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Women's Sex Toys Articles

Guide to the Hottest & Most Popular Women’s Sex Toys

Truth: yes, there’s more to life than the pursuit of orgasms. BUT! There are definitely times when we all need to bow to the glorious rockstar wisdom of Ms Cyndi Lauper and admit that we just wanna have fun. And what could be more fun than an amazing orgasm? Whether alone or with a partner, in bed or in the tub, when you’re in the mood for something gentle or a bit more hardcore, nothing satisfies quite like the magical endorphin-boosting release of a fantastic finish.

When you think about sex toys for women, we’re willing to bet that the first thing that pops into your mind is a classic toy like a lifelike dildo, or maybe a vibrator like the beloved rabbit. While those tried-and-true toys are definitely great choices for play time, they’re really just the beginning. There’s a great big wide world of sex toys to enjoy!

Whether you’re brand-new to the idea of using female sex toys, or are looking to expand your repertoire and find your new favourite plastic (or silicone, or glass, or maybe metal) playmate, our summary of women’s sex toys is going to be a big help. Consider us your tour guides as you learn all about the different styles and categories of dildos, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, g-spot vibes, and so many more superb sex toys.

Let the tour begin…

Welcome to the World of Women’s Sex Toys!

First, let’s take a minute to talk about why sex toys for women are so popular, and how far they’ve come over the years. While the earliest types of sex toys were a little more than old-fashioned dildos, things advanced very quickly during the sexual revolution in the 60’s. This was the era that brought personal vibrators to the world, and once that happened, there was no turning back!

The original Magic Wand went mainstream in the early 70’s, selling out in countries world-wide. You could say that the beloved Wand vibrator was the tipping (buzzing?) point that created an entire industry dedicated to sexual pleasure products. These days, thanks to new technology and high-tech design options, female sex toy manufacturers can be incredibly creative when it comes to dreaming up new ways to satisfy pleasure-seeking women. With such an awesome array of shapes, styles, colours, materials, textures, and sensations to chose from, you can rest assured that there’s a sex toy or three for you.


What Should I Look for in a Women’s Sex Toy?

Well, that’s a question that’s going to be a little (or a lot) different for every woman, isn’t it? There are many different sexual sensations that can be mixed into countless combinations, and there’s no magic number that works for every woman. Here are some things to consider:

Size & Shape

How big is it, using measures like length, girth, etc? Is it shaped to touch or reach a certain place?

Texture & Feel

How would you describe the feel of the surface? For example, smooth, ridged, bumpy, etc? Is it made to feel like real skin, or something different?

Hardness or Softness

Is it made from a material that is soft and pliable, or is it hard and rigid, or is it a combination of more than one material?

Movement or Motion

Does it vibrate, pulse, thrust, or create some other type of sensation?

Intended Use

Can it be used in multiple ways, or is it specific to one body area, like a clitoral stimulator?

So, how do you choose the perfect sex toy for you? Think about the types of sensations you like during sex and masturbation. Do you enjoy penetration the most, or long for clitoral play? Do you like the feeling of being stretched, or is g-spot stimulation your favourite? Once you identify the type of sexual pleasures you prefer, you’ll start to get a sense of which style of sex toy you may want to try.

Pleasure for One, and Pleasure for Two

Another thing you’ll want to consider when shopping for female sex toys is how you might want to share them with a partner. While it’s true that some toys are specifically designed for couples to enjoy together, most sex toys can star in shared playtime scenarios. Fun fact: couples that use sex toys together can develop stronger bonds and deeper intimacy. This is thought to stem from the increased openness and communication shared when playing with toys as a twosome.

Don’t Let The Number of Options Overwhelm You

There really are a huge variety of sex toys available for women. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. That’s where this guide will come in handy as you search for the ultimate sex toy that’ll take you all the way to pleasure-ville! We’re going to break down some of the most popular sex toys for women, as well as some of the amazing brands that have gained a reputation for creating sex toys that consistently inspire incredible orgasms.

Massager Vibrators

These are the best sex toys that started it all. Also known as wand-style massagers and vibrators, they’ve got a rounded massaging end that vibrates at different speeds and intensities, producing incredible pleasure wherever you want it. The original Magic Wand is a customer-favourite, and will never ever let you down! Or, if you’re looking for something a little more compact, have a look at the BodyWand Mini Vibe. All the pleasure of the full-size wands, in a gorgeous, tiny package!

Want to crank things up a notch with your massager vibe? You can also get special attachments that fit on the end and are great at reaching deeper to really hit the right spots, or generating a totally different style of sensation. Try the Wand Essentials Deep Glider Curved G-Spot Attachment, or the Lily Pod Wand Attachment, and we guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Rabbit Vibrators

Made famous in the 90’s thanks to multiple appearances in popular movies and TV shows, the unique design of the rabbit vibrator delivers fantastic sensations inside and out, with a special second vibe section that is in the perfect position to hit the clit. This extra sexual clitoral stimulation on the clitoris is just what you need to hit the heights of orgasmic excitement again and again.

