Pure Plug Small

Based On 34 Reviews

Pure Plug Small

Based On 34 Reviews

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Excellent purchase (Anonymous)

I must say I hesitated for a long time before buying this. I'm quite glad I finally decided to buy it. I love the sensations it procures while being so small. I have tried multiple plugs but this one seems like it will be the most durable one.

Perfection (Tara)

I've been wanting to venture into Blackfoot territory for a while now, while nervous about what would happen once I've commited, I did my research. You don't want to start with something that has a circular base because it might irritate you and you want something that fits nicely between your butt cheeks. Something that won't rub when you walk. The shape of the base with the little spot to put your finger to pull it out is perfect. Not only that, but it's small enough that I wasn't intimidated to use it at first and now I've ordered the bigger sizes so I can work my way up. This was worth every penny.

Amazing (Annonymous)

Just like it is described! Fantastic! Can be worn for long times, not much lube required and adds just enough pressure to the p-spot! Worth every dollar!!!!!

Product description

Designed for pure pleasure in the bedroom or out in the world, the smallest member of njoy's Pure Plug family was created to provide seamlessly versatile anal bliss. In medical grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, the Pure Plug Small combines a large contoured head with a tapered stem and body-conscious handle suited to longer term wear.

Curved to anatomical proportions, the Small's smoothly tapered tip penetrates comfortably to admit a swollen shaft that stretches and stimulates while providing a coveted 'full' sensation. The weighty steel naturally angles upward, placing pressure on anal-placed sweet spots while reminding wearers of the Pure Plug's presence. Fitting comfortably between the cheeks, the Pure Plug's flattened handle and slim stem hold the bulb securely in place during playtime, private time or out in public.

njoy's 316 medical grade corrosion proof stainless steel material is absolutely non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized easily. Stainless steel in ultra receptive to temperature, so although the Pure Plug will be initially cold to the touch, it will warm quickly to meet body heat. Of course if you’re partial to temperature/sensation play, a few minutes in the fridge (avoid the freezer please!) will provide a more chilly experience; and likewise a quick dip in warm water will yield a warm and sensual toy for your pleasure. About the only thing you can do to damage your lovely njoy toy is to use an abrasive to clean them, so please don’t. Compatible with all lubricant types.

* The Pure Plug Small weighs 5oz (140g).

  • Length: 3.5"
  • Insertable Length: 2.5"
  • Girth: 3.5" at largest point
  • Color: Silver

SKU: NJ-004 | UPC: 823259900033 | MPN: NJ-004 (20)

SKU: NJ-004 | UPC: 823259900033 | MPN: NJ-004 (20)

Ratings / Reviews

All Time Favorite Plug (Kat)

I own over 20 plugs and this one wins the #1 spot. The weight makes a huge difference! It reminds you that it is there.
I was concerned that the steel, being so rigid and inflexible, would be hard to insert, but it was very easy (though you might want to keep that in mind if you are an anal newbie).
Stainless steel is a great material for anal toys because it is non-porous and can be sanitized in a variety of ways-- soap and water, dishwasher, boiling-- you name it.
As far as actual use goes, this is the first plug I found I could wear for very long periods of time. Other plugs I could wear around the house and for shorter periods of time but I have worn this one out to dinner, to the movies, in the car, and once, even to bed all night. I experienced no discomfort!
It is also great for double penetration and does not get in the way of my partner penetrating me. The handle keeps the plug safely in place and does not allow it to slip too far in and also makes removal easy.
I highly, HIGHLY recommend this plug!

Fantastic product (ST)

This little thing was ordered quite a while ago along with the FUN WAND and it was so worth the buy.

As with all the njoy products the quality is second to none. It feels great in your hand and even better in other places. As for the size I would go with it as a great starter toy for anal play.

Yes, the price tag makes you think about ordering twice maybe. But I can assure you that you won't be disappointed and it will be a toy that will or at least should stay with you forever. NO motors that can die or mechanical stuff that can break. It's fine to bring in the shower or bathtub. It just seems indestructible. We now call the medium and large versions as well as the Pure Plug 2.0 our own and it allows us to experience a whole variety of feelings.

