but still gets me off.
Get a great blended orgasm every time.
Good size for a second rabbit, probably wouldn't go straight to this for first timers.

I like it (Angie)

Im a parent my husban travels this is great i can rake care of myself slowly or fast if i need to.

Good. (Anonymous)

Does the trick everytime. I didn't read the entire product description and it says intermediate on it. I was worried as an entry level user. It is a little big but does the trick.

Gréât (Anonymous)

Fast shippin. Low prices

Kind of 'hard' (anon)

Ive only used this toy a few times since it arrived and Im finding it is a lot 'harder' than the rabbit type toy I relied on before it quit on me. Its rigid and doesnt really flex at all. Like a previous reviewer said, the rabbit is rigid and doesnt bend or flex to hit the right spot. It left me a little sore, after just a quick test drive.

The rabbit (Gabrielle)

Easy to use and lots of fun.

Great toy and great buy too! (Satisfied Customer)

This is my second waterproof rabbit, the first one I bought ever was from a competitor several years back. I have to admit it was such a great toy I wore it completely out whenever my bf wasn't around! So, I started shopping around and decided to give PC a try, this vibe is identical to the one I had before other than the rubber is more translucent but same rotations/speeds. And just like the first time I was done inside 5 minutes! Definitely a must buy its a steal! I paid double that with the previous rabbit. Definitely worth it!!!

Not bad but the is better! (Ty)

This was a replacement to another rabbit vibrator made by California Exotics as the other one was discontinued. The Deep Lover's Purple Kiss lasted 2-3 years for my wife but when we thought this would be the upgraded version we were wrong. Nothing is like the jelly rubber.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Bought this for my girlfriend and she is so pleased, love the vibration and movement. It is awesome, even better than we hoped for.

OMG (jessie)

Simply amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!!

Buzzz in the night (Anonymous)

I had owned this toy for years, however it died, so I just replaced it! Comes highly recommended.

Amazzzzzing! (Karen)

Absolutely love it! Definitely recommend.

Not perfect but does the job (Anonymous)

It is a little stiff and can feel too hard plastic like but it is sturdy and feels good.

amazing toy. (Anonymous)

The rotataion feels very good and the vibe is powerfull. This is my best toy ever.

Bigger than I expected. (Anonymous)

Love it, but it is much bigger than I tought.

Good, but coulda be better (Anonymous)

It's seem when both vibrating in the same time, it's slowing down the other, one. But it was good!

love it (Anonymous)

This is my second one. And it's the only one I would buy. Fell in love with it years ago.

Great Value (Anonymous)

This is a great vibrator for the price. I agree that it is a little firm and I have also noticed that I have to adjust speed based on battery usages, but it is very effective at producing an intense climax. My last one lasted about 1.5 years and I'm ordering my second.

Not bad... (Bajan girl)

It is not a bad toy. It does the job, but it is HEAVY. My First Jack Rabbit to me is a better buy, a little more flexible and alot less painful when inserted. Would I buy it again? No. Will I use it? Definitely!

amazing (Anonymous)

Looks scary at first but once it is inside, I orgasmed in minutes! Defiantly worth the wait and the buy

was AMAZING while it lasted! (Anonymous)

I bought this a few months ago and it quit on the the other night, the beads no longer rotate

your prizes are great (e d)

I purchased this one a while ago in the states and it was over $80 american!
your prices are great!

Excellent (Beth)

This could replace the husband!!
You won't be disappointed with this one ladies!

Spoiled (newbie)

I bought this vibrator to replace a similar rabbit style vibrator that has seemed to slow down over the years (even with replacement batteries). Even though they seem very similar, even side by side, this one just isn't as good. While the hard plastic for the insertable portion is just fine (similar to my old one) the rabbit portion is not fexible enough (my other would sort of tip it's head back the further you pushed it in, while this one stays stubbornly and slightly painfully in place).
I was clearly spoiled by my old vibrator (the first I had ever bought!), I will probably simply invest in an exact replacement.

