The 12 Days of Gifting

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PinkCherry’s 12 Days Of Gifting List


The stockings were hung by the chimney with … wait a minute! Did you forget to grab stocking stuffers for your partner(s)? 

If you’re looking for a sexy gift that won’t break the bank, PinkCherry is here to help. 

We’ve got a full list of toys, accessories, and more that’ll fit your budget and your stockings.


12 Sexy Christmas Gifts for 2020

1. Flavoured Lubes

Do you love to put tasty treats in your stocking each year? 

Well, you can forgo the candy but still keep things sweet with a bottle or package of flavored lube. While some add just a bit of flavour to a normal water-based lube, others also have warming or tingling properties for extra pleasure. 

Kick your oral sex up a notch with enticing flavors, like strawberry, mint, cotton candy, cherry, caramel, cupcakes, and more! 

Can’t decide which taste to try? Test out as many as you want, since they often come in small sizes – perfect for sliding into a stocking for some slippery Christmas morning fun.


2. Sexy Games

Get ready to roll the dice or pick a card! 

However, you can skip the standard deck of playing cards this year! Choose a sexy pack of position suggestions, truth or dare adventures, or Go F*ck (a play on Go Fish). 

If you need a little direction on your foreplay or just looking to add a bit of excitement, sexy games are a great gift for their stocking this year. 

 There are more than just card games too! PinkCherry has many different game options to get you in the competitively sexy spirit. There are dice sets, spinner games, and even board games to get you in the mood.


3. Floggers

If you think Christmastime might be the best opportunity to whip them into shape (or let them do the whipping), PinkCherry carries floggers and other styles of whips and crops that’ll fit flawlessly into your lover’s stocking. 

You can choose a mini size that you can hide in the bottom of the stocking for an S&M surprise or buy a larger size that will stick out of the top of their stocking, so they’ll know what’s in store instantly. 

Never heard of a flogger before? It’s a kind of whip made with a sturdy handle and long strips of leather (or faux leather) that lets you gently flick or firmly whip (and every intensity between) your partner during foreplay and sex. 

You can also use the tail to tease them with soft tickles or by running it up and down their body. Talk about tantalizing.


4. Paddles

Was someone bad this year? Give your favorite naughty nympho the spanking they deserve with a paddle from PinkCherry. 

If you’re into ASMR, the sounds from a paddle can be just as thrilling as the sensations. 

Some paddles feature a patterned cutout to leave behind an impression on the skin (depending on how hard you’re spanking). Others are split to amplify the slapping sounds or a loop to deliver powerful stings. 

Many paddles also feature a loop to slip over the wrist of the spanker in case they get so excited that they lose their grip.


5. Men’s Briefs and Thongs

Women aren’t the only ones who love lingerie in their stocking! Try some men’s wear this year. 

A pair of tasteful briefs or a cheeky thong is a perfect small gift for the hunk who has your heart. With many different styles to choose from, there’s a set or pair for everyone’s preferences. 

Choose from simple briefs or thongs that he can wear from day to night, roleplay sets, or over-the-top sexy fabrics (like mesh or sheer). 

Make your holiday extra special by requesting a sexy striptease from your guy in those hot undies. It’s like you’re gifting yourself a treat for the eyes while you’re gifting to him.


6. Crotchless Panties

While we’re talking about lingerie, we can’t leave out the perfect pair of crotchless panties

PinkCherry has a plethora of panties to choose from, with options in color, fabric, and style. Whether you prefer lace or a wetlook, thongs or briefs, smokin’ hot or roleplay, we’ve got you covered without needing to cover their crotch. 

You could even gift your babe a set of crotchless panties to sample several with you. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll even flash you a peek during a sexy dance or striptease. 

You’ll get to experience access to whatever kind of sex you’re into without having to drop those panties.


7. Pasties

Looking for a tiny gift to add to your stocking stuffers? Pasties are a seductive (and potentially delicious) addition to your affordable gift giving.  

Nipple coverings are a great way to tempt the other partner by drawing the eyes to one of the most provocative parts of the body. While there are simply sexy options, there are also edible versions too! 

If you’re wanting to lick, suck, and nibble those nipples, add some edible pasties to their stocking this year. PinkCherry even has some adorable holiday-themed pasties to get your ho ho ho on!


8. Body Painting Kits

Along with tons of other tasty treats PinkCherry has to offer, you can find body painting kits

There are many ways you can utilize this fun sensual gift. You can paint them, let them paint you, or paint each other. You can decorate one another artistically, sensually, or comically to bring whatever kind of mood you desire to the bedroom. 

Each kit comes in a stunning glass bottle and includes a soft foam brush for precise application. 

The best part is that the paint is edible! It smells and tastes like a tiny bite of paradise that will keep your tongue tasting all the right places.


9. Discreet Vibes

Want something powerfully petite to fit snugly into their - ahem - stocking? Look no further than our line of discreet vibrators

These little do-dads are perfect for those who are always on the go to stash in a purse or carry-on bag due to their miniature size. 

Many also boast a quiet motor for even more secretive fun. Some are disguised as makeup products, so no one happening across them will be the wiser. 

If vibration isn’t their thing, PinkCherry also has a few small clitoral stimulators to tuck in the stocking as well.


10. Hosiery

Why not put some actual sexy stockings in the holiday stocking this year? You can choose from a range of styles, colors, and coverage preferences. 

While the classic black option is an easy pick, you will find whites, red, and even neon colors when you shop with PinkCherry. A pair of stunning thigh highs or pantyhose will complement any other lingerie item you might select, or they can be a standalone showstopper. 

If you love the look of nylons so much that you want more, you could even pick out some bodystockings or a full matching set. If less means more to you, garters might be the way to go.


11. Face Masks

At the beginning of the pandemic, face masks were hard to come by. Now, you can find one that suits your personality with PinkCherry.  

Nipztix line of face masks includes nine different designs. There’s something for everyone! 

Better yet, you’ll find some naughty designs, like lipstick prints and marijuana leaves. Flashy sequins and rainbow holographic fabrics will dress up any outfit. There are also basic black masks. 

There’s no better way to say you care about someone’s health this year than the gift of PPE.


12. Kits

We mentioned in the previous suggestions that you can get multiples of certain products. This is great for trying out several varieties or flavors of the same style of sex toy or product. 

But what if you want to try out many different products? 

Luckily, there are many kinds of kits to solve this dilemma. Those wanting to suggest some BDSM to their lover can find convenient bondage starter kits for your gift-giving pleasure. These come with a range of products that sometimes feature restraints, blindfolds, and floggers or paddles.

Clone kits are available to give your partner a piece of you they can keep with them for masturbation that’s the next-best-thing to being with you. You get to mold your private parts and pair them with a vibrator. They’re great for those who have to quarantine separately. 

These are just two styles of the sex toy kits among many available through PinkCherry.


Stuff their Stockings with PinkCherry

If you didn’t see what you’re looking for in the list above, there are still plenty of choices to fill their stockings at

If you’re on a budget, try our gifts under $30, gifts under $20, or our stocking stuffers (gifts under $10) sections. Browse through every section of our website for luxury sex toys, basic must-haves, novelties, self-care products, and more. 


Happy shopping, and happy holidays from all of us at PinkCherry!

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