The metal allows for super simple cleaning and I don't want to forget about the temperature play that you can get out of this product!! A quick run under warm water and it's a completely different experience to having it cooled first.

Overall an amazing product to call your own for years and years to come!

Great butt plug (Anonymous)

I had never had anything in my butt before, but was curious to give it a shot. I decided to try this one because of the good reviews and I liked that it was made of steel. The reviews were right! This is a great little plug. It’s not too difficult to insert (even for beginners) and it felt pretty good. I’m glad I gave it a try and am now considering getting one of njoy’s bigger ones.

Amazing!!! Well worth the money and hot results (Anonymous)

My wife loves this toy. She wouldn't admit it at first but this plug combined with clitoral stimulation and vag penetration brings her to soaking orgasms each time.

Great buy! (Anonymous)

Great toy for when my wife and I are feeling extra frisky.

Fantastic (Anonymous)

It is small enough to wear comfortably for extended periods.
The metal.is easy to clean and gives a nice weight but stays in very easily.

Lovely (Nicole)

Wasn't quite sure about spending the extra money on the njoy products, but after considering that I wanted to wear a plug for extended periods of time, I decided to go for it. What a great purchase! Fits comfortably, with very little lube needed, and it is a great size for someone who might be starting out with anal play. Comfy enough to wear all day while working (at a physical job) and no discomfort whole sitting. It is much heavier than others, but the weight is really what makes this one such a winner! I'll hopefully be purchasing the next size up as well soon.

Constant (Anonymous)

My wife loves this. She wants it in her every night, Perfect buy for people newer to ass play.

AMAZING!! We love it!! (RJ)

I originally bought this for myself. A little small for my comfort but great to try out and even better if this is a new begining for you! Personally i enjoyed it best when warmed up with warm water first, left me feeling so amazing. Hearing about my wife was even eager to try it and has led to an adventurous and sensual new begining to our relationship. Good rate this high enough! Worth every dollar.

Much Better (K)

Wow. I've usually only used silicon plugs, but this is next level. I don't think me and the GF will be going back to silicon anytime soon.

Amazing (Anonymous)

I purchased this for my wife. We are fairly new to butt plugs. She thought maybe it was a bit on the big size, but we found it worked out just fine. She said she liked the weight and the fact it is very hard. We would definitely recommend this product! We will be trying other njoy toys in the future!

Funtastic (QC FUN MAN!)

First anal toy ever. I am 53 and I wish I have tried this much ealier in my life. It enhance all sensations and delightfull feelings during love sessions with my wife! Wow and wow again. I just ordered the medium and I just can't wait to use it!

Perfect For Long Wear Use (Fluffy)

I bought this toy specifically for wearing for long periods of time....overnight or while at work. I was a little concerned when I felt the weight of it in my hand, but once inserted, all worries fled my mind. This toy is the most comfortable plug I've ever worn. The handle/base fits perfectly between my cheeks, without any friction while walking or and is not at all uncomfortable to sit on. This is my first stainless steel toy. I didn't need lube to slide it in and once it popped inside, it was perfectly snug. I've yet to play with temperature, but the coolness of it was lovely. Cleaning is a cinch. I'll be buying as many nJoys as I can afford.

Gave it to my man lover (Anonymous)

My man lover has never had experiences with any sort of sexual toy around his anus. He is an Asian man of about 5'4". When we opened the box the plug seemed like it might be too large for him as well as a bit heavy but actually turned out to be perfect for him. It slipped in quite easily with the lubricant to which he "swallowed" until the end remained. It fit very comfortably and was very easy to operate.

The head is weighted, and holding the piece and handling it seems slightly heavy at first, but in reality I would say it is an excellent beginner's toy for someone of smaller stature. It would be also excellent for women. Another plus is that the end piece is thin and oval shaped so it rests between the cheeks, and the plug itself is extremely durable.

Fantastic!! (random)

Fantastic plug. We both liked it very much and the weight is great.
Smooth and slide in and out easily. Highly recommended

Great (Steve)

Good look, weight, feel. Though potentially maybe *too* small for some.

Interesting product (Richard Carveth)

Am still getting used to the product, it is pretty easy to use, and plan to use it regularly.

