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Rabbit Vibe Dual Stimulation G-Spot Clitoral Vibrators


It takes a special kind of sex toy to gain world-wide fame and popularity, and the rabbit vibrator is definitely that kind of toy! Rabbit vibes have been featured in TV shows and movies and they've risen to the top of the most-wanted list for women all over the world. Believe us when we say that these delightful vibes have definitely earned their reputation, you’re about to get an earful on just what makes the rabbit such an awesome sex toy. Let’s hop to it!


Hopefully you know that we're not in the business of putting down sex toys. Encouraging you pick them up, though, yes! So, when we say that some vibes might be missing the mark a little, know that we're only talking about those situations when you're looking for something more than the simple (still stupendous, though!) standard bullet or classic straight vibe. Your best basic vibrator will sometimes have no trouble at all curling your toes and rattling your headboard, but when you're in the mood for some, shall we say, innie AND outie pleasure, or dual stimulation, if you want to get all technical, it may fall a wee bit short. Dual stimulation, or double-the-pleasure action is where the subject of today's article, the mighty rabbit vibe, really nails it.

The Rabbit Vibrator Design

When you look at a rabbit vibrator these days, you might be a little confused about the word 'rabbit', only because this best-selling pleasure tool has been re-designed and re-imagined so many times. The first of the rabbit vibes (hailing from the mid 1980's) hopped over to North America from designers in Japan. The original featured a penetrable shaft and a special arm angled upward underneath. That very special arm was tipped by a..wait for it...rabbit shaped tickler. Complete with soft, tickly bunny ears and independent vibration, the first rabbit was specifically meant to stimulate and pleasure the clitoris while the shaft worked orgasmic magic inside the vagina. And did it ever!


Today, many rabbit vibes are still rocking those famous ears, but many also feature clitoral simulators shaped like dolphins, butterflies, flowers and simple curves or tapers. Courtesy of the original, we now have sexy access to rabbit vibes that can thrust, rotate, target the g-spot and even tease your butt, all while keeping your clitoris (and you!) very happy.


How the Rabbit Vibe Works

Using a rabbit is easy, fun and thankfully, very straightforward. Like we mentioned above, there's a penetrable shaft, which can be lifelike or completely non-detailed, and a clitoral stimulator. When the shaft is inserted, the rabbit, butterfly or  otherwise shaped clitoral stimulator will be lined up with your - you guessed it - clitoris. Double the pleasure!


Here's something very important to remember, on the topic of the rabbit vibe: most women can't climax from penetration alone. We're not making up that stat either, it's science! About  75% of women need, not just enjoy, but NEED clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Rabbit vibes to the rescue!

Rabbit Vibe Styles

Just like any other type of sex toy, there are tons of different rabbit vibe shapes, styles and colours to choose from, so it's easy to pick a fave. Like we talked about above, there are also lots of rabbit features to explore, like shaft thrusting, rotating beads, and even teasing anal ticklers. Many now come with convenient USB recharge capabilities, waterproof functionality and travel lock features, so your bunny buddy can come along on just about any erotic adventure.

Standard Rabbit Vibrators

Your basic (but not boring!) rabbit vibe will feature a penetration-ready shaft plus a curvy clitoral simulator. Our PinkCherry In Rabbit We Thrust Vibe is a great example. The shape was specially designed to target all your pleasure craving inner and outer sweet spots. Looking for a rechargeable version? Check the silicone Classic Rabbit Vibe.

Travel Ready Rabbit Vibrators

If you're planning on taking your bunny buddy on the road (or in the air), you might want to go for a rabbit vibe that's sleek, pack-able and features a travel lock so it won't start vibrating at an inopportune (airport security!) time. The Greedy Girl Mini Rabbit Vibe could be just the ticket.


For the ultimate tiny, travel-ready rabbit vibe, check out this super-hot and totally unique Dual Rockin' Rabbit Vibrating Ring & let your man in on the bunny action. What do you get when you combine the erection-enhancing effect of a cock ring with the clitoral stimulation of a rabbit vibe? Amazing orgasms, that’s what!

Thrusting & Rotating Rabbit Vibrators

Now we’re getting into some rabbit vibes that are ready for some serious bunny business. Sex toy designers kicked the sensual power of the rabbit vibe up a notch and added features like thrusting action or rotating beads to really bring the heat. The Petite Jack Rabbit Starter Vibe has a perfectly sculpted shape, complete with rotating tip and multiple intensity settings.


Not enough? Well, then reach for the PinkCherry In Rabbit We Thrust Vibe and feel the ferocious sensations! This vibe features adjustable thrusting intensity to hit the right spot. YAAASSSSS!

Double-Penetration Rabbit Vibes

For a rabbit vibe experience that goes above and beyond the call of duty/booty, try one that offer up a little action for the back door, too. Known as double penetration rabbit vibes, they deliver triple the pleasure, with inner vaginal / g-spot, clitoral AND anal stimulation. Yes please!


The PinkCherry Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibe, for example, has racked up rave reviews by our customers. With several vibration settings plus a slim butt-penetrating tail, this top seller is practically guaranteed to deliver tons of unforgettable pleasure.

Rabbit Vibe Tips

We would never tell you that there's only one way to play with a rabbit vibe (or any other sex toy, for that matter). Part of the fun of a new toy is picking up the sexy nuances and pleasurable possibilities as you go. That said, we've got a few tips on how to make your rabbit vibe experience even better.


First, lube it up! Friction is almost never a good thing when you're getting busy with a toy (or partner, for that matter). While any favorite water or silicone based lube will take care of slippery business for you, you can add unique sensation to your rabbit experience with specialized arousal gels and balms or lubes that warm up or cool down on contact. Wicked makes their Toy Fever Lubricating Gel in both a Warming and a Cooling formula, and since it’s water-based, it’ll be safe for rabbit vibes in all materials. Check out our full lube selection.


Here's another rabbit vibe enjoyment tip: hit the shower! Nothing like a fantastic rabbit vibe to switch up the ol' routine.  Hop in alone or invite a playmate for some wet and wild enjoyment - just make sure that the vibe you're getting splashy with is waterproof. We always note whether a vibe is waterproof (or not waterproof!) in our products specifications, so you'll never have to guess.


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