Clitoral Suction Stimulators & How They Create Seriously INTENSE Orgasms

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We've got a number for you: 70%*. That’s the estimated number of women who can't reach orgasm through intercourse alone. SEVENTY PERCENT!?! That sounds pretty crazy, right? According to some research on the topic (and basic math!) it means that only a very lucky 30% of women are able to climax during sexual penetration on its own. This probably won't come (pun definitely intended) as a shock to most clitoris owners, but a vast majority of women need some form of direct clitoral stimulation to hit the big “O” during sex or masturbation.


Back to that 70%. It's a high number! Lack of foreplay before sex is a pretty common (and easily remedied, in our opinion!) factor, but sometimes it's just a matter of positioning. We know that all bodies are different, and the placement of our sweet spots are different, too. Some positions simply don’t provide enough erogenous zone contact and stimulation to the clitoris that most women need to reach orgasm. Switching things up and trying new positions can help lovers and playmates find the one(s) that do a much better job of hitting all the right spots. Here's another way to maximize clit contact, and also a not-so subtle intro to today's topic: sex toys!


It should come (another intended pun) as no surprise that there's a vast range of toys, tools and vibrators that are specifically designed to provide additional stimulation to the clit. We've got lots of them! Clitoral vibes help maximize pleasure and can add that extra boost often needed to reach orgasm. These toys come in plenty of different forms and designs such as the classic rabbit ears on many designs of vibrators, to smaller vibrators specifically made to please the clit.


While most gadgets designed to stimulate the clitoris rely on beloved vibration to provide pleasure, a different style of toy is quickly becoming hugely popular and has thousands of rave reviews from satisfied women all over the world for consistently delivering mind-blowing orgasms. They’re called clitoral suction stimulators, and you're definitely going to take notice, because they absolutely live up to the hype!


First off, what the heck is a ‘clitoral suction stimulator’?


Let’s break down what these toys are in more detail. First, these toys are designed specifically for use on the clitoris, either during sex with a partner or on their own for self-pleasure. They feature a different mechanical method than other types of toys that simply vibrate. We want to clarify that most 'suction' stimulators don't use the type of suction you might be thinking of. It's not the pressurized suction of penis or pussy pumps. Instead, these clitoral suction stimulators create gentle, rhythmic inward/outward pulses of air for a sensation that closely mimics the feel of oral sex. If you’re a fan of oral, (and let’s face it, we all are) you’re probably ready to click the ‘buy’ button already, but keep reading and we'll dive even deeper into these awesome toys.


Ok, so how do they work to create mind blowing orgasms?


Clitoral suction stimulators focus their attention on the most sensitive (for most of us) erogenous zone on the female body. Many are waterproof, battery powered or rechargeable, and don’t rely on any type of manual pump or mechanism in order to work their magic. A push of a button provides gentle and rhythmic stimulation that can usually be adjusted up or down in intensity.


To use a clitoral suction stimulator, the soft cupped tip of the toy should to be positioned directly over the clitoris. You or a partner will need to gently part your labia, or inner lips, to get things where they need to be. If you like, a small amount of lube can be applied to the soft tip of the toy to help form a seal around the clitoris - this can make the suction work better.


Once it's switched on, the toy will begin to pulse with gentle suction focused in the tip. Some models boast simultaneous vibration for the best of both worlds. The unique in/out pulsating action gently yet very, very effectively stimulates nerves and pleasure receptors in the clitoris to bring on intense sensation and, ultimately, orgasm. If you want to get things moving even faster (and if your toy allows for it), dial up the intensity with the touch of a button and see how fast you can reach orgasm! Note: it'll probably be fast! 


Do clitoral suction toys really work better than vibrators to bring on orgasm?


In short, yes, but it’s actually not quite that simple. Vibration is still incredibly satisfying and we would never EVER want to ignore how awesome it is. However, like we said earlier, a lot of women simply won’t reach orgasm without some kind of action on the clit.


By focusing solely on the clitoris, suction stimulator toys are an almost surefire way to reach orgasm. In fact, we've heard women say that these toys work so well and so quickly to bring on orgasm, that they sometimes start off or follow up with their favourite vibrator to make pleasure sessions last longer. This combination of the two sensations is preferred by many when compared to vibration alone, which some women find to be too aggressive on the clitoris.




