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When was the last time you played a game that both sucked and blew at the same time — and you couldn’t wait to play it again? We want to help you put the play back in playtime with our unique collection of fun and erotic sex games. There’s something for everyone, regardless of preference — board games, card games, dice, and more. There’s even a penis squirtingparty game, if that tickles your fancy.

Put a modern and adult twist on classic card games of old with the Go F*ck Card Game. Essentially, you get a deck of 52 standard-size cards with suits and values swapped out for positions and acts. A rule book is included to explain the games. Basically, Crazy 8s becomes Crazy 69s, Snap becomes Sex Snap, and Go Fish becomes the titular Go F*ck. Finally, some card games where everyone’s happy regardless of who wins or loses.

The Sex! Card Game is a devilish and sexy game where couples build a complete fantasy together and then have fun acting it out. When you play Sex! sex is pretty much a given. How many card games can say that? Cards come in five colors — red, orange, yellow, white, and blue — each suit getting progressively hotter to signify the intensity of the act involved, from foreplay to sex. Cards can be played four ways, including Lover's Libido, Unleash Your Fantasy, Fortune Teller, and Ultimate Fantasy. Try them all, then try them all again.

For something a little edgier, try 50 Positions of Bondage, a sizzling game for partners who love the kink. Use the cards to inspire your own sexy scenarios or draw a ready-made light BDSM act you can enjoy together. Can be used in combination with bondage gear or more readily available household items — tips included.

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