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They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But why should hands and bushes be your only options? We’re firm believers that self-love can be expressed many different ways — the more the merrier, really. Check out all the auto stroker sex toys we offer, all in the interest of helping men like you make the best use of their time alone.

Want automated fellatio in the palm of your hand? Then you need the Autoblow 2+ Stroker Extra Tight Edition in sizes A, B, and C (for the more well-endowed gentleman). A crowdfunding success story, the Autoblow is no mere “toy.” It features appliance-level parts and was built to last! For the Extra Tight Edition, the Autoblow’s inner mechanism got a complete redesign — tighter and more intense with the addition of two extra rows of massaging beads that feel like firmly gripping fingers. Even better than before, this device now offers the perfect handjob/blowjob combo. The cylindrical case has comfortable grip pads and is surprisingly lightweight and easy to maneuver. Autoblow XT plugs into a wall socket and is always ready for action, no batteries required. And cleanup is a breeze.

Or try the Extreme Rechargeable Roto-Bator Pussy Stroker for a rechargeable masturbator that delivers completely hands-free, rhythmically rotating pleasure that’s second only to the real thing — if that. With its invitingly lifelike vaginal opening and advanced, fully automatic functionality, this machine is optimal for to true connoisseurs of spectacular solo love. Also popular is the PDX Talk Dirty Robobator Auto Head Stroker, the automated vagina that moans and talks dirty to you. This machine holds nothing back with its seven speeds of rotation and an embedded speaker that spits out filthy phrases of encouragement. For privacy, it also comes with a headphone jack and earbuds.

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