How To Use Clitoral Suction Stimulators To Create Seriously INTENSE Orgasms

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Whether you own a clitoris yourself, or you have sex with someone who does, you probably already know that clitoral stimulation is not just a favorite form of foreplay — it’s also the best (and sometimes only!) route to the main event. An estimated 70% of women are unable to achieve orgasm from penetration alone, so whether you enjoy clitoral stimulation during masturbation or during sex with your partner, it is a powerful path to the Big O — even for clitoris-owning people who can reach orgasm through penetration alone. 

Many sex toys are capable of providing clitoral stimulation, whether they’ve been expressly designed for that purpose, or not. From itty-bitty bullet vibrators to the super-powerful Magic Wand, there is a huge selection of toys aimed at delivering external stimulation — and, of course, orgasmic bliss. But there’s a new toy on the block that may provide the most mind-blowing, leg-shaking, earth-moving orgasms of all: the clitoral suction stimulator.

Because clitoral suction stimulators may be unfamiliar — or maybe a little intimidating — to you, here’s a quick look at what they are, how they work, and how to use one to achieve seriously incredible orgasms again and again!


First thing’s first: what exactly is a clitoral suction stimulator?

Clitoral suction stimulators are powerful little toys designed specifically for use on the clitoris, either during sex with your partner, or during solo masturbation. The “suction” is not the powerful, pressurized suction of penis or pussy pumps — it’s a much more gentle, rhythmic air flow, focused on the clitoris. Clitoral suction stimulators usually have a similar design, regardless of brand: They feature a small, round opening through which air gently pulses inward and outward, to create a sensation that is meant to closely mimic the feeling of receiving oral sex. So if you’re a fan of oral sex, you may already be ready to smash that buy button — and we don’t blame you. 


How does a clitoral suction stimulator work?

 Clitoral suction stimulators focus their attention on what is, for many people with clitorises, the most sensitive erogenous zone on the body. The soft, cupped tip that surrounds the opening through which air is pushed and pulled is placed on (or held above, for less-intense stimulation) your clitoris. There is no manual pump or mechanism required for the toy to work its magic — a simple push of a button provides gentle and rhythmic stimulation that can usually be adjusted up or down in intensity. Some clitoral suction stimulators also vibrate, adding an additional boost of pleasure. 

The gentle, rhythmic in-and-out air action of the clitoral suction stimulator gently — but very, very effectively — stimulates the clitoris, by creating airflow and pressure around the clitoris, which encourages blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow causes increased sensitivity in the pleasure-giving nerve endings of your clitoris, which can eventually lead to an orgasm — or maybe not-so-eventually, as some women report clitoral suction stimulators can make them orgasm in less than 60 seconds


How should I use a clitoral suction stimulator?

Using a clitoral suction stimulator is a little different from using a vibrator. Here are a few steps to take for optimal orgasms:

1. Know your angle: All bodies are different, and finding the most pleasurable angle for your clitoral suction stimulator may take a bit of trial and error! But trust us — it’s worth the effort. After you position the toy’s o-shaped silicone lip on or above your clit and turn on your toy, you may need to adjust the toy’s positioning, or how you are holding it in your hand, to get the most pleasure and impact. 

2. Go the distance: Some people with clitorises may find placing the toy’s silicone lip directly on their clitoris to provide the most pleasure, while others might find this too intense! Holding the toy a few centimetres above your clit will still provide plenty of pulsating pleasure, and may be more ideal for those with super-sensitive clits. 

3. Speed it up: Most clitoral suction stimulators have multiple speeds and intensities, so you can experiment with what feels the most pleasurable for you. Our top tip: start low, and build up, as these toys provide extremely intense stimulation!

4. Lube it down: Try adding a bit of lube to the soft silicone tip of your toy to increase your comfort — and your mind-blowing pleasure. 


Can I use a clitoral suction stimulator with my favourite vibe?

In short: heck yes! Some women say that these toys work so well and bring on orgasm so quickly, that they sometimes start off or follow up with their favourite vibrator to make pleasure sessions last longer. This combination of the two sensations is preferred by many when compared to vibration alone, which some people with clitorises may find too aggressive. 


Why are there so many clitoral suction stimulator models?

Like all sex toys, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different styles, designs and features to choose from. Prices for clitoral suction stimulators generally range from about $50 to $250, depending on things like features, water resistance, battery life, noise, and quality.


What’s the best clitoral suction stimulator?

Choosing the right toy for you depends on personal preference. Clitoral suction stimulators such as the SONA 2 are made of silicone and are rechargeable via USB (like many models), while some Womanizer products are partly made of ABS plastic. Other toys, like the Infinitt, feature an insertable vibrator, as well. All clitoral suction stimulators offer a similar pulsating air mechanism, but be sure to do a little research to determine what type of toy will best satisfy your pleasure preferences and needs!

Whether you’re getting your first sex toy, or if you’re looking for the next great thing to add to your sexual repertoire, a clitoral suction stimulator is an awesome choice that is sure to have you, ahem, coming back for more.

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