What’s the deal with all the different makes & models of clitoral suction stimulators?


Like any other sex toy, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different styles, designs and features to choose from. Prices for clitoral suction stimulators generally range from about $50 to $250, depending on things like features, water resistance, battery life, noise, and quality.


Womanizer is one of the most popular and well-known brands of clitoral suction stimulators, and their line of toys is highly-rated with consistently excellent reviews. Womanizer products offer lots of different features including very quiet operation, rechargeable batteries, and automatic on/off sensors, with some models being 100% waterproof and perfect for use in the shower or tub.


The Womanizer Premium even has what they call the ‘Autopilot’ function which treats you to an unpredictable pleasure session that’s a little different every time. Sounds great to us!


Womanizer toys are available in multiple styles and colours to suit your own personal preferences, a fun travel-ready sized Womanizer Liberty complete with discreet magnetic case. Very cute!


Check out this short video to learn more about Womanizer clitoral suction vibrators and how they work.


Another popular brand of clitoral suction stimulator is the Satisfyer line of products. With several different models to choose from, including compact toys perfect for travel, Satisfyer toys are highly rated and offer plenty of features. Some Satisfyer models come in waterproof designs, allowing use in the bath and shower, along with integrated rechargeable batteries.


Check out an overview of their Satisfyer 2 Pro toy.


How do I choose the right one for me?


Now that you want one, the big question comes down to which model. With all the different options available, how do you narrow down the list and find the clitoral suction toy that'll work the best for you? Well, it can be a lot easier to find the right one simply by asking a few questions before you buy.


Do I want to use it in the bath?


One of the first questions you should think about is where you want to use your suction stimulator. If you always intend to use it in the bedroom, then waterproof design won’t be a big deal for you. However, if the bath or shower is calling to you for some play time, you absolutely need to make sure the toy you buy is waterproof.


Look at models such as the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation or the Womanizer Premium to ensure that your toy is up to the challenge.


Do I want a combination suction/vibrator toy?


Still love the sensations that your vibrator gives you, but don’t want to mess around trying to use two toys at the same time? You've got options! Like we mentioned earlier, some toys offer the best of both worlds, featuring both vibration and suction stimulation built in to a single device.


The Womanizer Duo Clitoral & G-Spot Stimulator, available in black is a combo g-spot vibe and a suction vibrator that might just be the best thing you’ve ever used.


How much do I want to spend?


Keep in mind that like anything else, you get what you pay for when shopping for a clitoral suction toy. Pretty much all of these toys will bring you orgasms, but the difference in price will translate in to things like how quiet they are, how much control they give you, water resistance, integrated rechargeable batteries, and other features.


We’re guessing that you probably don’t want it to sound like a leaf blower when you turn it on, or have the battery die after 5 minutes, so look at reviews & testimonials to get a better idea of which ones are consistently rated at the top.


In our opinion, it’s always better to spend a little bit more to get the quality & features you really want so that you’re as happy with your purchase as you are with the orgasms it gives you. It’s not really something you want to skimp on!


Do I want to take it when I travel?


If you’re always using it at home, you may not be concerned about the size or shape of the toy, as long as it works to get you off in a fantastic way. For those who travel a lot and can’t bear the thought of leaving their orgasms at home, look at the more compact travel-sized toys. These will generally come in a smaller, less obvious design that many people prefer when they’re taking their toy on the road.


Take a look at options such as the Womanizer Liberty with a magnetic case or the LELO SONA 2, and always have your favourite toy close at hand even when you’re away from home.


Time to get your new favourite toy!


Alright, now that you know about clitoral suction stimulators, how they work, why they’re different, and what to look for, we bet that you’re probably pretty excited about fast, earthshaking orgasms any time you want them, right? Of course!


Whether you’re getting your first sex toy, or if you’re looking for the next great thing to add to your sexual repertoire, a clitoral suction stimulator is an awesome toy that you will definitely be more than happy with.


Browse our wide range of clitoral suction stimulators & order today!


*Based on research from the Kinsey Institute, referenced in Psychology Today: