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  • Hello @Rick,

    If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, there are a lot more inventive ways—such as trying some new couple toys, exploring pegging, or different sex positions. I suggest you check out my article ‘4 Easy Ways to Cure Bedroom Boredom’ –

    As far as your question about making the taste of semen better, this a common question, so your girlfriend isn’t the only one who would prefer another taste.

    First, there are quite a few foods that can affect the taste and scent of semen. For men, the following foods have been found to make semen taste better:
    o Celery
    o Parsley
    o Wheatgrass
    o Cinnamon
    o Nutmeg
    o Pineapple
    o Papaya
    o Oranges

    You and your girlfriend can also consider using an edible addition, such as BJ Blast or flavored lubricants –

    I hope these suggestions are helpful.

    Dr. Sunny

    Dr. Sunny
  • Hi dr sunny , been with my girlfriend for 2 years now and we wanted to spice it up in the bedroom and I suggested cunning in her mouth but she doesn’t like the taste of it but she feel bad that she doesn’t like it . Is there anything I can do to make it taste better ?

  • Hi Dr. Sunny. Thank you so much for the advice on sounding. I will definitely take it slow and easy. It is always so exciting and fun to try new sex toys! Have a fantastic day!

  • Hi @Kelly,

    You have some great questions here. Let me see if I can help with some answers.

    For those readers who aren’t familiar with urethral sounding, urethra play is when objects or instruments are inserted into the urethra, or in some cases the bladder. Yes, this means you are inserting something in a place where urine normally comes out.

    With urethra play, also called urethral sounding, there are usually two types of instruments that partners can use – a sound or a catheter. A sound is inserted into the shaft of a penis or female urethra, while a catheter is intended the reach the bladder. Just so you know @Kelly, most sounds are not long enough to reach the bladder.

    Is sounding a safe? Urethral play is definitely NOT for beginners.

    When an object is inserted into the urethra it may create the inability to control bladder functions, as well as enhancing the sensitivity of this intimate area.

    Safety should be a top concern with urethral play, especially since it does come with more risks than other types of sex play. A urethra is a delicate part of your body, so I always recommend plenty of research and communication prior to exploring this type of sex play.

    Beginners should start with shallow urethral play that just focuses on the tip of the urethra before exploring deep or stretching urethral play. Certain types of intimate pleasure products are the most common way of enjoying urethral play, such as a penis plug or a urethral sound. I would recommend choosing a material that can be thoroughly and easily sterilized to lessen the chance of infection. Most silicone and metal products can be boiled or placed in the top rack of a dishwasher for sterilization as well. It’s important to cleanse products before and after urethral play.

    Sounding options on PinkCherry can be found here – It’s best @Kelly that you do your research and choose a sound that appeals to you personally.

    I recommend beginning with a small-sized product. Starting slowly. Exploring slowly. And not overdoing it. Pay attention to your body and its responses.

    I would also suggest a good sterile lubricant be used. There are surgical lubricants available, such as Surgilube. I recommend lubricating both the urethral opening and the urethral sound.

    Using rubbing alcohol to sterilize the urethral sound is a good idea to inhibit urinary tract infections and the spread of bacteria. Also, make sure your urethra and intimate areas are clean as well.

    I’d like to share with readers that while urethral play can be enjoyed by any or all genders, female urethras tend to have a higher risk of getting a urinary tract infection with this type of play.

    Also, it’s not uncommon to have a little bit of blood in your urine after this type of play.

    Using a urethral sound or catheter was originally a medical procedure. However, as people explore their bodies and different modes of pleasure, many found arousing sensations accompanied urethral play. This unique pleasure can be caused by the sensitive nerve endings that are located in this region. For men, the head of the penis where the urethral opening is located has about 4,000 nerve endings – making it highly sensitive.

    With some types of pleasure products, the goal is to stretch the urethra, while others are meant to go deep. Every person is unique, and their pleasure preferences are unique as well. For some people the stretching and pressure is pleasurable. While others enjoy a tingling feeling when the plug or sound is inserted. This type of play has been shown to make intimate regions very sensitive, which heightens overall pleasure.

    @Kelly, if you’re worried about going too deep, be mindful of how far you’re going. It’s suggested to place a piece of tape or marker on the sound at a certain point and do not go deeper than that mark.

    I hope this information is helpful. As with anything, less can be more @Kelly.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    Dr. Sunny

    Dr. Sunny
  • What sounding toy do you recommend for beginners? Also which cleaner/disinfectant is the best for this type of toy?

  • Hi @Casey,

    Thank you for reaching out. I have not tried the Bathmate water penis pump myself, but from the people I’ve spoken with, they do seem to make penises look larger.

    Penis pumps produce erections by drawing blood into a penis via air suction. Or in the case of Bathmate pumps, via water. Most pumps consist of a cylindrical tube which is placed over the penis. Suction happens with a vacuum motor or handheld squeezing mechanism. Essentially, users place the long tube over their penis and then pump the air out to create a suction that can produce an erection, with many reporting a more engorged, larger erection.

    Please consider reaching out to the manufacturer directly for usage instructions and more information.


    Dr. Sunny

    Dr. Sunny

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Dr. Sunny does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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