3 Types of Sexual Experience & How Toys Can Enhance Them

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It’s no secret that sex toys help make sex better, but you might be surprised to learn just how mind blowing they make all types of sexual experience, including the 3 described in this blog, and how they help you connect more strongly with your partner.

We all want to try something new in the bedroom with our partners from time to time. Whether it’s trying a new position, doing a bit of kinky role playing, or stepping well outside your comfort zone trying something new - anal perhaps? Whatever you’re doing you’ve got to keep things hot and fresh in the ole love kitchen! Bringing different toys into the bedroom to play is a surefire way to stroke, err stoke, the fires and crank up the heat, but to get the biggest bang you need to pick the right toy for the job.

It’s been proven that, for many people, playing with toys together as a couple and also just on your own for self-pleasure can provide a big boost to comfort & confidence with a wider variety of sexual sensations. The more we play, the better we know what gets us and our partners off.

In a recent article by Chandrama Anderson, she discusses that our sexual experiences can essentially be broken down into 3 main categories: Sexual Trance, Role Playing, and Partner Engagement. We find stuff like this particularly interesting, as it really got us thinking about specific types of toys that can amp up each of those different experiences in seriously exciting ways.

Sexual Trance, what the….

The first type of sexual experience is referred to as ‘Sexual Trance’. As if the name alone isn’t enticing enough, the description is even hotter. During a sexual trance, you basically focus entirely on the toe-curling sensations that your body experiences from your partners movements and actions. These sex sessions work wonders at getting couples to feel very potent sexual connections with each other.

Once a sexual trance session starts, nobody’s in a rush to get to the finish line when you’re experiencing the awesome sensations of your partner, inside and out. You just want to try to stay in the zone, immersed in the ‘OH MY GAAAAAAWWWD!’ feelings. To accompany the sexual trance and make things even more intense, think about toys that help with the sensuality of the experience.

For starters, think of bringing some massage oils and hot, fragrant, oily massage candles in to play. Choose some that are scented, warming, or tingling. Each of you can take turns rubbing and massaging each other all over, but we suggest focusing on the main hot spots. Breasts, pussy, butt, cock and balls are all guaranteed grand slams, but don’t forget the chest, back, legs and toes! Massaging, rubbing and even licking those spots can feel awesome too and help make the experience last even longer.

There are other things to consider using with your partner, too. Arousal gels, ticklers, blindfolds are all great elements that can be worked into a sexual trance session. Once you get the hang of how to drive your partner absolutely bonkers with pleasure, you may find that your sexual trance might just last so long, you’ll forget what day it is!


The next category is one you’ve heard about many times, and although you may not have ever actually tried it out personally, trust us when we say it’s super easy and super fun! Welcome to the world of sexy role playing! Role playing can be whatever you want it to be, from simply pretending you’re on a beach in Maui, to going full-on dress-up and committing to playing a sexy character. There’s no right or wrong way to role play, as long as you both have fun with it. You want to be a horny pirate and a buxom barmaid? Go for it!

In fact, it’s the ‘fun’ part that is really the most thing when it comes to sexy role playing. The ideas that you come up with together should get you both excited, and it’s important to go with the flow and not get too caught up in things. 

Role playing is a great way to explore each other’s creativity and get in tune with the wild side of your partner’s imagination. Your sexy creativity can also shine big and bright in the toys that you choose to go along with your erotically-charged role playing.

When it comes to sexy role playing toys, most peoples’ naughty thoughts naturally drift over to things like dress up, lingerie, and costumes, and there is definitely a lot of variety to choose from! Want to be a slutty nurse, horny cop, or ball-breaking drill instructor? You bet your sweet ass that you can find all kinds of great stuff to help you get in to your desired character.

Some other popular role playing sex toys include bondage toys like whips, masks, and restraints, as well as sex swings, dildos, vibrators, and pegging toys, just to name a few. When talking about role playing toys as a couple, it’s important to both keep an open mind and be honest. Who knows, you might just uncover that you both share the hottest fantasy ever, and wouldn’t it be totally worth it to find out? Heck yeah!

Partner Engagement

Partner engagement is all about building a strong emotional connection between couples by learning each other’s desires inside and out. During these no-holds-barred sex sessions, there is usually a lot of questions and answers. “Where do you want me to touch you?”, “Harder or faster?”, “Where do you want me?” and “Kiss me here, and put your fingers in here”, are all things you can expect to hear when things get going.

Sex sessions like this are where you’re going to find the widest range of toy types to try out, because this is all about experimenting, trying new things, and discovering different sensations together.  It could be something as straightforward as a vibrator or cock ring, or as different as a sex machine.  There are no limits to what you can do or how many orgasms you can rack up during a really intense engagement session with your partner!

Pocket pussy strokers are great toys to use on men during engagement sessions, and so are clitoral suction stimulators for women. Both of these toys are 100% focused on reaching a huge orgasm, and you can be 100% sure that they’re going to deliver on that promise. Even though these toys are commonly used during self-pleasure, letting your partner take control of your orgasm is flat-out breathtaking and will have them feeling amazingly empowered.

This type of sex experience really showcases the trust and openness you have with your partner. It’s where inhibitions are checked at the door and you are completely free to explore each other’s bodies and discover the hottest of all the hot spots, and this is what helps build such strong sexual and emotional connections. In fact, if we could summarize partner engagement sex with two words, aside from ‘orgasm’ and ‘OMG’, they would be ‘freedom’ and ‘trust’.

In Toys We Trust

Now that we really think about it, it’s clear that all three of these types of bangin’ sexual experiences are enhanced by toys because they help couples reach deeper levels of trust and higher levels of freedom with each other’s sexuality. Aside from the fantastic pleasures that sex toys offer, using them together with your partner is a wonderful way to build intimacy and experience the freedom that comes with being truly connected as a couple.

If you and your partner have never used a sex toy together before, let us just say that now is a great time to give it a try! We’ve got plenty of choices for toys that are great for beginners and couples. We’re sure that you’ll have a ton of fun discovering all the toe curling, mind blowing pleasures that they can bring to your lovemaking, as well as the stronger feeling of connectedness that you’ll start to sense between you and your partner.

Once you start exploring all the fantastic ways that toys can help you both hit new orgasmic heights in the bedroom, and discovering how these different types of sex experiences can be enjoyed together as a couple, you’ll be more comfortable in branching out and trying even more new things. Like the old TV PSA message used to say, ‘The More You Know…”. Ain’t that the truth! The more you know about what you both want and how you both experience pleasure, the stronger you’ll be as a couple.

Getting Started with Sex Toys as a Couple

Now that you’re bursting with knowledge on how different toys can bring some serious benefits to your sexy shenanigans, why not take a look at some of the most popular ones & start getting in on this action? We’ve got a fantastic selection of sex toys for couples that will surely tickle your fancy, no matter whether you’re looking for something slow and sensual, frisky and fun, or intense and powerful.

Also, our article on the Best Sex Toys for Couples should prove quite titillating for you, so be sure to check it out for even more sexy inspiration and great ideas. Now, what are you waiting for? Start warming each other up for your next sexual trance, get in to character for an exciting role-play session, or clear your schedule for a weekend full of partner engagement! Trust us, it’ll be worth it!



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