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Back in the day, we didn’t have all these new-fangled contraptions you kids take for granted these days. We couldn’t remote control anything, and if you wanted a vibrator, chances are it looked fairly simple too. We hear a lot about the return to good old-fashioned traditional values these days, and it might surprise you to know that there’s still plenty of room in such a worldview for vibrating sex toys. We’ve got lots to choose from, tried and true standards that may not have all the new bells and whistles but still get you off just as well.

The traditionally tapered shape of the PinkCherry Sparkle Vibrator in Pink Glitter targets your sweet spots body-wide with eagle-eye precision and powerful multi-speed vibration that’ll make your toes curl in just about any erotic scenario. Wonderfully manageable and discreetly sized, the Sparkle is a sleek little vibe that makes a fantastic choice for couple play and solo love alike.

For lovers of all things cute, the extra soft and adorably shaped The Original Butterfly Kiss Vibe features pinpoint-precise tickler ears and three incremental speeds of perfect vibrational power for all your external sweet spots. A simple + and - interface at the midpoint cycles the motor through its paces. Easy to clean with a little soap and water, the Original Butterfly Kiss is also waterproof for fun in the tub or shower.

If you’re looking for something classic, simple, and straightforward, look no further than the 7” Colt Metal Vibe. Extra powerful and ultra slick for deep satisfaction, the Metal is a smooth, seamless, and perfectly weighted unit with a traditional tapered shape for smooth and easy insertion. Powerful with multiple vibration speeds, this firm and unyielding packs a lot of punch.

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