If the rabbit sounds like your kind of adult toy, the PinkCherry You’re So Bunny! Beginner Vibe is the perfect place to start. Or, maybe you want some super-thrusting action along with your rabbit vibe. No problem! The Shegasm Pro-Thrust Suction Rabbit will give you exactly what you’re craving.

Couples Vibrators

Double your pleasure with a sex toy that is designed specifically to provide intense sensations to both you and your partner simultaneously! The We-Vibe line of couple’s vibrators puts you in complete control of the delightful sexual pleasure with remote controls, adjustable settings, and even a smartphone app that will sync with your music playlists and even allow you to control it from miles away. You’re never too far away to pleasure your partner when you’ve got the We-Vibe!

Vibrating cock rings are another great way to have pleasure together through the magic of buzzing, pulsing, throbbing action. Check out toys like the PinkCherry Happy Penis Vibrating Ring, or the brilliant Frisky Bunny Vibrating Cock Ring, and ride the waves of pleasure again and again!

Realistic Dildos

If you want a sex toy that’s as close to a penis as possible, then our selection of realistic dildos is sure to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Made from ultra-realistic materials and sculpted to perfectly mimic the real thing, you can find a dildo in any size or shade you want to suit your desires. Of course, if you won’t settle for anything else than the feel of your partner’s appendage, then check out the Clone-a-Willy kits that allow you to create a perfect replica of your favourite cock, some kits complete with a built-in vibrator!

If you want a couple of recommendations for realistic dildos that are sure to get your legs shaking, we’ve got you covered. The Real Skin Whoppers line of dildos are consistently rated as some of the best dildos by our customers, including their incredible 6.5” Dildo. Want something a little funkier and more colourful? The ColourSoft 8” Silicone Dildo comes in an awesome shade of purple that you’ll love.

G-Spot Vibrators

There are some spots on the body that are just way sexier than others, and the g-spot is definitely at the top of the list. To hit it just right, however, you need a toy that’s curved and shaped to really get maximum pleasure. That’s what a g spot vibrator is all about. These wonderful sex toys are the perfect pleasure producing devices for spectacular g-spot orgasms that will have your legs shaking!

Need proof? Check out the Lucid Dream No.14 G-Spot Vibe, the We-Vibe Rave Silicone G-Spot Vibe, or the Fantasy for Her G-Spot Stimulate-Her Vibe. Trust us when we say when you fire up any of those pleasure-packed g-spot vibrators and give it a go, you’re in for a real treat!

Clitoral Stimulators

For many women, focusing stimulation on the clitoris can be like waving a magic wand of sexual satisfaction. Clitoral stimulators use a couple of different methods to do just that. Some are simply mini-vibes that are designed to be easily held against the clitoris, while others are more specialized. Companies like Womanizer have revolutionized how we think about clitoral sex toys with luxurious clitoral stimulators that provide suction, pulsing, and other incredible sensations to the clitoris. You’ve got to feel it to believe it!

Some of our customer’s favourite and most popular clitoral stimulators include the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, the world-famous Womanizer Liberty, and the Inspire Flicker Intimate Arouser Vibe. Once you experience the unbelievable pleasure that can be had by hitting your button with one of these, you’ll never want to switch it off!

Compact Vibes &Wearable Vibes

Good things definitely come in small packages, and these brilliant little vibes are certainly proof of that! Mini-vibes are available in many different styles, such as bullet vibes and egg vibes, as well as ones that are designed to fit snugly and discreetly inside a specialized pair of panties. These wearable vibe panties are an exciting and naughty way to take your pleasure anywhere. Some even come with remote controls so that you can have some secret sexual fun as your partner surprises you with new sensations!

If you want something small and compact that will make the perfect little travel buddy, check out the PinkCherry Silicone Remote Bullet Vibe & shake off the stress of travel with a rockin’ orgasm. Or, if you want a naughty little secret to share with your partner when you’re out for a sexy date night, slip on a pair of these Vibrating Panties and hit the town.

Anal Vibrators, Anal Beads, & Butt Plugs

If you’re a fan of backdoor play, then consider trying an anal vibrator, anal beads, or a butt plug to experience something completely new. There are all kinds of anal sex toys available for you to discover, including starter sets of anal sex toys that are perfect for beginners, strap-on harnesses that will hold a dildo or vibrator for thrusting and pegging, and quirky butt plugs that are just as cute and fashionable as they are pleasurable.

Need some suggestions to get yourself started with anal play? We recommend toys like the Booty Rocket Vibrating Plug, the Silicone Wireless Pleasure Probe, or the Booty Call Booty Vibro Kit. Backdoor pleasure awaits you, if you have the right toys to unlock it!

More Women’s Sex Toys Than You Have Ever Imagined!

This is only the beginning! There are countless other types of women’s sex toys to try that can take you to realms of pleasure you’ve only dreamed of. Whether you’re looking for your first-ever vibrator, or are curious about exploring the exciting world of BDSM sex toys, you’ll find exactly the best sex toy that is perfect to satisfy your desires right here at PinkCherry. Our complete line of womens sex toys and sex toy kits are sure to fulfil your wildest fantasies and help you hit new heights of orgasmic satisfaction!