The Rabbit Vibrator: Still a Hopping Good Time

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History Of Rabbit Vibrators By PinkCherry


If we were to ask you to think about an iconic sex toy, what would you picture? We’re not talking about double-ended dildos (though they’re pretty iconic too). We mean a classic toy that might be a first purchase. Did you think of the Rabbit vibrator? Let’s talk about why this toy is still a hopping good time even after almost 40 years.


While there are quite a few different styles of sex toys that have gained popularity over the years, the Rabbit stands out for breaking the mold (LITERALLY) in the industry. Perhaps being featured on Sex and the City helped boost some of the recognition this toy has amassed in more recent years.

What Makes the Rabbit Vibrator so Special?

When we tell you the Rabbit vibrator is unlike any sex toy that preceded it, we mean it! So, what is so special about it that has allowed it to maintain such high-standings since their first fabrication in the 80’s? Simultaneous internal and external action, of course!


Your standard rabbit will usually feature a phallic shaft, or penetrator, and an external tickler. That tickler, which is placed to situate your or your partner’s clitoris or other outer sweet spots, is sometimes (a lot of the time) shaped into the namesake bunny, but can also be a butterfly, a dolphin or a simple curve. Some rabbit vibrators boast rotating shafts, with or without the addition of pleasure beads, some are shaped to target your  g-spot, while others feature thrusting or thumping mechanisms, Some lucky rabbits even come complete with a warming function. What ties all these bunnies together is their magical ability to please you or your partner inside and out, at the same time.


Now, the classic Rabbit has always been (and will probably always be) a go-to for orgasm craving people, but sex toy technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Modern features like pressure wave stimulation, clitoral suction, smartphone and app connectivity are starting to show up more and more in some of our favorite bunnies, and we can’t wait to see what’s still to come! 

The History of the Rabbit Vibrator

In the year 1984, the Rabbit vibrator first hit the shelves. It was sold by Vibratex and became an iconic bedroom staple after being featured in the show Sex and the City. It was originally operated with a remote attached to the end of the Rabbit by a cord. Talk about inconvenience! Luckily, there have been many improvements over the years.


The Rabbit vibrator has been made from many different materials throughout its history, including jelly, latex, metal, plastic, rubber, silicone, vinyl, and other elastomers. Silicone is one of the more popular materials due to its non-porous structure. The characteristics of silicone allow it to be cleaned and sanitized easily in addition to retaining heat. There’s also no foul chemical smell like you’ll notice with certain other materials.

Praise Over the Years

It was the year 1998. HBO’s Sex and the City was dubbed “one of the highest-rate sitcoms of the season.” The episode The Turtle and the Hare featured Vibratex’s Rabbit Pearl, depicting it as so good that the character could not stop using it long enough to force herself to leave her home. The fame of the Rabbit skyrocketed, and it has been recommended and endorsed by other celebrities since.


In 2005, Eva Longoria stated in an interview with SELF that she has gifted Rabbit vibrators to all her gal pals. In 2006, O (as in THE Oprah Magazine) called it the “Rolls Royce of sex toys.” Following these rave reviews, the Rabbit has been featured in media and pop culture alike.

Different Kinds of Rabbits

It’s no secret that there have been many knockoffs of the official Rabbit vibrator. With enough searching, you can find one in any color and depicting almost any animal. Some feature a clitoral vacuum in place of the iconic rabbit-shape. Some even feature interchangeable shafts. You could even go for a triple-feature with a Rabbit that has another appendage for anal stimulation and penetration. When shopping for your own Rabbit vibrator, watch out for cheap dupes that might not be safe to use. Instead, shop with a reputable source like PinkCherry.

Using a Rabbit Vibrator

There’s not really a right or wrong way to use a Rabbit vibrator, per se. You’ll need to select the speeds and intensity of the vibrations that will suit your desires best. For some, that means light tickles. For others, it could mean bed-breaking rumbles. If you’re not sure, start out with the lowest settings and work your way up until you hit the sweet spot that brings you to your peak. If your partner is helping you use the Rabbit (or you’re using it on them) discuss these preferences beforehand.


Insert the shaft deep into the vagina, so that you can take full advantage of the rotating beads or pearls. You may find that lubes will help you enjoy your Rabbit vibrator even more. With less friction, you can glide the toy in and out of yourself with ease. Just make sure you know what materials your Rabbit is made from, so you can avoid any damage to your toy. Remember, silicone breaks down silicone! The Rabbit’s “ears” should rest at the clitoris to give you a buzzing good time. Take things at your own pace, whether that be slow and steady or quick as a … well, a bunny.


Be sure to thoroughly clean your Rabbit vibrator after use with appropriate cleansers. You should store your Rabbit in room temperature conditions separate from other toys to avoid any interactions. Be sure to charge up to be ready for the next time you want to bring your Rabbit out to play.

Get Hopping with Your Own Rabbit Vibrator

If you’ve read the above and are ready to get hopping down below, check out the full selection of Rabbit vibrators that PinkCherry has to offer. While you’re there, you can check out lubes and cleansers for your new toy and read more blogs for tips, tricks, and hacks for a healthy sex life.

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