Pure bliss (Anonymous)

i love it. Put it in the freezer for even more fun (but let it warm up a bit before inserting or use a condom - remember you don't lick anything metal)

A nice bit of steel (Anonymous)

Ordered the small and when it arrived was smaller than I'd envisioned. Girlfriend loved it but upon her first use commented was that she'd have been able to handle larger.
Nice weighty feel in the hand (and butt) and the steel cleans so easily.

you will be happy (liz)

I'm a beginner and got the small, I found this very nice to have in and is very comfortable. I love the weight of the plug, and easy to clean, the only thing I would say is that the handle makes it uncomfortable if you want to sit with it in. other then that I would say that its a must get!! :)

Spectacular (Charlie)

Anal play newbie, but had long fantasized about it.  Initially purchased the medium size as had read several reviews indicating the small was very small even for beginners.   I disagree.  After struggling with the medium on and off for a few days I managed to get it in, but it wasn't easy, or very enjoyable.  Once inside however was pretty amazing.  About an hour later decided to take it out.  The process was sheer agony.  Ordered the small immediately.  It's amazing!  I seriously can't keep it out, and when it's out can't stop thinking about the next chance I'll get to put it in again! Cannot believe I didn't discover the bliss of butt plugs years ago, and quality of these is second to none.

The size difference between the small and medium is significant and think something right in between would be spectacular!

Great plug! (Anonymous)

Just recently got the small size and love it, I can wear it for long period, in the car, other plugs I was weriod about wearing In public not this one it's perfect, it's stays put and the weight is good, I even leave it In at bedtime
I also have the medium size, I find it a little big for daily use, and got discomforting after a while the small is perfect for me.
Very easy clean, you can hear up or cool down for added pleasure

Great weight (Karen)

As a butt plug beginner, I found the small to be just the right size for me. The weight of it is fantastic and the curve just right to add great stimulation to vaginal play. The flange keeps it right in place and cleaning it is a breeze. Definitely worth the price tag.

Great into anal toy (Chris)

This little beauty is wonderful for guys or girls who are curious about trying an anal plug. Slides in so easily and feels amazing. The weight behind the metal even makes it fun to slide it in and walk around. It is super easy to clean and even though it's small, gives a fantastic full feeling. We are planning on getting the bigger size very soon! You won't regret this purchase.

Brilliant for Beginners (Anonymous)

First butt plug, and decided to gamble by paying a little extra for this special little guy instead of a regular butt plug - what a great choice! The added weight lets you know its there, the metal can be warmed up or cooled off, easily insertable, and it hits all the right spots. Handle sits nicely between cheeks, never slips at all! Definitely a good choice for beginners.

A favorite! (Amber)

One of my favorite anal plugs! This little guy is easy to clean, and super fun to use. The size is great for anal beginners and those who enjoy the feeling of anal fullness while not giving up comfort. The steel can be cooled down or warmed up before use, and it fits wonderfully between the cheeks. Perfect for both woman *and* men!

Nice Toy for Beginners (annonymous)

Just bought this toy recently, what a great investment! Smooth slick surface for easy insertion and removal. Super easy to clean. Love it

Can easily be worn for long periods! (annonymous)

This is a nice toy - and in my opinion a great anal toy for beginners, except that it seems a little small, even to start with. It is very comfortable, and goes in smoothly with a little lube. Because it is metal, you can use any lube you like, including vaseline. Run it through the dishwasher to clean it. It can be worn comfortably for long periods. It has an ergonomic shape, and the handle prevents it from being drawn inside.

Nice Toy for Beginners (annonymous)

Just bought this toy recently, what a great investment! Smooth slick surface for easy insertion and removal. Super easy to clean. Love it

Can easily be worn for long periods! (annonymous)

This is a nice toy - and in my opinion a great anal toy for beginners, except that it seems a little small, even to start with. It is very comfortable, and goes in smoothly with a little lube. Because it is metal, you can use any lube you like, including vaseline. Run it through the dishwasher to clean it. It can be worn comfortably for long periods. It has an ergonomic shape, and the handle prevents it from being drawn inside.