Best Sex Toy Apps of 2021

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Best Sex Toy Apps For 2021


There’s no way around it, the pandemic has us re-evaluating almost every aspect of our existence. Dating and maintaining a healthy sex life are no exception. It can be (very!) hard to see the bright side of all of this social distancing, but when it comes to sex, there is some sunniness! 


We live in a high-tech age, where unique ways and means of connecting with our partners is entirely, and easily, possible. All you’ll need to keep things sexually satisfying while remaining at a safe distance is a smart sex toy that pairs with a remote app. Keep reading as we take you through our favourite toys from here at PinkCherry, plus the best sex toy apps to help keep you connected.


The Benefits of the Best Sex Toy Apps

There are many reasons you might choose a sex toy that works with an app. Whether you’re using the app as a remote while you play solo, or letting your partner turn the knobs on your intensity from across the globe, the positive aspects to the best sex toy apps can’t be denied. You can use your sex toy apps for the following purposes among many others.


  • Use in place of a remote. Let’s face it, we always have our cell phones nearby! We might as well put them to good use and pick them up while we’re getting down. Some toys still need the included remote nearby to function, so make sure you’ve always got your batteries charged and ready.
  • Connect with your partner remotely. The best sex toy apps will let you connect from wherever you are. As long as you’ve given your partner (or your partner has given you) access, you’ll be good to go to get it on from across the room or across the ocean.
  • Tracking your use is easy with recorded session data. You can see how long your orgasms last! Some apps have tracking, and others don’t. You can disable this feature with most apps if you’re not interested.
  • Bonus features are included with the apps of some sex toys. Your toy might come with extra vibration controls and functions, music pairing to vibe with your favourite beats, or chat features (including video functions).


How Do I Use the Best Sex Toy Apps of 2021?

So how do you get started with one of the best sex toy apps of 2021? Start by purchasing your favourite smart sex toy (we’ve outlined them below) from PinkCherry of course! Once your shipment arrives, charge up your devices and download the corresponding apps. Follow the directions included with your sex toy to pair the devices. You should be set and ready to go to fiddle around with the controls until you find the feature that gets your toes curling.



We-Connect by We-Vibe

This app is compatible with iOS and Android systems. You can use the We-Connect app while in the same room as your partner (or as a remote for yourself) or for use long distance. Most We-Vibe toys feature music sync and av sync to give you multiple ways to play. There are a variety of 20 toys to try out on the We-Connect platform. The new “Touch Mode” feature allows you to feel an instant vibration, pulse, or suction any time the screen is touched. There are text and video chatting functions, and you can even save your “playlists” for later.


OhMiBod Remote by OhMiBod

This app is compatible with iOS and Android systems. You can use the OhMiBod Remote app while in the same room as your partner (or as a remote for yourself) or for use long distance. Most OhMiBod toys feature music sync to help you get into your groove. There are currently 5 interactive sex toys to bring you a new way to connect. Exclusive to the OhMiBod Remote app is the PULSE function for use with an Apple Watch to feel your partner’s heartbeat as reactions from your toy.


Toys to Pair with the Best Sex Toy Apps

We know what you’re thinking – Which sex toys connect with an app? We’re getting there, we promise! But before we tell you, there are a few things you should know regarding all the numerous brands and styles out there.


Tips on How to Purchase a Sex Toy that Pairs with an App

  • Some sex toys are just not safe for your body. When purchasing a sex toy to connect to an app, remember to choose one made with a high-quality, body-safe material that is easy to clean. Go for something phthalate-free that has a non-porous surface, like silicone or ABS plastics.
  • Be sure to pick up a good sex toy cleaner for when playtime is over.
  • Pay attention to the charging method as well, magnetically chargeable toys are usually waterproof.
  • Lastly, research the manufacturer and retailer for your chosen toy. There have been some scandals over the tracking of personal information you share with an app.


So Which Sex Toys Do We Recommend?

 At PinkCherry, we carry toys made by We-Vibe and OhMiBod. These two companies go above and beyond to protect your privacy and safety while using their corresponding apps. A lot of time and love has gone into the creation of their most-popular toys, which are:


  • Jive – the Wearable G-Spot Vibe by We-Vibe. PinkCherry carries this fun toy in a beautiful, sky blue colour. A swell and silicon smooth tip, flexible and curvy, fits snugly and effortlessly against your g-spot allowing you to discreetly wear the Jive wherever you venture to. Ten modes of pleasure come preset on the Jive, but you get more vibes to choose from when paired with the We-Connect app.
  • Melt – The Melt Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator will have you dissolved in ecstasy as it sucks, pulsates, and throbs in 12 different levels. Melt mimics oral sex (or maybe it’s even better) with the touch of a button. Use it with or without your partner, whether together or apart, with the We-Connect app.
  • Nova Rabbit – Not your average bunny, the Nova 2 Rabbit Vibe from We-Vibe could have you feeling like you’re a part of the cosmos. There are ten modes of vibration that can be used simultaneously in the tickler and the shaft or separately. Head over to your We-Connect app for more combinations.
  • Pivot Vibrating Silicone Ring – Pleasing our partners remotely doesn’t stop at vaginas and clitorises! We-Vibe has even included the Bond cock ring in their line of app-compatible sex toys. Your (or your partner’s) penis can enjoy ten different modes of tingly sensations while maintaining its erection firmness. If using with a partner, they’ll get the benefits of the vibration as well.
  • Chorus – The Unite by We-Vibe might be perfect for you. PinkCherry carries this life-saver in purple. You can use this baby solo or while engaged with your partner. That’s right! The flattened arm tucks gently inside the vagina, so a penis (or another sex toy) has room to slide and glide however you like it. While the vibrations will mostly be felt on the clitoris, your partner will also get to share in the pleasure. The Chorus is the first of the We-Vibe line to include Ankorlink, which creates the most stable connection to the We-Connect app ever.
  • Tango X Power Play Bullet Vibe – We-Vibe has thought of everything to keep partners connected, even massages! Yes, you can use the Tango X Power Play Bullet sex toy by We-Vibe to give yourself a rippling rubdown, or you can turn it into a stroker with the included attachment. Another attachment gives you some fluttery feelings as you run the swollen head of the Wand over the parts of you that are begging for more. Smart Silence technology stops the vibrations in their tracks whenever the wand loses contact with you or your partner.
  • Ditto Butt Plug – Finally! A butt plug that does it all! Not only does the Ditto stimulate your anus with ten modes of vibrations, but it also provides pleasure to the perineum with its long arm. Pair this sleek vibe with your We-Connect app, and you’ll be delighted by the Ditto in no time.
  • Vector Prostate Vibrating Prostate Massager – The Renegade Orbit will also tease your perineum the same way as the Ditto, but this prostate massager is shaped to seek and stimulate the prostate gland. The deep-reaching shaft boasts a swollen end that throbs and pulses with ten different vibration modes.
  • bluMotion NEX1 2nd Generation Remote Vibe by OhMiBod – If you want to try something that doesn’t come from the We-Vibe brand, we suggest this wearable vibrator from OhMiBod. The blueMotion can be used handheld or by tucking it into the panties (included with your purchase). Preloaded with five different modes to achieve ecstasy, this compact vibe will have you over the moon. To get even more out of the customization, you can pair your toy with the OhMiBod Remote app.


Experience One of the Best Sex Toy Apps of 2021

Are you as excited as we are to try out one of the best sex toy apps of 2021? We know we are here at PinkCherry! Trust us for all your sex toy needs including toys from the We-Vibe and OhMiBod lines.

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