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It seems like the whole world is taking deliveries around back these days. The most taboo of taboos is getting more and more mainstream these days. Gwyneth Paltrow has even blogged about it — and you can’t get more mainstream than that, right? But for some, the idea of poking around back there makes them squeamish. That’s okay. We’ve been raised to think of the derriere as a one-way street. Now everyone wants to turn that way of thinking upside down. Or backward, even. You know what we’re getting at.

The key to enjoying anal is to relax and have a little fun exploring. And above all, ease into it gently. If you take up weightlifting for the first time, don’t expect to bench 300 pounds right away. You’re literally training your body to perform a new task, one it may have never even considered doing before. These things take time, patience, and moderate coaxing. (And lube!) So, to that end, we’ve assembled the ultimate collection of toys to help you get there — slowly, gently, and on your own schedule.

For the curious but as yet uninitiated, consider the Crystal Jellies Anal Starter by Doc Johnson, a sleek and manageable clear dildo that’s extraordinarily soft and bendy. If you’d prefer something a little more hands-free for your butt stimulation, try popping in a Booty Bling Small Jeweled Silicone Butt Plug in Black and Pink. It takes care of the backside for you, letting you enjoy the sensation while focusing your attention elsewhere. And for guys just getting acquainted with their own prostate glands, an Intro to Prostate Kit in Black is a must. With four ways to help you and your partner poke around back there, it’s a genuine eye-opener — to say the least.

Browse below to find your first fave anal toy. And remember, delivery is free and discreet on all orders over $49.