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As technology gets more and more advanced these days, everything seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Offered into evidence, our select line of finger vibrators and fingertip massagers, devilishly diminutive toys slip over a fingertip to deliver a quick buzz whenever and wherever needed. Use finger vibes to add a whole new dimension to oral sex, deliver a gentle stimulation to the clitoris, or anything else that comes to mind in the heat of the moment. When you don’t have a whole hand to dedicate to a regular vibrator, finger vibes help shake things up for you with delightful ease.

Slipping discreetly into even the smallest of spaces slipped into place over a finger or thumb, the PinkCherry Vibrating Finger Tickler adds a whole new dimension to all manner of naughty play. Enhance oral sex dramatically by letting the Vibrating Finger Tickler take over when your mouth needs a break. Remove the sleeve to use as a straightforward bullet vibe to target and sweet spot. Vibration activates at the touch of a button.

The Oralove Finger Friend Mini Vibe in purple by Doc Johnson is completely unobtrusive and perfectly complements any oral sex act (and probably a few others as well). Just slip it over a finger to deliver tiny vibes radiating out through its thrillingly nubby-textured jelly sleeve. The non-replaceable batteries are good for about 30 minutes of play.

Also popular is the XM Midi Ring Vibe in silk black, comfortable little finger attachment featuring six modes of powerful vibration. Tiny and unobtrusive, the extra-smooth ribbed contact point snuggles right up against the clitoris, perineum, or what have you with steady, pulsating, and escalating vibration options.

Peruse our complete line of finger vibes to find the new little something of your dreams. Pickup a few for free discreet shipping on orders over $59.