The Future of Sex Toys: Suction Vibrators

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The Future Of Sex Toys: Suction Vibrators


Sex robots are getting an awful lot of attention lately. In her new Netflix special, “Can I Touch It,” comedian Whitney Cumming’s does a hilarious bit on sex robots and their ominous potential to become sentient beings… But as tension over the advance of sex tech may have some folks feeling weary of the coming future, we at PinkCherry have good news: the great sex tech revolution is not all sex robots and VR porn designed for anatomically male humans. In fact, the best in sex tech is all about clitoral stimulation.

What Ms. Whitney Cummings and most of the world may not realize is that while sex robots are grabbing all the headlines, clit suction stimulators are quietly taking over in the bedroom. That’s right- the greatest technological advancement in sex gadgets and the best new sex toys are by far and away, clit suction stimulators. They are revolutionizing clitoral stimulation and advancing female orgasms at a rapid rate. Welcome to the future… our world may never be the same.

Clitoral suction toys are so powerful, many claim they can bring on orgasm within 5 minutes of use. According to the hundreds of happy sex toy reviews on, certain clit suction stimulators make very, very good on their orgasmic assertions. But like any truly amazing tech advancement, the real fun begins when you find ways to personalize and optimize how you use it. Clit suction devices may have the capacity to give you or your partner an incredible quickie orgasm, but a woman’s complex human nature has the capacity for multiple and varied orgasms. When it comes to enjoying a clit suction stimulator- it’s all about how you operate it. The technology is really only as good as the person using it, so we’ve put together some ingenious ways to channel your creative sensual strengths to help you get the most from your new favourite sex toy.


Be the Master of Your Machine

In 1997, the creators of IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue, challenged the world’s reigning Grand Master to a chess match that was meant to prove whether or not AI could defeat a human counterpart. What they learned about “human vs machine” still holds true today- technology is great for automating tasks but cannot account for variables that breakaway from an established pattern. This is why we still don’t all have self driving cars. And nothing else in nature quite compares to the changing complexities of anatomically female orgasms. 

In order to best understand and enjoy your clit suction sex toy, it helps to understand the system it was designed for.

Female orgasms differ not just from one woman to the next, but orgasm to orgasm. The exact same woman, doing the exact same thing, in the exact same way, is still unlikely to experience the exact same orgasm. We often refer to the “elusive female orgasm” because what a woman finds arousing and sexually satisfying can change in an instant. The perfect g-spot toy that gave so much pleasure yesterday, might not do it for you today. Of course there are things that a woman might prefer most of the time, but there are no guarantees it will stay that way. Female orgasms are also highly holistic. Her thoughts, feelings, hormones, and environment might have as much effect on her arousal as any direct physical stimulation. Even her outfit can change the orgasm game- once again proving why lingerie is so important. 

Now before taking on the common, yet misguided assumption that your or your clitoris-owning partner’s orgasm is unreliable or work intensive, take a moment to remember that a need for variety is not a bad thing. It just means that there’s little room for automation when it comes to women getting off in all the amazing ways they are capable of. When it comes to sex tech, there is still no self-driving car of female orgasms. However, the technology behind clitoral suction toys are akin to having a supercharged engine or jumper cables. (The Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 2 Air Pulse Stimulator is more like having a Rolls Royce). If you love to drive, you might not need to know where you’re going in order to enjoy the ride, but probably like knowing there’s a whole new way to start the car. A way that sucks the clitoris. Vroom vroom. 


Finding Your Algorithm 

Now that you know a little more about female orgasms, it’s time to hack into the mainframe (that will never not be fun to say) with the help of clitoral suction stimulators. While the elements required to ignite mind-blowing female orgasms may differ in specifics, there are a few things to consider overall. Environment, connectivity/mental preparedness, clitoral stimulation and variety. 

