The Ultimate Guide for Sex in the Kitchen

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PinkCherry Guide To Sex In The Kitchen


If sex in the bedroom is getting a little boring, changing your location might just do the trick to spice things up. Say goodbye to your stale routine with the hottest place in your home: the kitchen! With easy access to cookware tools and yummy eats, this space can be your own vanilla version of Christian Gray’s Red Room. If you’re contemplating getting in some kinky kitchen sex, read on for safety tips, foreplay ideas, position suggestions, what to use, and more.


Safety First

If you’re thinking about heating things up with sex in the kitchen, you should consider a few safety steps before getting started. There are many appliances in the kitchen, both big and small, that pose fire and shock risks. Make sure the knobs to your stove are locked if you have this feature. Avoid the front of your oven door altogether if possible, to prevent breaking the glass on the door (don’t ask me how I know this). Unplug any small appliances on your countertops and clear a safe space if you plan to use this area. Tuck any sharp knives away in a drawer. Lastly, make sure there are no slippery substances on the floors, like spilt cooking oils.


Foreplay with Food

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Ours did too, but that’s not stopping us now. Using what you already have on hand in your kitchen is not only convenient, it’s spontaneous too. Still, if you feel like you really want a certain food for your foreplay needs, go for it. The grocery store is your oyster (speaking of aphrodisiacs). Fruits and whipped cream are a traditional staple (but be sure not to get anything sugary inside of you since this can cause yeast infections). Any kind of condiment you like can be used to lap up during foreplay. Even ice can be used to stimulate certain parts of the body with tantalizing results. Be sure to put a towel down to catch any drippings that might cause dangerous slips and slides.


Positions for Sex in the Kitchen

Having sex in the kitchen offers a full variety of sex positions that you might not get a chance to do as often in the bedroom. There are many ways to achieve rear-entry positions using your furniture and fixtures. For instance, your partner can sit in a chair while you ride him in reverse-cowgirl. Another option is to bend over the counter. And while we’re talking about counters, sitting up on the counter provides a prime position for you to get eaten out or let him toss your salad (I swear I’m done with the kitchen puns now). Play around with the different levels that the kitchen provides you. Just don’t go climbing on anything that isn’t sturdy and ask your partner for a leg-up (or try a step ladder) if you need a boost.


Kitchen Tools

There are many things you can use in your own kitchen to have flirtatious foreplay and steamy sex. Look around and grab whatever is handy to take the experience even further. An apron (with nothing under it) can be a tempting treat for the eyes. A dish towel can be good for snapping the booty or tying each other’s wrists. Saran wrap is also good for binding the body in different ways. You can use a spatula or wooden spoon for some spanking good S&M. Rubber dish gloves with scrubbing textures will add a layer of tactile stimulation. A turkey baster can work to lubricate you. Or even try clothespins or chip clips as nipple clamps. You can also create a gentler set of clamps with chopsticks and rubber bands. Egg yolk extractors can make great suction tools. If you or your partner spends a lot of time cooking, you probably have even more supplies and cooking tools that you can use in many ways.


Ideas to Get You Started

In case you’re still unsure of how to get things going to have sex in the kitchen, we’ve got a few ideas that are sure to be a hit.


Play with Temperatures

If you’ve got oral sex in mind for your kitchen rendezvous, play with temperatures. You can put an ice cube in your mouth while you’re giving him a blowjob. Or drag the ice across his skin, starting at the neck and working your way down. Goosebumps galore! Blindfold him beforehand to make this an extra surprising experience.


Get Tied Up

The kitchen is like a playground for bondage-lovers. There are handles on cabinets and appliances where you can be tied (or you can tie him) to. Sitting in a chair gives you the option to be completely bound. If your upper cabinets have handles and are positioned conveniently, you can even lie on your back on the counter and tie each ankle up to spread your legs wide.


Send Your Signal

Besides showing up  wearing nothing but an apron, there are other ways you can signal to your lover that you want to have sex in the kitchen. Start out by cooking something for real or at least make it appear as if you are doing so. Call him over and turn to press your backside into him. Dab sauce, chocolate, or another edible on your neck for him to lick away.


No Real Cherries Needed with PinkCherry

If you’re worried about using kitchen tools and foods to have sex in the kitchen, you can trust all your sexual needs to PinkCherry. There are bondage toys and accessories galore as well as lubes and even tasty treats that are safe for sex play. You might discover things that will make you want to have sex in the kitchen every day!


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