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Behold the clitoris in all its infinite wonder and glory! Discreetly hidden by the delicate folds surrounding it, its very nature magical, mysterious and sometimes elusive, this little love button has baffled and befuddled the human species species for eons. In dark times past, partners were known to pretend it didn’t exist at all, forcing women to take matters into their own hands. But there’s an orgasmic silver lining to all of this! From unfulfilled need arose a market for tools and glorious gadgets like the clitoral vibrator that would allow women to take care of their clits all on their own, and to teach their partners to do the same. Today, many of us delight in doing all we can to arouse the clitoris, alone or together. That’s why we’ve assembled our mighty collection of clit vibrators, massagers, and stimulator toys. With over 300 vibrating clitoral massagers to choose from, you’re bound to find one, if not a few, that will have your clit doing (metaphorical, hopefully!) backflips.

Submitted for your approval, the Fuzu Touch Activated Fingertip Vibe is a clitoral vibrator designed to be worn over the finger to help excite the clitoris no matter what you’re getting up to. As long as you have one hand free, this tiny little vibrating wonder will take you there.

For lovers of the classics, there’s the original Magic Wand, AKA the Hitachi Magic Wand. Or Ol’ Reliable. Perhaps the best-loved vibrator in history, it's been called a marriage saver for obvious reasons. Designed to be a body massager, this device works wonders on stiff muscles, but its true power lies in bringing women to near-instant arousal and consistent, multiple orgasms.

Then there’s the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator with its silky scooped silicone treatment tip and 11 undulating modes of Pressure Wave suction. The waterproof design makes bath time so much fun.

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