Canada’s Sexiest Cities

Love is in the air. This year is our 9th edition of Canada’s sexiest city and we decided to switch things up a bit. We took all of our sales data over the past year and put together the sexiest cities in Canada. Ranging from vibrators to clitoral stimulators, from top selling brands like Womanizer and Magic Wand, check out each city’s top 5 items along with where they rank for our main collections!

How Sexy Is Your City?

You think your city is the most romantic place in Canada? Want to know what others around you are interested in? Check out the sexiest cities below and see where your city ranks. Did your city not make the top 10? Well don’t worry, select a city from the dropdown list below to see where it ranks in Canada, and what the most popular items that customers enjoyed.

2020 Sexiest Major Cities

2020 Sexiest Towns

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How We Pick The Sexiest City

We measure or rate Canadian cities with the most sex toy sales per person. For the top 10 sexiest cities, we based our ranking on the most sex toy sales per person with the population over 300K. For the sexiest towns, the population threshold was 50K.