5 Anal Sex Positions for Satisfying Backdoor Action

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Wild, hot and heavy — the best anal sex positions make bedroom fun absolutely unforgettable. From anal sex toys to anal vibrators, you can incorporate all sorts of items into your foreplay to take things from zero to 60 in no time. Whether you and your partner want to dabble in anal beads or do something a little different, there are many anal sex positions you're sure to enjoy. With so many options for backdoor action, you may be wondering which to try first. Have no fear — PinkCherry is here to help! Continue reading to learn about the best anal sex positions to keep things steamy for you and your partner. 

1. Doggy Style

There's a reason why most people think of this option when they hear the phrase "anal sex positions." Getting busy on all fours is a perfect position for anal penetration because it offers ah-mazing advantages that are tried and true. We highly recommend it for first timers and anyone who is still getting used to anal sex. 

To try doggy style, the partner on the bottom should assume a crawling position with hands and knees touching the ground. This setup allows them to stay loose and ultimately control penetration. The other partner can get started by teasing slowly and gently with lube. Rub and stimulate the butt cheeks, legs and anywhere else that makes the experience more pleasurable. When you're both ready, let the thrusting and fun times begin. Just take it slooooow.

2. Reverse Cowgirl or Cowboy

Get ready to giddy up! It's not just for missionary — the cowgirl or cowboy is one of the best anal sex positions out there. Before you start, we recommend some steamy foreplay to help you both relax and get aroused. To try it out, one partner should lie down while the other mounts on top (their butt should be facing their partner's face.) Once you've found just the right angle, allow the penis or strap-on dildo to gradually slide into your backdoor. As the partner on top, you can control how deep and swift the anal penetration goes by moving up and down as needed. Make sure your bottom partner doesn't start to thrust until you're ready for action. Remember to go at an easy pace and just have fun with it. You can speed things up as you go along to increase the overall sensation while you explore each other. 

Keep in mind, you may find you don't like how deeper penetration feels or your partner on the bottom wants more stimulation against the base of their shaft. If that happens, reach backwards with a warm, wet hand and grasp the lower base of your partner's shaft. In doing this, your hand will become an extension of your butt and provide a physical buffer. 

However you choose to get down and dirty with this anal sex position, you can bet you'll be ready to scream "Yeehaw!"

3. Face-to-Face

If you and your partner are are looking for extra intimacy, the face-to-face anal sex position is a must! One of the best ways to go about face-to-face is with the person being penetrated on top. Start out with your partner sitting or lying down as you mount their lap and the two of you are (you guessed it) facing each other. As with the other butt sex positions we've mentioned, whoever is on top holds most of the power and can control how deep the penetration goes. With face-to-face, you get the added bonus of extra stimulation. From clitoris play to breast fondling, this is your chance to go crazy and have fun. Eye contact and sensual caressing will only enhance the toe-tingling intimacy for you and your partner. 

If you want to try face-to-face anal intercourse, we recommend incorporating a sex toy like the vibrating cock ring to really boost the level of pleasure. Get ready for incredible sensations and mind-blowing moments you won't be forgetting anytime soon.


4. Spooning with a Twist

Ah, spooning. It's great for cuddling, side-by-side action and anal sex. What makes this one of the best anal sex positions? Well, for one thing, both you and your penetrating partner are more likely to be relaxed, which will help you enjoy it even more.

To get started on this sexual position, the "little spoon" or receiving partner can curl up and pull their legs slightly toward their upper body. Doing this and having plenty of lube on hand will ultimately make deep penetration easier. The "little spoon" can also give their partner a better view of the action by lifting up their leg and opening up. 

When the "big spoon" begins to thrust, they should enter about an inch at a time until both partners are comfortable with the rhythm and sensation. From there, you both can relax, enjoy and leave all your cares behind (pun intended). 


5. Plug and Play

Not sure where to start when it comes to the best sex position for anal? That's okay. If you're looking to get more comfortable before trying something like doggy style, plug and play is the perfect position for you and your partner. Look at this anal sex position as a kind of test run. The two of you can spend some time exploring the feeling with a well-lubed butt plug or if you want to up the excitement, try using an anal dilator. Keep in mind, just because you're trying out backdoor fun, doesn't mean you have to totally ignore the front end of things. This is a great time for you and your partner to get lost and caught up in every bit of each other. From penis stroking to clitoris sucking, you can still do it all while you plug and play and enjoy butt plug benefits.

If you feel ready, the two of you can move on to doggy style or spooning with a twist. If you don't feel up to it, that's okay, too. Plug and play is meant to be fun and full of sensual exploration of anal play. When you go into it with that mindset, you take the pressure off of you and your partner and let the dirty discoveries take you both on an incredible adventure. 


Get the Most Out of Anal Sex Positions with Toys from PinkCherry

Before you break out the sexy playlists and go to town, you want to make sure you have all the essentials before you get started on any anal stimulation! No matter which anal sex position you and your partner choose, PinkCherry and our adult sex toys are here to help. From anal starter toys to prostate massagers, we've got everything you need for some seriously titillating backdoor time. To take the different anal sex positions to a whole new level, shop our selection of anal toys today!

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