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Okay folks, here’s the deal. Some things, if you’re going to do them, you have to do them right. Even if that requires a little patience. And erotic massage definitely goes at the top of that list. It requires time, consideration, and effort if you’re going to do it right — or you may as well not do it at all. And trust us — you want to do it! You can’t just give your partner a shoulder rub and then make a lunge for their genitals. Uh-uh, no way! You’ve got to do it right, create a mood, develop some ambiance. And to help you do it right, we’ve put together a primo collection of sexy candles that melt down to become erotic massage oil.

Try our most popular massage candles by Shunga, the Massage Candle and its little friend the Mini Massage Candle. While infusing the air with hints of coconut and sweet almond, the melted oil can be drizzled over your partner for a friction-free massage that also softens and moisturizes the skin.

Or try the Edible Massage Oil Heart Candle by Earthly Body, a pretty, gift-ready strawberry massage candle. It smells amazing, but it also taste good, as well. Because what’s better than a massage? A massage with edible oils, of course! Yes, hands and fingers are all very well and good, but certain kinks can only be worked out with lips and tongue. Made with all-natural flavors and ingredients like soybean, coconut, hemp seed, apricot, jojoba and avocado oils, and Vitamin E. each candle will burn for several hours.

For a more intense feeling of romance, the Edible Massage Oil Heart Candle is a super-smooth massage oil with a warm vanilla scent in a heart-shaped container. This candle is made using only natural, high-end ingredients that moisturize and nourish skin while creating a smooth, hands-on touch.

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