Prostate Orgasms and How to Have One

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PinkCherry Guide To Having Prostate Orgasms


Sorry vagina owners, this one’s aimed at people with penises! But don’t feel left out, you can be the one to help your prostate-possesing partner experience some truly amazing orgasms. If you are, in fact, the proud owner of a prostate, and if you’ve been wondering about prostate orgasms and how to have one, good news! You’ve come to the right place. Let’s all come together as we explore the magic of the prostate orgasm.

What are Prostate Orgasms Anyway?

What is a prostate orgasm? The one-word answer: euphoria! A prostate orgasm is different from a penile orgasm. It involves the stimulation of the prostate, which oversees creating the seminal fluid that is composed of nutrients the sperm needs to thrive. Several other organs are responsible for contributing to cum as we know it, but our focus is on the P-spot. Like a woman’s G-spot or A-spot, this area located in the rectum is known to produce earth-shattering orgasms. Many men explain the feeling of a prostate massage like the start of an orgasm that lasts much longer. Where do we sign up?!


What is the prostate, and where is it? The prostate gland is a combination of muscular tissue and glandular tissue that feels like a plum – firm with a little bit of squishiness. If you were to look at it, the prostate resembles a ball with a wing on either side. Think of the snitch from Harry Potter. This shape gives it the ability to propel the seminal fluid into the urethra. This explains why you may notice more fluid released during a prostate orgasm than with a penile orgasm. (Prostate stimulation is commonly referred to as “milking”) While women technically have a prostate too, the only time you’re likely to hear about it is when discussing its infection or the development of cancer.

How Much Pressure for the Best Prostate Orgasms

The answer to just how much pressure you should apply to the prostate will vary from person to person. Few men enjoy the sensations of being poked, but there are a few exceptions to this group. If you’re trying a massage on your man’s prostate for the first time, it’s best to ask him his preference. If he’s never experienced this kind of sexual pleasure before, you can start out with light touches and increase the intensity until he’s (ahem) satisfied. 


For the bros reading this, the same can be said if you’re stimulating your own prostate, just start out gentle and work your way up. You’ll be moaning in ecstasy before you know it.

Positions for Prostate Orgasms

Bent Over

There’s a reason why prostate exams in movies and television usually feature a doctor telling the patient to bend over (while audibly snapping on a glove). This position is probably the easiest way to gain access to the prostate.


It’s as simple as getting on your hands and knees! While you’re already down there, you’re in the perfect position to beg for more.

Face Down

You can lie down wherever you please, be it a couch, the bed, or even the floor. Lie on your stomach with your feet slightly apart. This position allows you to easily take care of your own prostate massage.

Side with One Leg Tucked

While lying on your side, bring the top leg up to your chest. It’s that simple.

Tucked Up

This is one to try either with a partner or on your own. While lying on your back, bring your knees to your chest (as far as you can comfortably). You can use your arms to hug your legs in place or hook your hands in the crooks of your knees.

Sex Toys for Prostate Orgasms

There are many reasons a person chooses to use sex toys for butt play. For prostate orgasms, some men may want something with a fuller feeling than fingers. Adding textures and vibrating features makes mind-blowing orgasms even better. While there are many sex toys that can be used for anal sex, there are also ones designed specifically to reach the p-spot. PinkCherry has a full line of prostate massagers to tickle your taint and pleasure your prostate, from simple dildos to full exploration kits!

Extra Tips for Prostate Orgasms

If you’re afraid of penetration but still want to try prostate massage, you can do so indirectly. What does that mean? Well, the taint (you know, the space between the balls and bootyhole) lies right where the prostate is. This section of skin is also known as the perineum. A little pressure here can go a long way, though it will still result in more mild sensations than what you’d get from an internal prostate massage.


Lube it up! Your anus does not have its own source of lubrication. It can’t become moist the same way a vagina does when a woman is aroused. Going at it dry can cause more friction and even potential tearing. Ouch! We recommend an oil-based lube that won’t evaporate quickly or rub into the skin the way that water-based ones can.


If you’re worried about a little brown, gloves are a great way to keep things sterile. You should always wash your hands before and after sex of any kind, regardless of protection used (which should be always too). But, rest assured, having a little brown on your fingers or toys after any kind of butt play is a normal consequence.

Myths About the Prostate

There are a few myths about the prostate that we’d like to take a moment to expel.


  • Only gay men like butt play. False! Enjoying prostate orgasms does not make any man gay, but gay men can enjoy prostate orgasms too.
  • Having sex lowers a man’s risk for prostate cancer. Somewhat true! While men have lower risks of developing prostate cancer with increased instances of ejaculation, it doesn’t mean they need to have sex to get off (so don’t buy that line).
  • You can’t have both prostate and penile orgasms at the same time. Totally false! Having both kinds of orgasms at once will bring you bliss like nothing else.

Prostate Orgasms Abound!

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned prostate pro, PinkCherry has everything you could ever need to make your prostate orgasms an experience to remember (and maybe to have again and again)!


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