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You’ve probably heard the expression ‘in the lap of luxury’ used once or twice. It’s usually referring to a life lived very comfortably, complete with fancy cars, a big beautiful home or two, vacations a-plenty and lots of toys to play with. It’s the dream, right? We can’t help with your mansion, vacation and race car cravings, but we can definitely help you experience some luxury in the toy department. We’re talking about adult toys, of course, and more specifically, the top-shelf, best-of-the-best, creme de la creme of sex toys.

Here you’ll find a special selection of dreamy high end toys and pleasure tools for her, for him, for you and for you both. Don’t worry, luxury won’t necessarily break the bank! We’re spotlighting these vibrators, massagers, pleasure balls and beyond for their impressive design, material and unique feature merits, not their price points. As with all our categories, you’ll be able to search by best-sellers, newest and featured products as well as price. Our Luxury toys and tools may not put you in the lap of luxury, but they’ll put a little luxury in your lap!