Sex Tech: The Future is Now

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Sex Tech: The Future is Now


When you think of sexual technology, do you think of the sexy robots like those in Westworld, Austin Power’s Fembots, or the perfect mate of Cherry 2000? Or does ‘sex tech’ conjure thoughts of computer chips, diodes, and futuristic robotics, without the hint of sexiness? Well, the truth is, there is plenty of sexy technology that you can enjoy right now!


Defining Sex Tech

Sex tech is technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate, and disrupt in every area of human sexuality and human sexual experience, as defined by tech entrepreneur, Cindy Gallop.  

To me, sex tech dates back to 1869 when Dr. George Taylor created the steam-powered Manipulator, which consisted of, at that time, a revolutionary dildo attached to a steam engine that produced vibrations. According to historical references, the first identifiable motorized vibrator was made in 1734, illustrating how people seem to have always felt the urge to combine pleasure and technology. 


Technology Meets Pleasure

We’re beginning to see a lot of new technology options enter the sex toy marketplace and will no doubt witness even more as virtual reality and other advancements are merged with sexuality. But let’s start with some current products that can offer unique options for sexual enhancements now.


Remote Controls

Radio frequency technology incorporated with sex toys makes it possible for multiple types of operation. Remote controlled sex toys can be shared by partners, expanding sexual relationship options. They also allow people with mobility issues to conveniently control pleasure with a hand-held remote. 

Who hasn’t thought about how vibrating panties can make a ho-hum date into an exciting night out? 

That vibrating panty technology has evolved and can now be found in a lot of other sex toy options—prostate massagers, automated masturbators, vibrating strap-on’s, and couple vibes that can be worn, and enjoyed, during sex play and other sexual activities. 

The remote controls themselves have advanced as well. Now, remotes are cleverly disguised as wristbands which operate pleasurable panties from afar. 


App Controls 

Taking remote control technology one step further, sex toys can now be controlled via app, which is short for software application. App’s most often refer to programs that can be accessed on mobile devices or smartphones, essentially making sex toys into “smart toys”. 

Using an app control allows people to connect over long distances, a modern feat in itself. 

Some app’s include exclusive vibration modes that can only be activated via the app, while others include a secure chat function to allow long-distance relationships to be safe and connected. We-Vibe has several products that feature this futuristic technology— Chorus, Jive, and Nova 2 to name a few. 


Intuitive Pleasure

The technology in OhMiBod products allows music to be in control of your vibrations. This means, you can enjoy the excitement in an unplanned manner. Will the music lead to pulsation? Or an escalating pattern, perhaps? Not being in control may be freeing for many and may allow for more enjoyment than other forms of pleasure. 

For the We-Vibe Chorus, the remote control is touch-responsive. To increase the intensity of vibrations, the remote is squeezed. To slow vibrations, the grip is loosened. Pleasure capabilities are controlled by touch, adding an additional element to sexual activities. 



Being able to customize a sex toy can make pleasure more personal and can give you control over your experiences. The Vive Tama Triple Action G-Rabbit Vibe is a prime example. The internal bulb, which is used to hold the strap-on in place, is an inflatable bulb. This enables you to expand the bulb from an inch and a half width to a bit over two inches—or anywhere in between. 

And while most men’s sleeves and masturbation devices use rubber or silicone to physically squeeze the penis, BathMate products use water to surround the penis. By using water, BathMate’s technology creates an equal level of pressure—something truly unique that is pleasurable and effective. Plus, the water creates a virtual “sleeve” around almost every size and shape of penis, customizing the experience for each person. 

What’s Next?

Not only is technology evolving, so are materials. While many of these changes are in response to a call for more hygienic and eco-friendly options, materials are inspiring sex toys to be more creative. 

Cosmo Bondage Holographic Flogger  has a white handle and velvet backed faux leather blue strands. Lightweight and comfortable, the Flogger can be ailed teasingly over sensitive skin body-wide, or flicked firmly for more of a bite.  

And, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, sex and robotics are in the forefront thoughts for the future. According to surveys, one in five Americans report they would have sex with a robot, and the acceptance of this continues to grow annually. 

In 2017, Harmony became the first artificial intelligence sex robot. Harmony’s skin warms and she has a self-lubricating vagina that will climax during sexual activities. When will Harmony be as prevalent in households as microwave ovens and television sets? 

While no one can predict the future, it seems like there are new advances being made in the sexual pleasure space all the time. And the creativity and diversity that are being expressed are helping individuals enjoy their intimate experiences better. 

Are you eager to try new sexual technology? Have you tried one of the products mentioned in this article? Would you have sex with a robot? Please send me your questions and comments. I would love to hear from you.

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