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If you’ve got booty on the brain, we’ve got a full range of arousing products to stimulate anyone who’s up for a little butt-play, male or female. These days, lots of people are discovering the taboo pleasures of sex toys, such as anal beads, and realizing just how sensitive the oft-downplayed erogenous zone around back can be. To be honest with you, the butt is jam-packed with super-sensitive nerve endings just begging to be treated right. Do yourself a favor and let your curiosity sneak up and surprise you from behind.

For anyone just beginning to explore this once forbidden territory, check out our Graduated Anal Beads, the best way to help you ease into the wonders of anal joy. For guys, we’ve got the Apollo Curved Prostate Anal Probe to help you get in touch with your most sensitive yet often overlooked gland. And if you’re new to butt stuff, this device also comes with a rounded perineum tickler to show you what else you’ve been missing out on. For those looking for more intense backdoor stimulation, try our Vibrating Anal Pleasure Beads featuring three bubbly swells that pop blissfully through your most sensitive places and targets your sweetest of sweet spots with ease.

We’ve got it here if it’s meant to go back there. Browse our complete line of starter kits, probes, beads, dildos, wands, plugs, strap-on pegs, expanders, stuffers, teasers, dilators, and suction devices.

Discover what rocks your behind and blows your mind in the process. With over 90 products designed to excite your tushy, we’ve got something for everyone from the most experienced backdoor knockers to the neophyte anal-curious.

With free discreet shipping on Canadian orders over $49, why not grab a few and find out what works best for you.