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Definitely a must-have for sexually active folks across the board, condoms (in one form or another) are probably the oldest known form of contraception and perhaps the most effective protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Covering the penis’s head and shaft, a condom helps provide a barrier against the bodily fluids of a partner. The first recognizable example of a condom was excavated from a cesspit near a castle in England — it’s thought to be from around 1642, from the reign of Charles I. We do know that older civilizations used oiled linen, silk or animal tissue (intestines, specifically) however. Fast forward to 1920 when latex was created — and the modern condom sprang to life (as it were). We still use latex today, but thankfully it’s much thinner and stronger than it was a hundred years ago.

These days, condoms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, with or without lube, textured or plain, flavored or not. Almost all have evolved to be extra-thin yet super-strong. The common cry of “but it doesn’t feel as good with a condom!” is not an acceptable excuse anymore, we’re afraid.

Try any one of our bestselling brands to experience the best in safe sex. Popular brands include Sensi-Thin Condoms from Durex (12 Pack). With over 75 years in the field, Durex has perfected the art of protection! These condoms not only protect, but they also enhance and improve your sex life. Approximately 20% thinner than regular condoms, the enhanced sensation and feeling of intimacy makes things better for both partners.

Also big sellers are Kimono’s MicroThin Condoms (24 Pack). Revolutionary Japanese technology and design make these the thinnest, most natural feeling condoms money can buy. Enhanced by a silky water-based lubricant and voted Men's Health Magazine’s “favorite condom,” the Kimono offers more strength and reliability than many leading brands.

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