Sex! Card Game

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A devilishly sexy card game for lovers that lets you build a complete fantasy together from start to finish, and then act it out, Sex! is pretty much guaranteed as an end result. There are 5 colours of cards included, which operate on the standard heat scale- red being warm, then orange, yellow, white and finally blue as the most scorching, this signifies the nature of the card, from foreplay to full on sex.

Pick your pleasure from 4 different games that you can play, incorporating the different colours as you go. Lover's Libido quizzes you both on personal details, like and dislikes etc, when your partner answers a question correctly, he or she draws a card, and chooses whether to keep or discard it, saving up towards putting the cards instructions to use later on.

Unleash Your Fantasy will see you acting out the fantasy that's been uncovered. Fortune Teller lets the cards randomly determine the nights activities, and Ultimate Fantasy lets you pick cards knowingly, combining them into a perfect sexual experience for you both. Instructions are included, along with 50 cards.

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SKU: KG-104255 | UPC: 825156104255 | MPN: BG.C41 (224)

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Based On 18 Reviews
Sex! Card Game

Lots of fun!

We both enjoy the different positions and it does spice things up in the bedroom!

Sex! Card Game

Fun little game

I've only played the lovers libido one so far. It was a neat way of learning more about each other and communicating, then pouncing on each other. Fantastic for people whose foreplay is emotional bonding. It was fun seeing how much we remembered about one another. I liked seeing the different positions, too, however next time I might go through the deck and take out the ones that are a bit difficult for us (man holding woman for example- I'm not a small woman anymore).

Sex! Card Game

Spice it up

Let the cards guide you to an exciting night.

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