Best Vibrators for Long-Distance Relationships

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Best Vibrators for Long-Distance Relationships


Ahhh, long-distance relationships. One of the best ways to get to know your partner, while also pining for them in oh-so-many ways. Or as one internet user put it, “Whoever coined the term ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ was an idiot. Absence makes you grow crazy.”

Yes, making a long-distance relationship work can be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Whether you’re separated due to a job on a different continent, or the world has exploded and you're not allowed to leave your house due to a pandemic, when you’re not seeing your partner for an extended period of time, you’ve gotta get creative to stay connected, both physically and emotionally.

Enter the world of tech-supported sex toys. These can complement your repertoire of sexting, late-night phone sex sessions, and the intimacy of the dirty gifs you exchange during the day. In fact, some long-distance sex toys were made specifically for trysts from afar. Add a video chat on FaceTime or Zoom to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a hot Friday night.

What to know before buying long-distance remote-control sex toys

The age of tele-dildonics is here! Seriously though, LDR sex toys are ready to help you keep your relationship passionate and sexy, no matter how many timezones are in the way. Whether you’re wanting vibrating panties, Bluetooth sex toys, or an interactive sex toy that keeps the two of you connected, it’s available.

As long-distance relationships and longer separations have become more common, and as technology has gotten better, softer, harder, and more compact, sextech companies are viewing long-distance relationships as fresh territory to explore. They’re increasingly making durable and reliable remote or app-controlled sex toys like the Ohmibod Esca, Lovense Lush, Lovense Nora, and Kiiroo Onyx (which uses Kiroo’s Feelconnect App). Choosing the right interactive sex toy is well worth the effort. 

But let’s get back to the basics: remember that the reason you’re seeking one of these LDR toys is to keep you and your partner hot & heavy … and connected. We don’t just mean Bluetooth connected, we mean emotionally connected. When you’re looking at getting a sex toy for one or both of you, you want to make sure it’ll work for everyone (regardless of how many are in your sex crew).

For example, when you’re starting out you may want to stick to sensations that are exciting but somewhat familiar, like a wearable vibe for your favorite vulva-owner, so she can have intense clitoral orgasms while you get to witness on video chat. As you continue to explore with your wonderbuddy, you may then choose to partake in all the app-controlled sex toy vibrations, and perhaps even add in anal play (butt plug anyone?)

Or you might want to engage in distance penetrative sex, which the virtual sex landscape can do a pretty good job at simulating. For example, if you want to simulate actual P-in-the-V action, there are high-end products made of extremely realistic body-safe silicone that can help. Male masturbators can simulate a vagina and vulva, and there are any number of dildos or other long-distance sex toys that offer penetration for the vagina-owners in the house. Add in unlimited vibration patterns and interactive videos/virtual reality sex games, and the sky’s the limit. 

Gay & Lesbian Relationships

A lot of the following sex toy bundles are focused on people in hetero relationships, with things like couples sets. If that’s not your relationship jam, that’s great! The apps are able to link your favorite vibes, prostate massagers, butt plugs, cock rings, and cock sleeves with each other as long as they’re all on the same app platform. You’ll be able to get your distance-based mutual masturbation handled regardless of which types of parts you and your partner(s) have.

Without further ado, here are some of the best remote-controlled vibrators for long-distance relationships:

1. Love Triangle Air Pulse Stimulator + Vibration

If zillions of giddy reviews are anything to go on, the Satisfyer sensation is completely unique and practically guarantees an orgasm or three. Ranging from gentle to greedy, a unique internal mechanism creates waves and pulses of positive and negative Air Pulse pressure that's been described as “oral sex but more intense” and “life-changing,” among other ecstatic accolades.

Featuring a teeny tiny, totally travel-ready namesake shape, Satisfyer's signature Air Pulse stimulation AND vibration is sort of unbelievable. A full eleven intensities of signature Air Pulse ecstasy wait to suck and throb, while another eleven modes of vibration send you or your partner soaring over the orgasm edge in no time flat. You might not be able to go down on them in person, but this toy is the next best thing.

Though they can most certainly be used together, the vibration and Air Pulse functions operate separately, so you can perfectly curate your/their climax. Two simple buttons control each function. You'll also notice a third button, which brings us to the incredible, the groundbreaking, the completely share-able Satisfyer Connect App.

Completely free and 100% secure, Bluetooth-enabled Satisfyer Connect literally (well, digitally!) connects partners, even while apart. Plus, it grants access to millions of unique modes, vibration patterns and even music pairings. With the consent of another user, you'll be able to control their compatible Satisfyer device and vice versa, even while you're live video chatting ... which is also a feature of Satisfyer Connect. Download it free from the App Store or Google Play, sign in, and discover all the app-controlled vibrator Love Triangle can do!

2. We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

You already know your body is unique, as well as that of your partner. But did you know there are sex toys that can actually adapt to your or your partner’s shape?

Enter this Satisfyer Pro Mono Flex Vibe. This powerful, sexily modern toy is exceedingly flexible. In fact, it was specifically designed to adapt seamlessly to your or your partner's curves and contours, targeting sweet spots with orgasmic ease. They don't call it “Satisfyer” for nothing. 

Featuring a classic “double-the-pleasure” shape, the Mono Flex boasts two vibrating points of contact (an innie and an outie), plus a super soft silicone texture. As per the name, this vibe is very, very flexible. Both the smooth shaft and the equally smooth clitoral/external stimulator bend and move into perfect position as you play. You'll be able to adjust exactly as needed, which pretty much guarantees a fantastic finish.

