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Lelo Sona Cruise And Gigi Vibe Multiple Orgasm Guide


Multiple orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. Some require physical sexual arousal to drop back to baseline and some require just a dip before getting worked up again. It probably won't come (hehe) as much of a surprise that many women achieve multiple orgasms more easily while using a vibrator. The reason is simple: many vulva owners reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation in general. So, how to have multiple orgasms? According to a survey conducted by LELO, a combination of adult sex toys used together made masturbation feel best (compared to other methods) for 70.3% of participants. The versatility of toys can help you achieve multiple orgasms, and even… make you squirt. Now that’s something to get moist over!


Is Squirting/Female Ejaculation Real?

What is squirting and is it real? Let’s bust out some science for a sec. AFAB (assigned female at birth) folks -- this is folks born with a vulva-- can totally ejaculate, and while there are lots of rumors circulating that 'it's just pee', here's the reality: the chemical breakdown differs. Yes, there are usually small percentages of urine present because the liquid also comes from the paraurethral glands, but female ejaculate also contains other fluids.

In fact, there are two types of female ejaculatory orgasm; squirting - a combo of urine, creatine and uric acid, and female ejaculation - a thicker, milky fluid that’s comparable to male semen and comes from the female prostate.

There are also two types of stimulation that can lead to squirting. Yes, female anatomy is complex, but this just means there are different journeys leading up to the same rewarding destination. The first type of stimulation is dependent, which means a woman needs some type of G spot stimulation or bladder stimulation to squirt. The other type is autonomous, which means a woman can squirt without even trying. 

It’s important to note that “squirting orgasm” isn’t necessarily a female orgasm. It’s a release of sexual pleasure, and it can certainly happen simultaneously with a clitoral orgasm, but it can also occur separately altogether. This is why we’re covering how long does it take for a woman to orgasm and multiple orgasms as well. So, before you learn how to orgasm at the same time, read on below for some basic tips.


Squirting for Beginners - Here's How!

    1. On average, it takes a woman 14 minutes of sexual stimulation. So to start, you need to get some blood flowing to your genitals with some clitoral play or stimulation from your favorite toy. No reason to rush, just go with the flow.
    2. Start stimulating the G-spot by moving your focus away from your clitoris and internally to the tissue that you can picture is under your belly button. Think of it like a “come hither” motion with your fingers.
    3. Once it’s feeling like you’re hitting that sweet spot, intensify the pleasure with stronger sexual stimulation or a G spot toy.
    4. It might feel like you want to pee, but don’t pull back! Either way, you’ve probably put down a towel at this point, but once you squirt you’ll understand that it isn’t pee. Let go of having control of your body and it can do wonders. That’s how we discovered masturbating in the first place!


    Multiple Orgasms for Beginners

      • Set the mood with some silky PJs, give yourself a little erotic oil rubdown, and trace your fingers along favorite body parts.  
      • Once you’re feeling hot and bothered, transition to genital stimulation. If you’re seeking multiple orgasms it means you’ve probably already mastered single clitoral orgasm - but this is where edging comes into play.
      • Edging is a great technique to use to discover the boundaries of your body. It requires you to climax, and climax, and climax, and pull back right before you orgasm. It increases the sexual tension and trains your pleasure to rise and fall.
      • Once you know you can’t hold out on the ecstasy any longer, orgasm girl!
      • Take a small “cool-down” break and go back to whatever was getting you into the sexy mood to begin with, whether that be physical sensations, your favorite Hollywood sex scene, certain positions, etc. 
      • Work yourself up again as long as it feels good.

      Taking all this into consideration when it comes to squirting and multiple orgasms, we’re testing out two sex toys to help squirt that we think are a winning combination.


      Meet GIGI 2

      Lelo Gigi 2 Silicone G-Spot Vibrator


      GIGI 2 is a great G-spot silicone toy vibe. It’s not too small and not too big, easy to use, and has a lot of power. We can also admit that we love beautiful things, and GIGI 2 is aesthetically pleasing with its Swedish design. It’s contoured for comfort, made with soft silicone, and waterproof for easy cleaning and fun in the tub. One customer review even said a lady came so hard it made her neck sore, and another one said if she could give it 10 stars out of 5 she would. G-spot education is power and we think this little silicone toy will have you screaming O-M-GIGI. 

      GIGI Highlights:

        • Obviously, this vibe is perfect for internal G-spot stimulation, but try to enjoy it in different positions, too. We tend to masturbate laying on our backs, but standing or sitting upright can increase blood flow to the vagina. This will, in turn, intensify sensation. Win/win! 
        • Great for external clitoral stimulation, too. Many vulva owners achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. As you probably know, we can’t always rely on others to find our pleasure buttons! 
        • Can target  any erogenous zone body-wide! Experiment by tracing your vibe along your body, neck, nipples, inner thighs, and anywhere else that turns you on. You won’t regret it.


        Meet SONA 2 Cruise

        SONA 2 Cruise SenSonic Clitoral Stimulator in Cerise


        The original SONA made literal waves in the women’s sex toy world with it’s sonic massaging technology. Basically, it sends sonic pulsations deep into the clitoris that traditional vibrators simply can’t. Think of your clitoris like an iceberg, most of it is submerged, and a regular vibrator only stimulates that 10% that’s above the surface, or in our case, externally located. SONA stimulates more than 75% of the clitoris, which means it makes a lot of women squirt. Go ahead and read SONA's product reviews - it was designed with clit queens in mind!

        SONA Highlights:

          • Most importantly, SONA vibrates deep into the clitoris, seeking out places you’ve probably never been before, but should certainly try exploring.
          • Can stimulate areas around the clitoris, like the labia minora (lips) and mons pubis (area above the clit). Try the “hover” technique and you’ll still feel those sonic waves.
          • This toy also has a unique “Cruise Control” feature, which reserves 20% of the toy’s overall power to unleash when you’re pressing it against your body hardest. Basically, it maintains power during climax when normal vibes would lose it.


          Meet your new favorite combo. Can I get a side of fries with that?

          Pair the internal stimulation of GIGI 2 with the external stimulation of SONA 2 Cruise and you’ve got yourself a winning combination for squirting and multiple orgasms. 

          Masturbation has a plethora of health benefits, from critical thinking and memory to stress reduction. Ironically, stress is what 57.46% of participants deemed the ultimate mood killer during sex with a partner. Combating this means a serious commitment to your own wellbeing, and what better way to invest in yourself than through pleasure?! 

          Having sex goals is a good thing, but don’t let it hinder the journey in reaching them. Get rid of the mental pressure by enjoying the steps leading up to arousal and you’ll find that it actually helps you get there. Everybody is different, which means orgasms can be achieved in a multitude of ways. You know your body best, so find what feels good to you and keep pursuing it. 

          Browse through our huge selection of sex toys for women and vulva-owners and find your new best friend today at


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