Good Vibes Only! 6 of the Best Vibrators Elevating the Sex Toy Industry

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Good Vibes Only! 6 of the Best Vibrators Elevating the Sex Toy Industry


Vibrators have been around now for over a century. Time flies when you’re having orgasms! As rumour has it, the earliest vibrating devices were intended for use as muscle massagers. Relaxing, yes, but not particularly sexy. Luckily, it didn’t take long for people to discover the erotic potential of their trusty massagers. Today, the best vibrators have evolved to include new and exciting options for external and clitoral stimulation, deep, rumbly internal sensation and much, much more. 


The 6 Best Vibrators of 2021

Ready to rock 2021 (and far beyond), we’ve picked out our top 6 best vibes to keep your year shaking, quaking, rumbling, and rolling on. Discover what makes these vibators so irresistible and how to care for them properly, so they can keep the orgasms rolling in for years to come! 

1. Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

The hottest new technology in vibrators is all about the clitoris. While the Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator doesn’t use the typical rumbling motor or a wand style vibe, you’ll enjoy the new sensation of throbbing suction. Cycle through 11 different modes of undulation that’ll have you cresting like the ocean swells. The pressure waves of the Pro 2 create a tingling sensation that resonates deeply. This intensifies your climax for immediate and repeat orgasms in some.

What makes the Pro 2 one the best vibrators is it’s touch-free utilization. This doesn’t mean you don’t touch the toy to the clitoris, but rather you don’t use friction to enjoy it. Once the treatment tip is positioned perfectly over the clitoris, you won’t have to move it again unless you choose. By gently spreading the labia, you will achieve maximum contact. When this happens, the whisper-quiet motor can hardly be heard.

Magnetic charging makes the Pro 2 ready to go without worrying about having extra batteries on hand. Another positive aspect of this charging method is the ability to use the Pro 2 in the shower or tub for a sexy and erotic bath. This intensifies the pulsations felt as the suction improves with water filling in any gaps. You can also pair the Pro 2 with your favorite water-based lubes for enjoyment anywhere else.

Cleanup is easy with mild soap and warm water, or with your favorite sex toy cleansers. The treatment tip is made from a medical-grade soft silicone that removes for easy cleaning. It is smooth on skin and gentle enough for use on other body parts as well. Avoid contact with silicone-based lubes and other silicone sex toys to avoid damage. The Pro 2 handle is a velvety soft ABS plastic, shaped to fit perfectly in your hand.


2. Bam Mini Rechargeable Bullet Vibe

What could be better than a vibrator that goes wherever you go? The size of the Bullet Vibe makes it one of the best discreet vibrators to have on hand. Speaking of hands, it’s small enough at 3.75 inches long to fit in the palm of your hand but powerful enough to satisfy a range of erogenous zones. It can be used on the clitoris, penis, nipples, or wherever else you enjoy its buzzing sensations. You can use the bullet vibe solo or with a partner, giving you versatility with one toy.

Traditionally, a bullet vibe is firm. VEDO's version follows suit with a body safe ABS plastic that includes a velvety coating. Molded to a smooth, silky taper, the Bullet Vibe easily slides into many positions for comfortable stimulation. The power button is conveniently located at the base to easily start your buzzing with the snap of a finger. 

The Bullet Vibe is waterproof for extra ways to play. It’s also easy to clean due to its firm surface. Simply wipe away leftover fluids, dirt, dust, etc. with your favorite sex toy cleanser or warm water and gentle soap. Since this sex toy is made from ABS plastic, you can use silicone-based lubes without any worries, or use water-based if you prefer.


3. The Original Magic Wand

Tried and true; white and blue! The Original Magic Wand has been one of the world’s most beloved sex toys for decades. Its legendary power has been providing historic pleasure since 1968 when it was released by Hitachi as a “body massager.” Its powerful motor with deep rumbling vibrations has made it one of the best-selling massagers of all time. As new fads have hit the sex toy industry, this trusty toy has remained faithful to its users. Sure, you can grab an updated wireless version, but everyone enjoys a tried-and-true classic now and again.

