Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys for Earth Day

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Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys for Earth Day | PinkCherry


Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys for Earth Day

As we observe the fall of fast fashion to the rise of the zero-waste movement, it’s clear that trying to make our world a better place is a top priority for many people. For some, this means being vigilant about recycling and re-using, while others choose to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we’d like to invite you into learning how you can apply your sustainability-savvy to your sex toys. That’s right! There are sex toys that are better for the environment in many ways. Even toys that aren’t necessarily considered ‘green’, or recyclable, can be cared for properly, ensuring they stay out of the trash can (and landfill) for as long as possible.


Look Out for These Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Materials

Eco-friendly sex toys – did you ever hear of such a thing? Well, it’s true! Some materials can retain their quality a lot longer than others. With proper care, some can even last a lifetime! You can live a guilt-free sex life when you switch to sustainable sex toys. We’ll take you through our list of top earth-friendly materials and even suggest a few of our favorites along the way. When you shop with PinkCherry for your new environmentally friendly sex toys, watch out for our “eco pack” labels. Toys packaged this way come without excess cardboard or plastic to deal with disposing of properly.

Below, we’re sharing some of the most popular materials and products to look our for when shopping for eco-friendly sex toys that limit the impact on the environment, without sacrificing your pleasure! 


High-Quality Silicones

Okay, don’t attack us all at once! We know that silicone products don’t generally last forever. But that’s exactly why we’re bringing up this material. We want to talk about the differences in soft and flexible toys, because they aren’t all made the same.

Typically, jelly rubber products will break down or degrade faster than a high-grade silicone. Sometimes, these can also contain harmful ingredients, like phthalates. These toys are also more porous than their high-grade silicone counterparts, which leaves them susceptible to bacteria and mold growth.

The best silicone sex toys are made with body-safe medical-grade silicone that can last for years when cleaned and stored properly. Towards the end of this article, we’ll cover more on how you could even make your relationship with your toys last longer than your actual relationships.



Some of the most sustainable sex toys are made from glass. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the type of glass that makes up your wine glass. Dildos, vibes and plugs are made from a special shatter-proof type of glass called pyrex. Not only can glass toys last a lifetime if cared for properly (stored in a soft pouch or case and kept away from abrasive surfaces), but they feel pretty fantastic, too. Glass sex toys are very firm and stable, making them perfect for precision massage moves, g-spot seeking and prostate play. 

Some glass sex toys feature textured surfaces to really raise the bar, sensation-wise. There is also usually a pleasant weightiness to glass sex toys versus those made from other materials. Combined with firmness, glass sex toys are perfect for people who appreciate sensory play. You can even heat or cool a glass sex toy with warm or cool water baths just before you get started.


We can’t talk about environmentally friendly sex toys without covering metal options. Sharing many properties with glass sex toys, they make a great addition to your collection. PinkCherry has metal sex toys in both stainless steel and aluminum. There are butt plugs, dildos, sounding sets, and wands available. These high-quality alloys that can take a beating and also provide you with a substantial weight.

Seamless and nonporous, metal sex toys offer easy cleanup and versatility in lube pairings. You can use any kind of lubricants you desire. Like their glass sex toy counterparts, metal sex toys can be used in temperature play by dunking in warm and/or cool water before use. While metal toys bear more smooth surfaces than texture options, some do come with a vibrating motor to increase your pleasure.



When you think of bondage or BDSM, you probably think about whips and BDSM paddles. Some of these items can be crafted from wood, or feature a wooden handle. What makes wood an environmentally friendly sex toy option? Wood is renewable and can take less resources to process when compared to leather or plastics. It’s also a vegan option for those considering the impacts of animal agriculture.

One of our favorite wood products is the Wood BITCH Paddle . Since it’s lightweight, it can be used by a person with any level of experience with ease. But don’t underestimate its power. One flick is all it takes to leave behind the imprint on your partner’s skin.



Looking for a biodegradable sex toy? Didn’t know those existed? That’s okay, we’re going to give you all the takeaways about the product that is conscious of what it leaves behind. Blush’s line of Gaia BioFeel sex toys are made of a biodegradable polymer that is cornstarch-based. The Eco vibrator and Eco Bullet come in three colors to choose from (aqua, coral, and green). The smooth surface of these toys is compatible with lube and is easy to clean with a mild soap and water or your favorite sex toys cleanser. 