Just okay (Anonymous)

I wasn't a huge fan of this one - I bought it to replace a different (and much pricier) rabbit vibrator and was disappointed that it wasn't nearly as good. It really isn't flexible at all, so if you want to be able to adjust anything, this one probably isn't for you.
For the price, it's fine and will probably do the trick but there are definitely better ones out there.

Doesn't hit the spot (Jmv)

Sadly I bought this item thinking it would replace my trusty vibe. When inserted the main body of the toy, the rabbit ears completely miss my C....The ears sit too high on the toy to get the job done.

Moderate (Anonymous)

I will agree with the other reviews to some extent. Yes, you can orgasm from this, but know that the speed reduces the more the batteries are used. For example, the very first time you use it - it's amazing! After a few times with the same battery, the speed becomes more moderated even at the 3rd setting. Once you change the batteries, they're FAST again! So if you want it to run top notch every SINGLE time, change batteries often.


ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC the first time used it took less than 15 seconds to start a mindblowing multiple "O" that continued for quite a while ( well till i ran out of breath anyway. THIS IS A MUST HAVE TOY.....

OMG (Anonymous)

This toy is fabulous!!!! First time buyer and was worried about what I was getting into. It will make your toes curl it's so good. I'm hot just thinking about it.

Great until it died (Anonymous)

I liked this product. It was fun while it lasted which was about three month of moderate use and then the actually turning piece just stopped turning.
I would suggest this product but keep the packaging for warranty purposes.

Great; quality lacking. (Anonymous)

I bought this toy about 2 months ago and really enjoy it. It's pretty mind blowing and some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. The only problem is that it stopped functioning properly about 2 weeks ago. The vibration still works, but it no longer does the rotations. That's a pretty big let down; I'm glad I didn't pay the full price for this toy.

Good Buy If You Keep It Dry (Anonymous)

For the most part, I agree with previous reviewers. This was my first toy purchase, and probably the best forty dollars I had ever spent. Unfortunately, it decided to stop working when I brought it in the shower. It was never submerged. Not happy when I haven't owned it long.

Amazing Toy! (Anonymous)

As a first time Vibrator user, I ordered this one and immediately tried it - I didn't last a minute! It's so powerful on highest levels it gets me off so fast, I couldn't put it down! (Makes my boyfriend a little jealous! :-P) I've never came so fast or this intense before! I absolutely love it! Only down side is that this toy (in my opinion) is too big for me and its a little unpleasant and that its a little too hard/not flexible enough, but overall, its pretty amazing!

Orgasm Central (Randy)

OMG ever since I bought this for my fiancee all she does is go "over the top"..we have a wide range of toys but this one is her all time fave! She begs me for "purple"..And if I grab the wrong "purple" man do i hear about it until I grab this one! You will be glad you got this one but make sure you have very absorbent material under her because she will "Open Up"!!

Best I've Tried (Anonymous)

I think this should be called the Orgasm Wand... kind of magic, maybe? Anyway, compared to other vibrators I've tried (which is a few, but not a lot), the rabbit really does something to me that nothing else has. It's the ears. You might not even need the shaft at all, but both combined will push you over the edge. The three speeds for rotation and vibration might be simple, but it is all many women will need, I would bet. Other vibes are okay, but this is amazing. I agree with others, the rubber smells gross, but that dissipates over time and just looking at the Orgasm Wand makes me want to take off my pants! So any drawbacks are not turn-offs... hope other women enjoy this, too!

Great Vibrator (J & B)

Bought this Vibrator for my Wife and she loves it . Doesn't take much to get her going with this rabbit. Worth the money.