While some might see a corded sex toy as something to weigh you down, you won’t have to worry about waiting on a charge or replacing any batteries. Just plug it in, and away you go. The operational buttons are easy to operate. Flick the switch down for a humming buzz or flip the switch up for a quaking vibration. When you’re satisfied, return the switch to the middle setting to power the Magic Wand off. And don’t be fooled by its age – this baby can produce 5,000-6,000 vibrations per minute.

Some other mentionable items to note on the Magic Wand regards the flexible vinyl head. The flexibility lets you maneuver to just about any part of the body that needs a little tender touch. The vinyl material makes it compatible with just about any lube you prefer. Finally, the Magic Wand can double as a body massager, making it amazing for foreplay or aftercare needs.


4. Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

Need a luxury level sex toy that’ll make you feel like royalty? The Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator is a pillow princess’s dream come true. Kick back and relax, because we promise you won’t need to do any work with this little number stimulating the clitoris. Simply position it, select your favorite of 12 intensity levels, and let the sucking, pulsating, and throbbing of the device do all the work for you.

The ergonomic design allows the Premium to fit all your body’s curves for optimal positioning. It even comes with two stimulation heads, helping this vibe fit your body even better. You can choose between a small or medium soft silicone contact point, both oval-shaped for a snug fit. This allows for improved suction for stimulating the clitoris without involving friction or maneuvering. 

The autopilot feature makes your experience even more work-free. It cycles through random patterns and intensities without needing to push any buttons, so you won’t know what’s coming next. The Smart Silence feature turns the device off automatically when it’s pulled away from the body. It resumes right where you left off at the exact same intensity when you put the toy near your skin again.

The Premium is waterproof for exciting underwater activity. Magnetic charging further worry-proofs this clitoral stimulator since you won’t have to worry about getting water in any ports during cleaning or play. Speaking of cleaning, you can remove the treatment tips for easy sanitizing. Just use your favorite sex toy cleaner or gentle soap and water to wipe clean. Remember that because the stimulation heads are made from silicone, so you shouldn’t use this toy with silicone-based lubes or let it meet other silicone products. The included storage bag will help you keep your Premium free of damage.


5. BodyWand Midnight Massager

For those who love the original, it might be time you try the BodyWand Midnight Massager. This jet-black version offers you a few new things to appreciate while you’re showing yourself some love. This sleeker option features an extra-long cord for more maneuverability and comfort. The Soft Touch head remains flexible for use on achy muscles all over or to reach your sexiest, most sensitive parts.

The BodyWand boasts the same powerful vibrations as its predecessor. However, it has a whisper quiet mode to keep your private time discreet. It was specifically engineered for deep, unrelenting stimulation that won’t give up until you’re ready to. The operating functions can be easily managed with a single fingertip. Switch through multiple speeds with ease.

The BodyWand is not waterproof, so be cautious when cleaning. Always be sure that it’s fully unplugged before applying cleansers or gentle soap and water. The safest sex toy lubes for this gadget are water-based lubricants. It is made from body-safe ABS plastics and phthalate-free rubber.


6. Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibe In Merlot

The best couples vibrator is hands-down the Satisfyer Little Secret Remote Panty Vibe. This hands-free device is worn on the inside of your underwear by attaching it with a magnetic clip that sits on the outside of your underwear. The remote control is accessed with the free Satisfyer Connect App and Bluetooth pairing. The Little Secret can be controlled from anywhere near the connected electronics. You can use it while out shopping, on a dinner date, or even while dancing the night away. It’s your little secret.

Little Secret is USB rechargeable and preloaded with 10 vibration modes to choose from; or you can use the app to create custom vibe patterns. In the app, you can also utilize a chat function to stay connected whenever you’re far apart. You can also use the included remote control or the toy’s power key if you don’t want to use the app. The Little Secret includes a magnetic charging cord and an extra panty-clip magnet for safe-keeping.

Little Secret is made from a body-safe silicone that is gentle on skin and easy to clean. And to add to the long list of amazing features, the Little Secret is water-proof, allowing for even more pleasuring possibilities. Avoid damaging your Little Secret by refraining from the use of silicone-based lubes or letting it touch other silicone products. For the best damage-free storage, you can use the silky drawstring bag included with your purchase.  


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