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Well, well, well. Looking at the ticklers, I see. Very well, then. As is self-evident, we do our utmost to provide for a wide range of romantic and sexual interests on this site, and of course, we have some great tickling and teasing sex toys to choose from. For clarity, there are two types of tickling. Gargalesis produces that full-blown belly laugh. That’s the kid-friendly stuff. Knismesis, on the other hand, requires a softer touch, stimulating sensitive body parts and often leading to a heightened sense of arousal. Not to disparage fans of gargalesis, but knismesis is the kind of tickling we’re into around here.

Fire up your partners knismetic response the Starburst Feather Body Tickler in red from Sportsheets. This essential sensual accessory pairs well with a blindfold, its whisper soft touch igniting nerve endings and setting the mood for myriad pleasures to come. Dragging the silky feathers over your partner's skin makes for electrifying foreplay. Shake things up a bit by flicking it like a crop. This tickler’s long, unyielding neck is just begging to be rapped, tapped, and whipped against all the right places.

For something more regal, the full-length Ostrich Feather Body Tickler adds a touch of class to any occasion. It’s an ultra-soft way to get your partner revved up for the main event with its firm, smooth handle fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand for perfect and precise control.

If you’d rather a tickler that can switch to swish and flick more at the drop of a hat, the soft, teasing tails of the Rubber Tickler in black allow for a seamless transition between the knismetic and a little light BDSM. The strong handle allows for firm, precise maneuvering.

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