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Urban Dictionary describes “buzz” as anything that creates excitement or stimulus. You may have heard the term referring to news or gossip: “Hey, what’s the buzz?” Around here, though, we think of buzzing in slightly different terms. In a sense, you could say that things that buzz around here are still exciting, stimulating, and even a little intoxicating. But that’s because they’re also usually vibrating.

When people think of sex toys that vibrate, they usually think about toys for women designed to shake that G-spot to a fever pitch. But there’s also a whole world of vibrating male masturbators and strokers to consider as well. Worry not, penis owners, we’ve got you covered with regard to things that buzz, too. If it’s battery-powered and stimulates male orgasm, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out the vibrating strokers from Satisfyer: the Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker in black and the Satisfyer Men Heat and Vibration Stroker. This revolutionary company made a name for itself with its breakthrough line of clitoral stimulators, but they’ve recently turned their attention to see if they can make men as happy as they’ve made women. Survey says: Touchdown! Looking for the unique sensation of a super-skilled blowjob combined with vaginal sex through fourteen signature modes of vibration? Of course, you are.

For those who are a fan of dirty talk, we have the Dirty Talk Interactive F**k Him Silly. Courtesy of a rechargeable hi-fi speaker activated by a synchronized bullet's vibration, the Dirty Talk Interactive F**k Him Silly moans, gasps and lets loose with some filthy choice phrases as you f**k him. In Pipedream's signature Fanta Flesh, Dirty Talk's ultra real TPR construction features lots of spank-able softness along with core firmness for stability. Also popular is the Colt 10-Function Textured Vibrating Stroker in smoke. Textured and super-snug, it’s an all-encompassing suction chamber with a tickler-filled interior.

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