Best Sex Toys of 2021

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Best Sex Toys of 2021


The best sex toys for 2021 are a mix of high-tech design and tried-and-true classics, offering you a number of ways to integrate intense, mind-blowing, toe-curling pleasure into your self-pleasure or partnered sex sessions.


Choosing the best sex toys is a deeply personal — and extremely fun! — thing, as everyone experiences and achieves pleasure differently! Luckily, the best sex toys on the market come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses, providing plenty of options no matter your personal pleasure preference. 

In 2021, the best sex toys often integrate technology and thoughtful, innovative design tailored for optimal pleasure — even from a distance! Here are our picks for the best sex toys of 2021, no matter how you get off:


SONA 2 SenSonic Clitoral Stimulator In Cerise

What it is: A clitoral and outer sweet spot stimulator that uses sonic waves to directly stimulate sensitive areas, leading to intense, mind-blowing — and, for some users, very fast! — orgasms.

How it works: Using sonic waves, Lelo’s patented Sensonic technology provides gentle-but-intense clitoral and outer stimulation, providing intense pleasure without the need for the Sona 2 Cruise to actually make physical contact with your or your partner’s body. The Lelo Sona 2 Cruise has 12 intensities, and reserves 20% of its total power for situations where it is pressed closely against your body — a situation where many other vibrators may drop in power. If you find yourself craving close physical contact with your toy when you’re moments away from orgasm, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise may be just the toy for you! 


Satisfyer Pro 2

What it is: A clitoral and outer erogenous zone suction stimulator that uses gentle, pulsing airflow to orgasmic advantage.

How it works: The Satisfyer Pro 2 is designed to conform comfortably to the shape of your hand, allowing you to position it directly on (or above) your clitoris, with a soft silicone tip that can rest against your body. Then, the toy’s suction technology gets to work: using gentle suction and pressure, the Satisfyer Pro 2 provides localized clitoral and outer stimulation, with two buttons that allow you to increase or decrease intensity. And the closer the Satisfyer Pro 2 is placed to your body, the quieter it gets — no need to worry about intrusive, distracting noise levels! 


We-Vibe Jive

What it is: A great toy for couples, the We-Vibe Jive is a Bluetooth-enabled, app-controlled wearable vibe that allows you or your partner to control its vibrations and intensity through the We-Connect smartphone app. 


How it works: The We-Vibe Jive is shaped to target internal pleasure spots, like the g-spot, while also providing external stimulation. This discreet silicone toy is inserted, and then can be turned on, off, and have its intensity and the rhythm of its vibrations controlled by the We-Connect app — a delicious, super-fun option for couples looking to tease and tantalize from across the room. 


CalExotic Vibe Therapy Serenity Silicone Rabbit Vibe

What it is: A tropical blue rabbit vibe, providing five inches of insertable length — with a girthy, g-spot-stimulating tip — combined with pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

How it works: Rabbit vibes are an evergreen favourite for a reason! The CalExotic’s insertable shaft has three rumbly vibration intensities, while the clitoral stimulator offers ten deliciously stimulating speeds. Both the shaft and the tickler are controlled using different buttons, allowing you to experiment and play with the CalExotic’s many potential pleasure combos and discover what provides you with the most intense pleasure. 


Magic Wand

What it is: A tried, tested, and oh-so-stimulating classic, the Magic Wand is one of the best-loved vibrators in sex-toy history. For 2021, the Magic Wand has been updated with new, rechargeable functionality and a softer-than-ever silicone head. 

How it works: On a full charge, the Magic Wand can be used for up to three hours. The vibrator’s rounded, silicone head boasts four speeds and four rhythms, all of which are powered by this Japanese-designed toy’s powerful internal motor. The eternal use-only toy can be used to stimulate any erogenous zone on the body, and its powerful, targeted vibrations provide intense, uniquely penetrating pleasure. Try it once and you’ll understand why it’s been a sex-toy favourite for more than 40 years! 

Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker

What it is: An upgrade on the classic stroker toy, this sex toy adds vibration for an added punch of pleasure. Vibration is for everyone, after all! 

How it works: The Satisfyer stroker contains the tip and, depending on size, part of the shaft of the penis. It has a non-detailed entry and an interior that is meant to mimic the sensation of a tongue against your or your partner’s penis. Two motors provide deep, pulsing vibration across 14 patterns, and an external button makes it great for both solo and partnered play — it provides completely hands-off stimulation that leaves you free to touch, taste and explore while the Satisfyer does an incredibly satisfying job. 

Silicone Remote Egg Vibe 

What it is: A classic, discreet egg vibrator, with a twist — this one comes with a remote control, allowing you (or your partner) to control the bullet’s intensity with the touch of a button. 


How it works: Many old-school egg vibes had a single, built-in button, which could be cumbersome and intrusive on pleasure sessions. The upgraded remote egg vibe comes with a sleek, completely-adorable remote control that allows you or your partner to control the egg's 12 intensities with the simple click of a button. The remote has a range of up to ten metres, offering the potential for some very sexy, across-the-room partnered play.  

We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager

What it is: the We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager is one of the best sex toys on the market for stimulating the very-erogenous prostate. It’s completely wearable, offers delicious, rumbly vibes, and can be inserted and used during masturbation or partnered sex for people of all genders. 


How it works: The We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager is designed to target the prostate with intense, buzzing vibration, while its flared base not only makes it safe for anal play, but delivers pulsating stimulation to the perineum. Using the We-Connect app, the massager can be controlled from across the room, or from miles away, making it an excellent toy for long distance couples. 

PinkCherry Tickle Me Torquoise Finger Vibe

What it is: An adorable silicone toy that fits over your finger, allowing you to move and control it however you like in order to deliver incredible stimulation to any external erogenous zone — whether that means the clit, nipples, penis tip, butt, or whatever feels good to you! 

How it works: The Tickle Me Finger Vibe is slipped over your index finger (or whatever finger you use when touching yourself or a partner) and switched on. You already know how to move your hands to provide intense, orgasmic pleasure, and the Tickle Me Finger Vibe ups the ante, delivering ten modes of incredible vibration and stimulation that essentially turn your finger into the ultimate, customizable sex toy: how it moves, where it goes, and what it does is up to you!


Mini Miracle Rechargeable Silicone Wand Massager

What it is: Think of the Mini Miracle Rechargeable Silicone Wand Massager as a pocket Magic Wand: it provides all the rumbly, intense pleasure of its larger cousin, but in a convenient, travel-friendly, USB-rechargeable size. 


How it works: This teeny tiny wand vibe packs a punch, with ten modes of vibration and a comfortable, silky silicone body. It’s great for those who might find the Magic Wand too large for some sex positions: the Wini Mini fits comfortable in the palm of your hand, meaning it can be integrated in just about any type of solo or partnered play.

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