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More On Oil Based Sex Lubes

When most people think about sex lube, they tend to forget about oil-based lubricants. Or they intentionally turn their noses up at it because it doesn’t play well with latex, making it incompatible many toys and almost all condoms (except for polyurethane). But for all those negatives, oil lube has a lot going for it. It’s thick. Super thick. And slippery, too. You can ride that glide till the cows come home. Oil works great for non-latex toys, external massage, and manual manipulation of the penis — whether self-administered or otherwise. (Who doesn’t love a helping hand?) That’s right, guys: cozy on up to some oil-based lube and get ready for the best hand-love of your life.

Whatever your experience level with anal play, it’s a no-brainer that lube plays an essential part in the process. For everything this erogenous zone has to offer, the butt is incapable of self-lubricating. It needs your help! You can eliminate friction and maximize comfort and pleasure with ease by using Doc Johnson’s Anal Lube in its convenient pump jar. This thick and super-slippery lube is great for skin-to-skin contact and provides even, long-lasting coverage.

How about an anal lubricant especially for women? One of our most popular oil lubes is Golden Girl Anal Jelly Lubricant delivers slick, long-lasting moisture while helping to desensitizes the anal area for more comfortable and relaxed interplay. Perfect for the girl who wants to give it a try but still has her misgivings.

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