When you’re ready to get rid of your Gaia sex toy, it will break down over the course of 47-90 days in a commercial compost facility. Another eco-friendly aspect is that it takes less energy to produce them, emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Your Gaia will leave you feeling great sexually, and feeling great about making the eco-conscious switch to environmentally friendly sex toys.



If you’re old enough to remember the days of using sex toys that were battery-powered or had to be plugged in to operate, you know that rechargeable options are the bee’s knees. Not only are rechargeable sex toys more convenient, they’re way better for the Earth. While there are still some great bio-friendly battery powered sex toys on the market (Gaia toys for example), the less we have to replace these batteries, the lower our impact on greenhouse gases 

Some of the newest rechargeable vibrators can hold a charge that provides several hours of playtime. Many of today’s styles come equipped with USB charging ports. Sex toys with magnetic charging features allow you to fully submerge them in water for even more pleasuring options.



Why are we bringing up lubes? Well, you might not think of them in terms of biodegradability. Still, we can consider what goes into their production. Many personal lubricants are now made with vegan formulas. Animal agriculture is huge in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, so going vegan when you can will certainly help the environment. We love the Sliquid brand for their commitment to minimal ingredients that are free of animal byproducts.

Using only organic ingredients also keeps unnecessary chemicals out of lubricant production. Intimate Earth is another personal enhancement brand that is dedicated to using only organically sourced ingredients. They make everything from arousal serums that get you going to toy cleaners for when you’ve reached your satisfying finish.



Looking for the perfect sustainably sexy gift? If one of the previously mentioned sex toy and lube options doesn’t seem right for your recipient, you can try a gift card. This will allow your recipient to pick an item they’ll be fully happy with. No worries about throwing something out that they didn’t quite like.

Another environmentally friendly gifting option comes in the form of sexual edible treats. Opt for products with minimal or recyclable packaging to ensure that there is even less left over once they’re through relishing in tasty lubes or edible pasties.  


Pollute Less by Making Your Sex Toys Last

Want your favorite sex toys to last a lifetime? Trying to keep them out of the landfill? What if we told you getting a longer usage out of your go-to items was easy? All it truly takes is proper cleaning and storage to keep everything spanking new. We’ll tell you how you can tell when a toy is past its prime and what to do with it then to keep the environment safe.


Cleaning and Storage

Thoroughly cleaning your sex toys is the first step to keeping them in tiptop shape. You can use your favorite sex toy cleaner or a mild soap and warm water for most toys. Check your product’s packaging or instruction manual to see if it can be fully submerged in water or withstand bleaching or boiling. A good rule of thumb is that you should never fully submerge or boil any sex toy with a motor, unless otherwise noted. Be sure to fully pat dry with a lint-free or microfiber towel.

When you aren’t using your sex toys, they should be stored in a safe place. This means out of direct sunlight and in a location where they are separated. Plastic zippered bags are great for storing sex toys separately. This will prevent bacteria and mold growth as well as keep toys from interacting with each other. Improper storage can lead to pitting, melting, or disintegrating. Check out PinkCherry’s line of sex toy storage that includes cases and bags with antibacterial properties.


Recycling and disposal options

Sadly, not all sex toys are indestructable. You can tell it’s time to retire your trusty tools if you notice any pitting, misshaped sections, rust, tarnish, tears, rips, holes, or discoloration. If the toy has a motor, there are companies that accept the old products to strip them of their electrical components for repurposing. This should help keep some toys out of the garbage can. Every company has a different process and varying list of what they can and cannot accept.

Another option would be to recycle what you can. If your toy is made from glass or metal, it may be fully recyclable. Check with your local recycling company. Depending on where you live, you may be able to take them to a larger facility if your provider doesn’t accept metal or glass.

If you should decide that you don’t like a particular sex toy anymore, what are your options? If it is free from damage, you can give it to someone else if you and the recipient are both okay with doing so. You need to make sure that you have thoroughly sanitized it beforehand to prevent any health concerns.


Guilt-Free Shopping for Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys

PinkCherry is your one-stop-shop for all sustainable sex toys and eco friendly extras. This Earth Day, look for items that will last you a lifetime, shop for a sexy something that leaves behind nothing, and don’t be afraid to try biodegradable bullets and vibrators. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to love the planet while you’re busy loving yourselves. Happy Earth Day from all of us at PinkCherry!


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