Environment: Alone or with a partner, many women find it difficult to tune out their environment even when they are incredibly aroused. In fact, arousal can make women even more keenly sensitive to sounds and smells as well as more tactically sensitive. The sounds of the neighbours outside can seem louder or the smell of unwashed laundry might suddenly become distracting. This doesn’t mean women are persnickety- they just don’t detach as easily from their surroundings as most men can. If you can make the room you’re about to throw down in clean and fresh smelling with music- great. If not, consider trying to incorporate the mess into the fantasy. Dirty room, dirty girl. Hurry up, the kids will be home any minute. Even if you are woman masturbating solo, take a second to scan your settings for anything you think might distract you right when you’re about to climax. You’ll be glad you closed that window or shooed your pets out of the room.

Connectivity/Mental Preparedness: Know your love languages and get your head in the game. Thoughts and feelings of excitement can be the difference between having an incredible orgasm or not. If you are craving more of these things on a regular basis, try reading erotica, talking about sex with your friends or lover, masturbate more regularly, look for erotic images and media more frequently and not just during a sexual exchange. Exposure to these things can help keep you feeling more primed for sex so that when an opportunity to orgasm arises, there’s a lot less mental rearranging required to focus on the task at hand. Another fun way to keep your orgasmic potential ever-present is to keep a delightful travel size sex toy in your purse or car.

Clitoral Stimulation: While most women require some ingenuity in order orgasm- they also usually prefer at least some type of clitoral stimulation via fingers, tongue, or sex toy. It can be helpful to work your way from softer stimulation to more intense to give your body time to respond. Sexual partners will sometimes rush to the mighty clit, ready to rapidly rub all 8,000 nerves into oblivion, but just because the clitoris is pleasure centre doesn’t mean everything feels pleasurable. Women can also find themselves as impatient as any enthusiastic lover and will forget to take a little time to warm up while masturbating. Especially when using an almost instant orgasm sex toy, like Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. Before resting the silicone cylinder over your clit and turning the suction up all the way, take a minute to rub your clitoris with a little water based lubricant or your own internal lubrication. This brings blood to the surface gradually which makes the engorgement of your clit more comfortable. The rest of your body, mind and vulva will also respond well. Taking time to incorporate these steps doesn’t need to take much time at all. The body may respond quickly to the slightest touch, but that fleeting touch can still make a huge difference. Also, the wetness of lubrication is crucial when it comes to finding a comfortable suction level and consistent hold. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Variety: Once you start using your clit suction sex toy, you may find yourself wanting to live your life in sweatpants you can easily push down for constant 5 minute orgasms. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you later find that too much of a good thing is no longer giving you the same climax you enjoyed in the honeymoon phase with your newly minted sex toy- you might need some variety to get you back to where you were.  Satifyer may have mastered the technology behind suction vibrators but they still need a human touch (to hit the power button) and to personalize their use. To keep yourself the lord and leader over your oral sex simulator, mix up how and when you use it. Try using it while standing up, bent over the side of the bed or on your knees with a pillow beneath you. Use the water resistant Satisfyer in the shower or on the bathroom floor with your legs in the air. Perhaps you even use a penetrating toy internally, while using your Satisfyer clitoral suction toy externally, for a powerful blended orgasm. Let your partner watch you use your clit-sucking device for an exciting switch-up. And just because you have an excellent orgasm by yourself or with your lover doesn’t mean you are done. Au contraire! If it only takes 5 minutes to climax and you so desire, then it sounds like you might have four more orgasms to go. 


Technology Sucks

In the digital age, the need for sensual experiences and the body-mind connection has never been greater. While technology is busy bio-hacking our brain chemistry, we humans are still processing the world around us with primordial hardware. We may be able to process an image in 13 milliseconds, but if that image is of a human face, we still can still connect to it as if it were a flesh and blood person standing before us. This “monkey brain” reaction may be the reason we smile at our phones while scrolling through social media. The onslaught of digital, visual stimulation can be downright addictive and before we know it our brains are exhausted while our bodies are often neglected. Use technology for good and let it be an expression of your awesome human nature rather than something that distracts you from it. Sexual intimacy, orgasms and sensual pleasure help restore balance your bod. 

There is no reason to fear a Black Mirror-esque, dystopian future where women are at war with AI and sex robots or VR porn replaces the need for sex. We humans can live in harmony with our devices… especially this one.

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