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We’re all in favor of a woman’s right to pamper herself any way she sees fit. But sometimes you want to pamper yourself in ways that the drug store doesn’t make allowances for. So, we’re here to make sure you get everything you might want in that regard with our exclusive selection of intimate feminine body care products.

A lot of feminine personal grooming involves shaving these days. For the smoothest, sweetest-smelling, most touchable close-shaven skin imaginable, try Oh So Smooth Shave Cream by Coochy. Oh So Smooth's silky Shave Cream gives you a shave so close that leaves your skin so soft. Pamper your legs, pits, and whatever else you might have in mind — it is made by a company called Coochy, remember — for touchable skin with lingering scents like pear, wild berries, and apple blossoms. It’s the shave cream that conditions as it preps your skin for the razor, making it a great de-tangler/moisturizer for whatever hair you choose to leave behind.

Use Oh So Smooth in conjunction with Coochy's Botanical Blast After Shave Protection Mist for skin as smooth as can be. Spray this conditioning mist on post-shave to calm and protect your freshly shorn skin. Made with essential oils and natural moisturizers for your silkies, smoothest skin yet.

For a great gentle and natural alternative to ordinary soap and water, try Sliquid’s female-friendly Splash Feminine Wash. Free of irritants like glycerine and parabens, this silky body wash nourishes delicate skin and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria for a fresh, clean feeling that can’t be rivaled. Ultra-gentle and super-smooth, Splash is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients like coconut oil and natural sea salts to help balance your skin’s pH levels. Hypoallergenic and safe on sensitive skin, Splash is also 100% vegan, glycerine- and glycerol-free, and paraben- and PEG-free.

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