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Technology. It’s everywhere, in everything, and everyone’s just doing their best to keep up with it all. The average smartphone has more processing power than NASA needed to put a man on the moon. So, as tech becomes more pervasive and ubiquitous, it should come as no surprise that crafty little tech-heads everywhere are now dedicated to asking themselves what all this tech means for sex. Can we use the power of bytes to pleasure our bits? You bet we can! Keep on scrolling to find out what we have for you in the realm of remote-controlled sex toys!

The first one we’d like to mention is the We-Vibe Chorus, including the popular We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator in Cosmic Pink. More than a simple remote sex toy, this one actually comes with a phone app to help take the sting out of being separated, or just add a naughty twist to using a vibe when you’re in the same room. Chorus bends and flexes at the neck and the stem of the internal portion, allowing for customizable shaping. And each point has a dedicated motor which vibe and throb independently or in unison, depending on the chosen vibe mode. The app unlocks more dimension, including touch-control, beat mode (vibrating to music), and a secure chat function with cam visuals to connect couples when apart.

Also try PinkCherry's Silicone Remote Bullet Vibe in pink which offers ten remote-controlled functions of pulsating, escalating vibration. Fun for solo play, even more fun with a friend calling the shots. Remote can be used from 10m away. Or consider the Silicone Remote Rechargeable Curve Vibe that targets a multitude of sweet spots with twelve incredible vibe modes and a remote with a 10m range.

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