Easy Orgasm (Anonymous)

I bought this toy for my girlfriend, since she has trouble reaching climax. We've tried other toys with marginal success.
The Jack Rabbit however almost seems too easy. She says, and I quote, "I can go from zero to orgasm in less than three minutes... including the time it takes to pull my pants down."
The toy itself seemed a bit intimidating to her at first given its size. It however warms you up really quickly with the hard shaft being perfect. The vibrating ring of beads teases, while the rotation of the shaft drives her crazy. The little rabbit packs a punch also with a good amount of vibration -- it isn't excessive or extremely powerful.
I highly suggest this toy to any girl who has trouble reaching orgasm. She's gone from only being able to have clitoral orgasms to having full on g-spot orgasms within minutes.
The only downside of this toy is it had/has a strong plastic smell when you first receive it and must be aired out and washed well prior to use.

Well worth it!!! (Anonymous)

The 1st vibrator I bought for my wife was a huge letdown. Tried this as a second option and was totally worth it! I've made her orgasm before without a toy but she has not screamed like she did when we tried this devil out. I definitely enjoy using this toy on her.

wow (Anonymous)

Very nice, first time toy user and I cant believe I waited this long..

rabbit (rach)

this is the perfect toy for in the shower.

wow! (Anonymous)

I bought this for a first time toy and wow, very powerful! Definitely worth buying-made me climax in less than a minute.

Dream come true (Tara)

This is my toy. Without a doubt this is my toy, if I’m in the mood I go for it before anything else. It’s fast, powerful and fabulous. With the way the head rotates, and the rabbit vibrates its perfect. I get off so fast with this toy. When I first opened it I found it so intimating, I was a little scared to use it but wow was I ever happy I grew the balls *ha ha ha* I’ve recommended it to all my friends, everyone needs this toy!

Who doesn't love a rabbit? (Kiki)

What an amazing toy. Seriously, the first time I used it, I don't even think that I lasted a minute, and it gave me one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. This bad boy has three different speeds for the clitoral vibrator, and three different speeds for the bead rotation in the shaft. Turn both up on high go for the ride of your life! The only thing that I don't like, just like the others have mentioned, is that it is not all that flexible. I can live with that, especially since I can take it with me in the shower to play!

Love it! (Anonymous)

Bought for my wife she loves it. This is her new favourite toy -it gets her off very quickly.

awsome fun (cory christie)

i bought my wife this toy to have some fun by her self or together and what a toy- she loved it- its her favorite toy and i love using it on her just as much.

a bit of a letdown...not ideal for unexperienced toy buyers (Anonymous)

This was the first toy that I had every purchased. As you could imagine I had high expectations, especially since it was a Jack Rabbit! The features seemed to be pretty great with the swirling metal beads, the head that could rotate in two directions (both right and left), the fact that it was waterproof, and of course the vibrating bunny clit stimulator. Unfortunately, this Jack Rabbit did not live up to it's reputation for me. Firstly, my initial impression of the toy was that it had an extremely unpleasant plasticy odor when I took it out of the box for the first time, which was a turn off. The toy also does not have very many functions (3 speeds of vibrations, 3 speeds of rotation, 1 button to make the shaft spin in two different directions). I thought that since it only had 3 vibration speeds that they would be powerful, but they were very weak (especially in the shaft of the toy). However, the bunny clit stimulator does have a pleasurable vibration on high. I do not recommend this toy for first time users because it is pretty large for a toy (1.5 inches in diameter) and was a bit uncomfortable the first few times. You definitely need lots of lube for this toy! Lastly, the toy is not very flexible, which is also a turn off. I was unable to place the rabbit vibe properly on my clit because the rabbit is too high for me. Overall, my first toy was a bit of a letdown for me since the only truly pleasurable part of this Jack Rabbit it was using the rabbit vibrator was the vibrating bunny clit stimulator and the fact that it is waterproof.

amazing toy (Anonymous)

First time customer on this site.... Was nervous to order... Did online, fast simple and easy and 3 days later....WOW!!! It took me an all of 45 seconds to climax- and Climax I did!!! this does NOT ever happen! Great bead rotation, clit stimulator is strong and invigorating, hits all the right spots... Mmmmm... Gonna be spending a bit more me time..... Definite buy!!!!! only draw-back.. not too flexible.. but the features it does have makes up for it 10 fold!!!!

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