Anal Lube 4.75oz Pump Jar in Original

Based On 62 Reviews

Anal Lube 4.75oz Pump Jar in Original

4.56 Based On 62 Reviews

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My favourite lube (impressed)

This stuff doesn't wear off very quickly and works well underwater if you're having a bath. Very happy with it. Don't ever use the pump - it's useless. Just unscrew the cap and grab some with your fingers. You'll only have to go in once. Trust me. It's with you for the long haul. It's 4 hours later post bath/ass play and I can still feel the lube in there...

Fabulous! (Nathalie C)

Favorite anal lube EVER!

Pinkcheerylicious (Tom)

Great product with great benefits!!

Product description

Whether you're a beginner or expert to anal play, lots of lube is the most important part, helping eliminate friction and maximize comfort and pleasure.

Doc's classic Natural Anal Lube features an super slippery thick texture that provides even, long-lasting coverage. A convenient pump bottle dispenses just the right amount each and every time. This Lube is oil-based, great for skin-to-skin contact but not safe for use with latex products, including latex condoms. 

  • Size: 4.75 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube

SKU: DJ-1315-01-BU | UPC: 782421177409 | MPN: 1315-01-BU (3)

SKU: DJ-1315-01-BU | UPC: 782421177409 | MPN: 1315-01-BU (3)

Ratings / Reviews

good lube (Jade)

I actually really like this lube, it last long, not sticky, works good. just the pump doesnt like to work after the first couple uses.

F$@&ing great!!! (Steph)

By far the best anal lube my wife and I have ever used only problem is they put a pump on the bottle not sure why, it’s too think for the pump to work and we wish they made bigger bottles of this stuff

A Great Oil-based Lube (Anonymous)

Same consistency as petroleum jelly but way less greasy and so much easier to clean up. Perfect for slipping into a tight one, or having a pull.
Best for barebacking; not compatible with latex condoms, etc. but is OK on regulart rubber toys, and so far have had no problems with silicon rubber toys. And the price point is great.

sliding (daddy)

I like this product because its thick to come out of the jar but quickly liquidify with body heat,, not messy..

Just like jelly (Lilian)

I live in a colder climate so naturally the dispensing pump does not work for me, just as I've read from similar reviews. The product itself has a nice jelly-like consistency (much like Vaseline) and as long as you use a generous amount, there is little to no need for reapplication. It doesn't dry or get sticky, but is also not insanely slippy which is preferable. Good product overall.

Awesome! (Jessie S.)

You dont need much of this stuff to have your fun and the clean up is effortless! No greasy residue but all the long lasting fun.

Anal Lube 4.75oz Pump Jar in Original (Anonymous)

Thicker than oatmeal! Consistency is like thick Jello meets Vaseline; so you can imagine how useless the pump is at dispensing the product. But the lube itself is good.

pump doesn't work, lube does though (Anonymous)

Cannot get the pump to pump ( go figure, a sex product that can't pump), so have to remove lid to retrieve the lube. My ass is tight, so it does help to slide a plug in!

Works great (Anonymous)

Works awesome for fisting best lube ever

Awsome (Raph)

Great lube!

Best lube out there (Anonymous)

This is the best anal lube out there I have it in me now in the but plug and it stays lube up rather than other lube that dry out I would highly recommend it and I would buy it again

I love this stuff (Anonymous)

Omg i love this stuff its a mazing with my anal toys plus my really big thick 8 in cucumber thick dildo this stuff is a mazing dose not dry out i love it i am bi-sexual just needing to try it on a male partner now lol i just wished it was much bigger five oz or ten oz or bigger.. but yeah i rate it five stars.

Wonderful for glass toys (Meow)

I *love* this lube! It doesn't get sticky when it dries, it just kind of disappears. You really don't need a lot, just a thin layer will do the trick, it lasts forever with glass toys, no need to reapply for HOURS.
It doesn't work as well with non-metal or glass toys, and I wouldn't recommend it for anal sex as it seems to get absorbed with friction.

Great (Harlekin)

Nice Anal glide ever. Dildo anal play to anal fisting... THE #1 Best.

Great (Anonymous)

Great stuff for all anal play.

great lube (vanillabean)

This is the best anal lube I have ever used. Stays put and lasts forever! the reason for minus one star is because the pump was totally broken on the one I received.

Good (Anonymous)

Very good product

Does the job (Anonymous)

Well... This lube is perfect for anal, as its name suggest. It's greasy, but cleans up very well with soap and water.

perfect its lives up its name!!! (Jonathan)

Try this for the first time, it was great had to use the lot but it did the job.

pump no good (joeblow)

This Lube is perfect for anal

great lube! (C+)

The lube lubes great, the pump doesn't pump.

Execellent oil based lube (JF)

Very thick, but also very slick. Cleans up easy, has no odour and no numbing agent, have to be carefull with latex, but have yet to see anything else really react to it, especially useful with silicon toys as they do not appear to reach to it as long as you clean them after.

Astonishing! (Anonymous)

Greatest anal lube ever used. Words cannot describe how good this stuff is. However the pump kind of sucks. But that doesn't matter! Try this stuff if you have big toys especially.

Amazing lube!! (Anonymous)

Best anal lube we've found. Super thick and not stucky. Totally worth it!

Its Slick (Its Mee)

Works great. I use it and my wife uses it both for anal. She pegs me hard and this is the only anal lube we use. She takes it in the butt only somewhat but this is the lube she wants too. I'd highly recommend it as it lasts and is super slick. A+++

Top Anal Lube (Anonymous)

This is a must-have for any kind of anal play. It's very slippery, long lasting and easy to clean off with soap water. You'll be able to take in larger toys using this lube compared to other water based anal lubes. The only con I find with this product is that the pump never works for me. Doc Johnson should put this lube in a squeeze tube as it would be much more easier for use. I continue to buy this lube even with the nuisance of the nonfunctional pump. That shows how good this lube is.

Perfect (Carl)

The best lube I have tried, works great!!

best anal lube (Anonymous)

best anal lube I have tried so far, pump does not work at all, meant for a water based lube! Wish it came in a bigger size.

lube (Frederik)

Nice lube, great for long anal play.

Slick and Happy (James)

I have used mostly water based lubricants so I was not sure what to For self pleasuring this stuff does not quit, several times with water based I would have to stop mid stroke and re-apply....not with this, I just kept stroking away. Went with this lubricant as the wife and I are going to try some pegging and anal... :-) and I think this will be the right choice for us.