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Guide To Giving Oral Sex By PinkCherry


Since the holiday season is in full swing, we’ve been talking an awful lot about giving. If you ask around, oral sex is one of the top gifts for a special occasion. Why not give them what they want! Whether you’re a newcomer or a pro, fellatio is something just about anyone can do. With a little practice and some know-how, you can improve your technique to get those toes curling and mouths moaning. PinkCherry has advice and tips to making your oral sex the highlight of your holiday as well as products to enhance your experience.  


Oral Sex for Penises

Arousal First 

Start slow! You can actually improve your penis-owning partner’s arousal by being a bit of a tease first. You can begin by licking and gently sucking on the shaft, scrotum, and perineum. Switch back and forth, sucking on one testicle then the other. Use some eye contact to keep engaged. Take your time to really tease them.


Keep it Fluid 

No, we don’t mean actual body fluids! We’re talking about momentum and changing things up every now and again. Once you’re taking their whole penis in your mouth, you can shift between slow and fast speeds. Alternate between sucking and circling the head with your tongue. The frenulum (just under the head of the penis) is a super-sensitive area, so don’t forget to give it some attention too. You can even flick your tongue over the head or wave or roll your tongue while going up and down the length.


Let Your Mouth Do the Talking

While oral sex is all about using your mouth for your partner’s pleasure, it’s not the only thing you can use. Your hands and the rest of your body are a very important aspect to giving a killer blow job. Your hands can gingerly grasp the base of the shaft for stability or move up and down it with the mouth. You can also fondle his balls very gently. Only increase your grip here if your partner seems to be enjoying what you are doing. Some people will be very sensitive about any manipulation of this area. Pay attention to where you are placing your body and do so with intention. Hard nipples can brush against their leg or you can position yourself to give your partner a show of your derriere.


Avoid Dental Damage 

Using your teeth during a blow job can be a big turnoff. In fact, your partner could completely lose their erection if you are too rough with your chompers. While some penis owners might enjoy a little love nibble here and there, it’s something you might want to ask about or just keep off the table altogether. Instead, you can focus on using your lips to cover your teeth as a protective measure. Make sure your mouth stays moist for better gliding action. You can keep a bottle of water handy or try some lube (more on this below).


Oral Sex for Vaginas


Make sure that you and your partner are in a comfortable position before starting. Place pillows or a cushion under her hips and butt to raise her up. This way, you won’t have to be at an uncomfortable angle that could leave you with a crick in your neck in the morning. Since it’s all about them, you might have to concede on your differences over temperature preference. Take one for the team and sweat it out a bit under the blankets if they are chilly. You can always fold the blankets up so that you’re only under the covers from the shoulders up.


Take Your Time

Don’t go straight for the kill! In fact, you don’t have to start in the vaginal area at all. Unlike the penis, the clitoris usually enjoys being touched only after it is already in an aroused state. To make this happen, tease and please slowly. Try running your fingers or tongue over erogenous zones, kiss your partner deeply, tell them how much they turn you on. Then, move downward.  Kiss and caress their lower belly and inner thighs before  thighs, belly and legs. Finally, tease the area just above the clitoris with the tip of your tongue or a gentle massage. Think of this as a waltz, not a tango (even though that can be sexy sometimes too).


Not So Fast 

That’s right! You still shouldn’t start pleasuring their clit just yet. Instead, dip a toe in the water (metaphorically speaking) by gently stimulating the clitoral hood first. You can lick, suck, or even gently nibble this area to further tease. After you see how they’re feeling, you can make your way to the main event. Begin with light pressure, circling from the top of the vagina and around the clitoral hood. Eventually, you can work up to increasing the pressure and using the tip of your tongue directly over the clitoris if your partner is enjoying themselves. Everyone enjoys different sensations, so you can experiment with using different motions, pressures, directions, sucking versus licking, gentle bites.


Hygiene and Hands

You should definitely consider your hygiene before preforming oral sex on anyone. Brushing your teeth thoroughly is a given to keep your breath fresh and help prevent infections and other health concerns. You should also see that any facial stubble be removed to avoid scratching sensitive genital areas. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Let your hands do the talking and the walking by squeezing her breast, flicking her nipples, or fingering the vagina or anus. Get creative with what else you add into your oral sex.


Products to Take Things Further

Oral sex on its own is divine, but you aren’t limited to using just your mouth to bring your lover to climax. Actually, some people prefer combining oral sex with sex toys like dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, and more. You can make the experience more pleasurable for yourself with flavored lubes and/or throat relaxing sprays. For kink-loving couples, there are tons of bondage accessories like blindfolds and restraints to incorporate.


Flavored Lubes and Throat Sprays

Want to make your oral sex not suck? Well, we guess you really do want it to suck, but you get what we mean. Try flavored lubes! Some people struggle with giving head due to taste. A product like GoodHead can help mask any taste turn-offs and make being the giver a more enjoyable experience. There are flavors for any palate to keep you drooling. Refreshing mints, juicy fruits, and sugary sweets are among the tastes available with PinkCherry that might even have you salivating. For a special holiday-themed treat, we recommend flavors like salted caramel, chocolate, Creme Brule, and (pepper)mint.


Throat sprays can numb or relax the throat to help those who suffer from a gag reflex. Not everyone will suffer from a gag reflex when giving a blow job, and the intensity of these reflexes does vary. Still, everyone can benefit from using such a product. Throat sprays allow you to take them deeper into your throat without feeling pain or intolerance. This makes the experience more pleasurable for you, so they can enjoy their oral sex gift even more. A small amount will do the trick, so simply follow the instructions on your individual product. We recommend a flavored throat spray like Deeply Love You Throat Relaxer .


Sex Toys

Want to give a blow job that’ll blow their mind? People of all genders and sexes often enjoy the accompaniment of sex toys with their oral sex. You can try almost anything that you are both comfortable with. For vaginas, you can add dildos or vibrators to insert into the vagina or anus as your mouth gives the clitoris attention. For the penises, you can get some extra help from a blowjob toy stroker that mimics oral sex. Alternating between your moth and the stroker will give your jaw a break without making them pause. Both sexes may also enjoy anal sex toys, like anal beads, butt plugs, and prostate massagers.


Blindfolds and Restraints

Feeling tongue-tied? Tying them up can be a great addition to your oral sex. Try bondage rope to create whatever kind of position you’re after or use bed restraints to keep them from wriggling away. Add to the sensuality of receiving oral sex by removing one of the senses through blindfolding them. You can narrate whatever you’re about to do to them, so they can listen to your sexy voice and feel your warm breath on their skin.


Trust PinkCherry for all your sexual needs to get you through the holidays. There are products available to fit every lifestyle, preference, and budget. 

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