The Language of Love - Five Ways to Say "I Love You"

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Understanding your partners’ needs and wants is like slowly peeling back an onion. We know this sounds extremely unromantic, but the truth is that it can take time to discover all those little actions that make your special someone feel loved. Today we're interpreting 5 love languages and giving you some tips on how to use them to show your partner love. They’re easy, (good) cheesy and ultimately a little teasy, so let’s get started!  


Words of Affirmation

This love language expresses love with words that build up your partner, and it couldn't be simpler. We're not saying that you need to speak sunshine and rainbows all the time, but it's important to remember that humans are primarily gratified through words and actions. It's easy to get caught up in the daily business of life, and sometimes, we become complacent and forget about all those cute, romantic verbal compliments that make people feel special. Build up your buttercup with a simple, sweet comment (or many simple, sweet comments!) every day.

  “You always make me laugh.”

  “You look so handsome/beautiful today.”

  “I love you so much.”

It’s also easy to apply this language in the bedroom. A sexy whisper or low growl telling your partner how good they're making you feel will go far to intensify closeness, plus, it can amp up orgasm. Sexy talk reassures your partner that you're really, really enjoying what they’re doing. If they do something that feels amazing, say it!  Simple verbal acknowledgements can add so much depth to your sex life.

  “I love it when you put your tongue there.”

  “You look so sexy. It’s making me wet.”

  “Nothing that feels better than you inside me.”


Actions Speak Louder

Show thoughtfulness by doing things you know your partner likes or appreciates. It can be as simple as folding the laundry or as complex as planning an exquisite date night at a hot new restaurant. If you want to show that special someone how important they are to you, surprise them with a kind or thoughtful gesture. This love language needs to be applied by both partners in the relationship. If you come home to a clean house, reciprocate by treating them to a nice massage, a favourite snack or, better yet, their very favourite sex act.

Let’s say that you know your partner loves oral sex, surprise them in the morning with a wet treat down under. This is an extreme turn on for the giver because you get to see the build-up of their orgasm. Apply an Eye Mask during this tantalizing action and watch your significant other go wild!


Giving & Receiving Gifts

Whether it's picking up your sweetheart's favourite bottle of smooth red or splurging on that fancy pair of shoes they’ve been craving, it’s the thought that counts!

This language can be really exciting when applied in the bedroom. If you know your special someone loves to be adventurous under the sheets, buy them a kinky surprise pack that lets them explore all their wettest dreams with you. Our sensual love kits are perfect for couples looking to touch, rub and tug at each others’ goodies. Whether you're sexual pros of first-timers, this kit is a great start to an unforgettable night. The best part of this is that you get to explore one another’s sexual boundaries through gift-giving. It’s a playful way to spice up a stressful week and make your lover know they’re appreciated!


Quality Time

This love language is all about undivided attention. No televisions, smartphones or other distractions. Sometimes it’s nice to just cozy up on the couch together and watch your favourite series with a bottle of bubbly, but you can definitely plan for more elaborate quality time! If you know they love cars, hunt up an auto show in your city, or keep an eye out for their favourite band in concert.


Physical Touch

For some people, nothing shows love, closeness and intimacy more than hands-on attention. We're not saying that you need to be out in public licking your lover's face, but a quick caress of their hand lets them know you’re thinking about them. The smallest acts of physical intimacy that can make your special someone feel like the most important person in the world.

It goes without saying that physical touch is essential in a sexual relationship. Don’t forget to take the time to explore each other's bodies before penetration. Take turns touching, kissing and rubbing all to build up your orgasm. The Tempt And Tease Game  is guaranteed to get you and your lover riled up for the main event. Your task is to roll the dice and move around the board while completing your daring objective where you land. Who knew a board game could be so naughty! It’s important to realize that life is already a race, let sex be the slow and steady element in a chaotic day.


Love Each Other

Love is COMPLEX! It means something different to everyone, and there's no one-size-fits-all way to show your partner how much you adore them. Try out some of our love languages, or come up with your own. As long as you're putting in the effort to show your love every day, you're in good shape!

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