Are Pocket Pussies Worth It?

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Are Pocket Pussies Worth It?


Let’s be honest – we all look at price tags! So, when you see the price of a pocket pussy, also known as a male masturbator, stroker or masturbation sleeve, you may ask yourself: are pocket pussies worth it or are pocket pussies good? And the answer is YES! If you’re willing to take the time to find a pocket pussy that will fulfill your sexual needs and help you to live out some of your most erotic fantasies, then they’re worth every penny!

There are many ways to make masturbators and pocket pussies a fulfilling part of your sexuality. Here, we will explore how these beloved adult sex toys for stroking can be totally worth making them a part of your healthy sexual activities. We’re here to help you find your groove!



Pleasure is key, right? If you’re wondering “do pocket pussies feel good?”, the answer is a hard yes! Let’s be honest, using your hand all the time can get a little same-old, no matter how strong your stroking skills.

 The magic of a great pocket pussy is this: it can mimic the sensation of sex, whether that sex is vaginal, anal, or oral. Although the term ‘pocket pussy’ sort of implies a realistic vagina, there are tons of different types of strokers; some do look and feel like a realistic vagina, some feature butts and anal openings, some are shaped into lips (sometimes with a tongue!) and others don’t feature any lifelike detail at all. There are even pocket pussies (and butts and mouths) modeled after top name porn stars. Some strokers vibrate, which only adds to your satisfaction, and others feature a heating function. Talk about realistic! 

Some/most strokers feature texture on the inner walls, adding extra sexual stimulation to your stroke session, and others are closed-ended, which allows lots of sexy suction to natually build as you stroke. Our point is this: there are endless pocket pussy options depending on your pleasure preferences.

To make your pocket pussy or stroker feel even more satisfying, you should always use a high-quality lubricant. Lots of lube not only eliminates any uncomfortable friction, but can also help your pocket vagina or stroker last a whole lot longer. 

Okay, so Now that you know that this male sex toy feels good, what makes it so great? Below, we’ll outline all of the reasons why pocket vagina is worth it.


Test Out Your Fantasies

Have some fantasies that you want to act out but not sure you’re ready to bring them up to a partner just yet? No worries! A pocket pussy can help give you the courage to act out any fantasies you have and work your way around how to move, what to say, and what you like.


You’ll Experience Different Sensations

Not everyone is comfortable trying out new things with a partner. If you want to try out something like temperature play, you can do it quite easily with a male masturbator. You can use a warming lube to see how warm you like it or stick your realistic pocket pussy in the refrigerator to see if you like colder temperatures. It’s all up to you!

You can also experiment with more intense thrusting or more friction with a tight grip. There are limitless possibilities when you don’t have to worry about hurting (or pleasing) the other person. If you want tips on how to get the most out of your pocket pussy, check out our blog on how to use a pocket pussy for maximum pleasure!


You Can Work on Your Stamina

Are you a little insecure about your stamina? Not to worry! Use your pocket pussy to increase how long you can last. You can even work to see how you can hold yourself back, what still feels good but won’t bring you to the edge, and experiment with movements that will help you to last longer.

Many people say that the increase in stamina is what makes pocket pussies totally worth it.


They Are Discrete Sex Toys

Sometimes it’s ok to have secrets! If you don’t live alone or you don’t want a partner to know that you have a pocket pussy, that’s totally ok. Most pocket pussies are small enough that you can toss them in a drawer, hide them in a box, and use them without anyone knowing.

Even better, they are quiet, so you can use them without your roommates or housemates knowing what you are doing through the walls. As long as you can stay quiet (which is a whole other issue!), your secret should stay safe between you and your little masturbator!


They Are Portable

Move around a lot? In the military? Have a job that keeps you on the go? Pocket pussies are portable! They won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase, and they’re always up for a trip to orgasm land (or anywhere else you want to go)! 

When you do carry them, they are easy to clean and put back into your suitcase, so you really don’t have to worry about carrying something that is filled with lube. Some even have lids!


They Are Always Ready to Go

If you’re in the mood, it can be “go time” instantly! Unlike some other sex toys, most pocket pussies don’t use batteries or require charging. This means that they’re always ready to play and won’t stop working in the middle of a masturbation session. Whether you want to go for hours or you decide to use one at the last minute, you never have to worry about waiting for a charge or finding a battery that actually works. 


They Come in Different Styles

Pocket pussies come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, feelings, and appearances, so there’s bound to be something for you. Whether you have a specific porn star’s pocket pussy in mind or you’re super-attracted to anal openings, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for!


They Are Reasonably Priced

While any good sex toy is a reasonable investment, in actuality, pocket pussies really don’t cost that much. So, you will be able to get a good pocket pussy that you really enjoy without breaking the bank. In fact, some people will buy a few, so they have different options when the mood strikes.

As with any type of sex toy, price can vary, so do some research. Keep in mind that a less expensive/cheap pocket pussy may not last as long as you’d like, and there are even some on the market that are one-time use only, so be sure to read the fine print.


They Can Last A Long Time

You want your playmate to stand the test of time! Some sex toys really aren’t built to last for a long time - they are just here for a good time. However, if you are careful and take good care of your pocket pussy, it can last for a long time. How do you give your male sex toy the TLC it needs? This includes cleaning it properly and placing it in proper sex toy storage.


Cleaning Is Actually Pretty Easy

Sanitation matters! Since most pocket pussies don’t have moving parts, they're generally easy to clean. All you need to do is take some soapy water to the inside and ensure that you store it away from anything that will deposit lint or dust. You can use mild soap and water, or you can purchase a sex toy cleaner. Again, the choice is totally yours, as long as you’re diligent about keeping your stroker clean! For more sex toy sanitization tips, check out our blog on how to clean a pocket pussy.

Be Patient - Give Pocket Pussies a Try

Sometimes, it takes a bit of time to find your groove! At first, it might feel a little bit awkward to use a pocket pussy, and you might feel like you aren’t really getting anything out of it. However, you may need to use it a few times to really get the full experience and figure out what moves, sensations, and positions bring you maximum pleasure and sexual satisfaction. 

So, again, to answer the question: are pocket pussies worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! Want to take a sensual romp or squeeze in a quickie any time the mood strikes? Snapping up this male masturbation toy just may be the best thing you ever did for your own sexual pleasure!

Maybe a vibrating pocket pussy will be your new favorite masturbation toy or luxury vibrators. Or perhaps a simple silicone pocket pussy is all you want! Either way, find the best pocket pussy at PinkCherry!


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