Is Your City One of the Sexiest in Canada? Maybe!

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Top Sexiest City In Canada 2018 Pinkcherry


Ever wondered which Canadian city-dwellers buy the most sex toys per person? If not, we bet you do now! Keeping up with our favorite Valentine's Day tradition, here’s the 6th edition of PinkCherry’s Sexiest Canadian cities.


PinkCherry Canada Sexiest City 2018 Infographic


Newsflash! We’re just a little over a week out from Valentine’s Day. It’s true, check your calendar! Now, you may not be into all the romance, roses, chocolates and love-doveyness of it all, and that’s totally fair. Putting aside Cupid’s arrows (google ‘Cupid’ for some unexpected and not-so-innocent info, by the way) and sugary conversation hearts (the personalized ones are pretty great, though), maybe you have a special sexy tradition with your partner (or yourself)? If not, you should! Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse/reason to show some love, lust and playfulness to your partner, or to enjoy some quality you-time with the gift of a brand new sex toy.

Oh, and speaking of traditions, we have one of our own. Each year we look at our annual sales, and tally up the sexiest Canadian Cities based on how much our countrymates spend on adult toys. We’ve got the top winners among cities with a population of 150,000+ for you right here!

Coming in (pardon the pun) as #1 this year we have Calgary, Alberta. Congrats, Calgarians! You’ve bought up more than one million collective dollars worth of vibes, dildos, masturbators and more AND you’ve got the highest average order value. Good job! If our stats are anything to go on (they are!), you’ll be enjoying the most-purchased original Magic Wand massager and Satisfyer’s Pro 2 Next Generation well into 2019 and beyond.

Vancouver, BC (with black stockings and lace panties as best selling items - you love your lingerie!) and Regina, SK make the top 5 as #2 and #3 respectively, while Winnipeg represents Manitoba at #10. The east coast makes the cut with Halifax at #29, and Montreal can rest easy in its sexy status with lucky #7.

We’re giving an honourable mention to two other cities, because 99% of us here at PinkCherry HQ live in one or the other! Hamilton, ON ranks at #14 and Oakville, ON comes in 20th. Not bad!

Don’t see your city? Not to worry, that doesn't mean it’s not sexy! Our stats are based purely on how much each city spent on PinkCherry last year per person, so population size definitely matters! To keep things in sexy perspective, there are about 1,600,000 people living in a big metropolis like Montreal, QC and just 35,138 in Campbell River, BC. You can check out the full version of our list here.

Canada’s Sexiest Cities is a yearly event, so check back with us this time next year to see how yours did! Happy sexy 2019 fellow Canadians, and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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Written By: Melanie Pollock

Melanie Pollock is a writer, photographer, researcher and long-time content contributor to PinkCherry. She’s been involved in the adult toy industry for over fifteen years, but her passion for all things sexually positive, inclusive and accesible goes back much further than that. Thanks to a background in journalism, getting to the truth of the matter is always a top priority for her.