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Sensuality is amazing! Enjoying closeness and expressing yourself lovingly, erotically and/or romantically with another person is one of life’s greatest joys. Luckily, there are lots and lots of spectacularly sensual, sexily sensuous accessories, tools, toys and more to help heighten that joy.

Whether you’re into cuddling or canoodling, giving sensual massages, or looking for a little something-something to take your partner by surprise and kick the evening/afternoon/morning into high gear, we’ve got what you need to help send sensuality into (possibly orgasmic!) orbit.

Yes, we know you’re completely irresistible all on your own. But really, can there ever be such a thing as too much sensuality? Whether we’re talking about setting the scene for romance, love-making, or simply amazing sex, it’s all amazing. Sensuality is that multi-faceted many-splendored thing that just keeps giving, fulfilling, and satisfying.

Our Sensual Love collection is fully stocked with everything you and your lucky partner could ever want to enhance foreplay, inspire seduction, and satisfy that deep-down desire for ultimate closeness. Discover massage aids, lickable oral sex gels & tasty sex treats, sex games, ticklers and teasers of all sorts — plus so much more.

So fill up your cart with all the sensual love products (and maybe a few new sex toys), you need to make your next date night something your partner will never forget! All orders over $49 can take advantage of Free Shipping anywhere in Canada.

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