Red Boy Line Anal Wand

Based On 37 Reviews

Red Boy Line Anal Wand

Based On 37 Reviews

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Really useful (Anonymous)

Growing sections allow this to be a great warm-up toy as well as giving orgasms at higher speeds. No bad taste, almost no smell, feels slick and nice on the tongue.

Very good (James and Sophy)

Very good toy.
My girlfriend tough it was big at first but in the end she enjoyed it so much.
Very good with the graduation from small to big.
Good quality product that can prepare your anus for more serious business.

Feels amazing (Anonymous)

It looks intimidating, once you are past that it feels amazing!!

Product description

Red Boy Toys by Doc Johnson are always up for lots of rough and ready anal adventures, and since they're incredibly well made and sturdy, so you don't have to play nice. The Red Ringer Anal Wand is a long anal tool with 9 graduated, rounded ribs down the shaft that provide an amazing sensation similar to anal beads. The flexible silAgel PVC core is antibacterial, non toxic, latex /cadmium free; it's also coated with smooth, slick plastic for easy cleaning, and to add some firmness and precision. It's a fairly large toy, probably not suited to anal beginners, if you are just starting out, have a look at our other butt toys for something similar in a more manageable size. Enjoy.

  • Length: 8.75"
  • Insertable Length: 6.75"
  • Girth: 5.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Color: Red

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Ratings / Reviews

Not bad (Anonymous)

As much as I enjoyed the texture I found this toy to be a little bit too firm, which makes it difficult to achieve much depth.

feelz amazxing (Anonymous)

the stepped ribs feel amazing going in. def need a suction cup

Amazing (Anonymous)

Perfect for beginners! Feels amazing!
Definitely recommend!

Anonymous (Anonymous)

Product is awesome. Very easy to clean and very smooth texture.

Anal sex lover (Sid)

I love this when she is not home I put in my ads. I hope I can do it all day but you need someone so you can relax while it's in your anal going in and out.
I hope you had this one motorized may be $5 extra.

Rock star!!!! (G)

My first time with any toys like this so used it alone. Lots of lube and as I lowered myself on to it the feeling became better and better and when it was all the way in and hit my spot.....I exploded harder than ever....cant wait to use it toy ever !!!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! (Markie88)

Absolutely amazing product! Settle yourself in for a long evening with this bad boy. Make sure you use lots of good quality lube and take your time really exploring this toy. Perfect for every skill set from nouveau to experienced anal play enthusiast.

Love it (Anonymous)

Feels amazing. Very glad I made the purchase

Feel So Good (AnalBoy)

Material used is amazing, Lubes well slides in and stretch you good . Mmmm Love it

Amazing (Anonymous)

Great purchase, love the size changes

Feels amazing (Anonymous)

The gradual taper and easy ride makes this an amazing feel. Great with a partner too.

Anal sex lover (Anonymous)

It's looks big but when you play in your butt it feels so great, I want to keep it in all the time. She also likes it while she is using vibrator and putting this dildo in her vagina. We love that we weren't scared from size. I wish it had suction cup so I can use it by myself.

Sex lover 69 (Anonymous)

It's a great adult toy! Once we received it we thought it was very big but when we started to use it, both of us love it. It would be great if it had suction cup so I can use it by myself.

big (Anonymous)

This thing is much longer than I expected. The size in diameter is a good intermediate, but the length makes it a bit of a challenge. Also due to the shape, it doesn't stay in place.

great for beginners (Anonymous)

smooth texture, great for beginners looking to accommodate more. Maybe a little too long for some. Great for the price.

Good for the ass (Anonymous)

Nice it get's wider as you push it in the ass feels good.

amazing (laura)

love's now my new favourite toy!! its a good size and feels great.

Butt Blaster (Anonymous)

This guy is my absolute favorite butt toy. The ridges are wonderfully sized and the size incease is perfect. Bouncing up and down can hit all your spots just perfectly. Ive came so many times with this toy, it is my absolute favorite. Highly recommended!

Hot ! (Anonymous)

I would keep it in my Ass a day long!

Fun and exciting (Anonymous)

Fist time using a longer toy than a standard plug but oh my what a great feeling. I'm still a but tight but the beads felt so good poping in and through. It was pleasurable to feel it deeper inside me than I'm used to.
Great Toy for beginner or intermediate play toy.
I like its wide base and heavy bottom end weight I like to set it on something and ride it while my husband watches. Works
Buy one and enjoy people you don't know what your missing

Great fun section by section (Anonymous)

I love the way this feels as each larger section enters my ass, very intense.

Has a very strong smell, not good.

Very decent toy (Ry)

the ripples are unparalleled in creating my desired sensation, the toy has great flexibility, and doesn't seem to be affected by the shower. Easy to clean. it does have a slight smell but its not meant to be sniffed. Would recommend to anyone interested. The graduated bulbs make for an amazing feeling. I can't think of anything else to say about this toy other then its one of the best, just with there were bigger sizes, its so hard to find dildos like this that aren't beads.

Almost (T.)

This is a very good toy to warm up your anus. It could be a little more flexible, but overall it feels good. The biggest problem is it's length. It is long enough to go poke the rectal curve to the sigmoid colon. It makes uncomfortable the act of sitting all the way on the toy.

In short, this is a fun and useful toy, but they could improve it.

Look big, feel great (Anonymous)

The sex toy look big, but it feel nice. Good size, with a good progression of the size of the beads, wich is nice.

Realy nice (Jonathan)

Realy soft and fun! Perfect to start.

Red-y for more (Anonymous)

when I bought this product I was worried it might be too big, as I'm ready for a step up, but also I'm usually quite tight. After seeing the size, i wish I had bought it long ago.
At smallest point it is perfect for the first thing larger than a thumb, further down will defiantly widen me up. Seems more daunting in pictures.
Is quite long, which is fine, I like that.

Weird end, but not a deal breaker.
Smells when you first open it.

Almost perfect (SoloButtPlayer)

I was looking for a dildo with rounded ribs and this is the best I could find.
It feels great and has a good size, however it has one major flaw: The flared base is very big/thick so you can't comfortably sit on it without feeling a huge round shape between your cheeks. Still highly worth it at such a low price.

Great for starters! (JA)

I bought this and its amazing! It goes in nice and easy! and it helps you prepare for bigger toys! definitely a good purchase! I love this thing! Not to mention once you work it in and use it it feels a mazing!!!! the steps feel amazing!!

Great Fun! (Lexie)

This toy was longer than I'd anticipated. I found it slightly uncomfortable at first which I soon forgot all about. There is no time for discomfort when you're having as much fun as I was!

This anal wand is sturdy and feels incredible! I strongly recommend it to anal lovers everywhere.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Perfect amount of bend, feels crazy good once you're warmed up