National Masturbation Month: Celebrate Getting Off

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Celebrate Masturbation May With PinkCherry


"Can you feel the love tonight?" May is National Masturbation Month and at PinkCherry, we are fully embracing this month of self-love.

Did you know masturbation month actually began as a form of activism? It was created by the San Francisco-based Good Vibrations retail store following the 1994 firing of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders. Elders was asked to resign after suggesting that information about masturbation be included in schools' sex education courses. National Masturbation Month has evolved into a sex-positive way to speak openly about masturbation and its many benefits, as well as to promote how-to guides, pornography and educational workshops. Because at the end of the day, masturbation really is a natural part of any healthy and happy sex life. 

We're celebrating this May by sharing some fun masturbation facts and stats as well as a few solo techniques for the best ways to masturbate. You'll also discover some mind-blowing masturbator sex toys and vibrators available from PinkCherry to kick off masturbation month with a bang.   

Facts & Stats About Wanking

Whether you're "flicking your bean" or "shucking corn," we all like a little alone time now and again, and again and again. But how much do you really know about "riding the unicycle"? The following are some super random facts for masturbation month, as well as a few surprising health benefits that just may make you love yourself that much more if you catch our drift... [insert winky face here.]

  1. Nearly 70 percent of married people masturbate on a regular basis. 
  2. Some studies have found that men over 50 who regularly "flush out" the pipes may actually decrease their risk of prostate cancer. 
  3. For women, masturbation has also been found to prevent cervical and urinary tract infections, reduce depression and strengthen the immune system.
  4. Masturbation can be an extremely effective way to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension. 
  5. Graham Crackers were originally invented in 1829 to "treat and prevent" masturbation or "self-abuse" as it was referred to at the time. Inventor and Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham believed one could curb unhealthy sexual desires with bland foods. See also: John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes.
  6. In 1879, Mark Twain gave a lecture in Paris where he openly and comedically criticized those who shunned masturbation.
  7. In Japan, the term for male masturbation is "senzuri" which translates to "a thousand rubs," while the term for female masturbation is "shiko shiko manzuri" which translates to "ten thousand rubs."
  8. In 17-century Puritanical Connecticut, the penalty for masturbation was death.
  9. Humans aren't the only ones who celebrate masturbation month. Mammals and reptiles like to "reward" themselves too! From primates and elephants to lizards and turtles, everyone needs a little alone time.
  10.  It's been found that men are more prone to masturbate than women, and 20 percent of women have never even tried it. Come on, ladies, it's time to tip the scales in your favour! 

Solo Action Techniques to Find the Best Ways to Masturbate

We get that you have your tried-and-true solo session tactics. But masturbation is all about relaxing, enjoying yourself and trying new things to get the most pleasure per stroke. You never know, you may just find a brand new tried-and-true method this masturbation month!


Female Masturbation 

Don't get lazy on yourself when it comes to self-pleasure! You could be missing out on some seriously fun and fulfilling fap sessions. Discover a few new ways to satisfy your lady bits for one hell of a solo session. 


  • Mix it up. Using the same masturbation position time and time again can get boring. Infuse a little variety into the mix to experience a different kind of orgasm. Try one (or more) of the four core motions to stimulate your clitoris: circular motions, up-and-down movements, side-to-side strokes and rapid, pulsating pushing. Have fun with it!
  • Try female intimacy products. Female enhancement products can offer pleasure-inducing benefits that you've never experienced before. Enhance your solo session with nipple creams, booty relaxers, warming gels or arousal balms. 
  • Watch more porn. Yes, really. The adult film industry caters to most niches, so you can explore nearly every fetish and fantasy out there. There's only one way to discover what tickles your fancy, so dive in!
  • Play around with lube. Lubricant gives you the smooth slickness you need to play with your favorite sex toy. Plus, it'll make you feel like the confident sex goddess you are — trust us on this one. Just be sure to read the instructions on your sex toys and lubes first. Some toys don't mix well with certain types of lubricants. 
  • Experiment with vibrators. Never dabbled in the world of sex toys before? It's time to upgrade your DIY session down south. From the bullet vibrator to the realistic dildo, there are countless sex toys that can take your ménage à moi from the stone age into the 21st century.


Male Masturbation 

Guys, you also tend to go for the same tired and old routine every time you start "jacking the beanstalk." We're here to tell you it's time to change it up. Keep reading for a few of the best ways to masturbate for a full-body "O."


  • Change up your position. There's no mandate that states you have to "assume the [same] position" every time you jack off. Different positions mean different sensations. So, try leaning against a wall, sitting up, lying down or even going down on all fours. 
  • Take it slow. The world is faster than ever before, but that doesn't mean your solo sessions should be. Slow it down and put aside at least 15 minutes for your wanking session. And, work on pushing back your orgasm by holding the motion and diverting your mind for a moment, then start again. It's healthy and will create a much more pleasurable experience.
  • Explore all your erogenous zones. A full-body climax is the epitome of pleasure. Just because you're going at it alone doesn't mean the rest of your body should be left in the dust. Stroke and stimulate your nipples, neck, lips and ears. You'd be surprised at what a little tug here or a pinch there can do to intensify your orgasm. 
  • Don't ignore the balls. Most think the penis is the star of the show, but masturbation should be a two, or should we say three-man act. The testicles have just as many nerve endings as the penis, so don't forget them when you're playing the skin flute. 
  • Crank it up a notch with a sex toy. To make your "O" even more stimulating, work in a few sex toys like male masturbators, cock rings, pocket pussies and more! It's the perfect way to keep your solo play fresh and exciting.


Let PinkCherry Help You Celebrate Masturbation Month the Right Way

In preparation for National Masturbation Month, make sure you're well-stocked with the best types of dildos and clitoral stimulators to make it a month to remember. Shop PinkCherry for high-quality sex toys, lubes and more, all at affordable prices. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out. Good luck on your solo mission! We know you'll do great! ;)




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