Great for solo play or with your favorite LDR partner, ten modes of synchronized vibration wait whisk you both over the orgasm edge in no time flat. One dedicated button activates and varies the throbbing, escalating options, while plus and minus buttons on each side control 5 levels of intensity. And just like the Love Triangle, the Pro Mono uses Satisfyer’s connectedness app to help you and your partner(s) stay connected and send good vibes back and forth.

3. We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibe

Ever wondered what an actual nova was? Let us enlighten you: a nova, in space terms, is a dramatic astronomical phenomenon that occurs when spatial bodies collide. Sometimes that collision is powerful enough to create visible light, which can even be mistaken for a new star. Who knew space was so sexy?

The We-Vibe Nova 2 isn't technically a celestial object, but this remote-control vibrator will almost definitely have you or your partner seeing stars. ;) To set the scene for a dramatic, orgasmic phenomenon of your own, just bring Nova 2's ultra flexible, dual stimulating shape and ten thunderous modes of deep, powerful vibrations into cosmic contact with your/their inner and outer sweet spots, causing glorious vaginal contractions.

We-Vibe calls the Nova 2 “beyond a classic rabbit vibrator,” which is apropos given that its incredibly body-conscious shape is designed to stay in close erogenous zone contact at all times. Its internal G-spot stimulation arm can be adjusted to a more-or-less drastic curve (just bend it gently to play with different angles). Reaching up from below, a thick, plushy soft external stimulator takes care of clitoral stimulation. Shaped into a silky tongue, the curvy tickler is also extremely flexible, bending and curving to match up with desired stimulation areas.

Ingenious Bluetooth and wifi-enabled remote control unlocks access to extra modes of vibration, the ability to create custom vibe patterns, a chat function over a secure connection, and visuals to help connect long-distance couples. You'll both need to download the app to play together at distance, but when you're in closer proximity (~20 feet of 360 degree range), Nova 2 will sync directly to We-Connect! If you’re new to rabbit vibrators and want to learn more, read our linked blog on how to use a rabbit vibrator for ultimate pleasure!

4. We-Vibe Chorus

One of the best-known sex toy companies for couples-based play, We-Vibe has a whole host of awesome toys for you and your long-distance honey, including the egg vibrator Chorus, which, similar to the Mono Flex Vibe, curves to the wearer’s shape. 

With the Chorus’s thick, swollen external stimulator throbbing against your/their clitoris once in place, Chorus's slightly flattened opposite arm slips into the vagina, coming to rest alongside the G-spot and sensitive surrounding areas. For the most perfect fit, you'll be able to customize the angle by gently manipulating the neck or the base of Chorus's internal stimulator.

Activate vibration by pressing a soft-touch button on the Chorus, or by using the plushy Squeeze Remote. Either option will cycle We-Vibe's synchronized inner and outer pleasure points through 10 in-built vibe modes. If you're going to be giving the remote a go (and we highly recommend that you do!), you'll feel the difference right away. Aside from an easy manual mode that allows for quick switch-ups between vibration patterns and speeds, the Squeeze Remote features a pressure-activated option that reacts to the squeeze of a holding hand. The tighter you or your partner squeezes, the stronger the vibration gets, and the opposite is true, too. Let off some pressure to bring vibration down to a low rumble, and grip tighter to rev it up to a throbbing pulse.

Waterproof and rechargeable, this tantalizing, app-controlled long-distance vibrator offers 3 speeds, 7 vibration patterns, and pairs with the We-Connect phone app. When you want to initiate sexy time, just start a video call, pair your favorite We-Connect remote-control toys with your smartphone, and control each other's vibrations and pleasure, no matter how much it makes you twitter.

5. Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibe In Merlot

All right, now we’re getting into wearable panty territory! Moxie is an ultra discreet, super-sensual wearable vibrator specifically designed for secretive rendezvous or out-in-the-open orgasmic enjoyment.

Moxie's sleek little black shape can be slipped inside a favorite pair of panties for perfect pleasure anywhere, day or night. Swollen subtly at her smooth underside and teasing textured at the tip, Moxie settles with comfortable ease against your or your partner's clitoris and sensitive surrounding areas. 

And if you’re concerned about how well vibrating panty vibrators will actually, you know, stay in your panties (that embarrassing moment when your bullet vibrator drops out of your pants during lecture and rolls all the way down to the front of the lecture hall) … have no fear. Moxie stays reliably in place thanks to a super-strong magnetic clip. Just pull off the magnet backing, position her inside a favorite pair of panties, and replace the backing on the opposite side. Speaking of security, Moxie is nice and quiet, so she won't attract any attention out in public!

Moxie comes pleasurably pre-loaded with ten synchronized modes of steady, pulsating and roller-coaster escalating vibration. Use the power key on the vibe itself to cycle through the ten available rhythms, make use of the tiny remote, or download the free app. As mentioned, this vibe uses the free We-Connect app, ready to help you and your distance pal(s) luxuriate in distance joy.

Fully USB rechargeable, Moxie will run for up to 2 hours on a single charge. The required magnetic USB charge cord is included, plus an extra backer for Moxie's panty-clip magnet, just in case. A silky drawstring storage bag is included to help keep her safe and secure. This toy is also waterproof, so if you want to get some good good lovin’ in the shower or tub, knock yourself out! 

We have loads of information for folks who are eager to learn more about the world of vibrators. Read our linked blogs to learn about the different types of vibrators, how to use a bullet vibrator, the best G-spot vibrators or what you need to know about vibrators and nerve damage. Read on to learn more!


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