The Oral Sex Game

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An orally-fixated, deliciously sexy lover's pass-time from Kheper, the Oral Sex Game appeals to couples who love to use tongues and lips on each other.

Simple to play, and guarenteed to get the two of you riled up for the main event, you'll roll the dice and move around the board with 2 the game markers, completing the oral task displayed where you land. Game rules with creative oral sex techniques are included, along with a tasty sample of Wet flavored lubricant.

SKU: KG-107690 | UPC: 825156107690 | MPN: BG.R35 (29)

Kheper Games

SKU: KG-107690 | UPC: 825156107690 | MPN: BG.R35 (29)

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Based On 6 Reviews
The Oral Sex Game


Great game to have some extra foreplay fun with your partner.

The Oral Sex Game

cute and fun

I had a lot of fun the first time we played this. hearing my partners sqeaks and moans made it interesting. it's good for experimenting and exploring different kinds of touch and sensations on different parts of your body.

The Oral Sex Game

Oral sex game is fun even for the pros

This game is alot of fun if your old fashioned or extremely adventurous.roll the dice and do as your told and if you can finish the game without throwing it off the bed and going completely hyper sex mode not caring who wins,you have more control then us

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