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PinkCherry Guide To Finger Banging


One of the best parts about having sex is that moment of slow build-up that leads to an explosive, toe-curling orgasm. Unless you're enjoying a nice quickie, it's a great feeling to take your time with your partner and explore and entice every inch of their body, especially their erogenous areas. And when it's time to tease them with some nice foreplay, it makes sex all the more rewarding — and fingering is one of the best, most "hands-on" foreplay options out there. But if you don't know how to finger your partner correctly, it can cause unwanted reactions, possibly even disappointment or discomfort. At PinkCherry, we want you to learn how to finger bang your partner like an expert so you never have to go through this awkward experience (again). In this article, we'll go over four fingering tips to help you get on with your bad self and enjoy some mind-blowing foreplay.

What is Fingering?

In case you didn't already know, fingering a woman or man involves playing with and penetrating your partner's vagina or anus with your fingers. When done the right way, it can heighten one's senses and lead to a more intense orgasm during sex. But, fingering a man or woman is similar to oral sex because it doesn't need to involve full sexual intercourse for your partner to climax.  

How to Finger With Four Euphoric Tips

If you're ready to learn how to finger and treat your partner to the true bliss that they deserve, we have some really great pointers to get started or practice your current routine. By the time you finish reading this, you'll be on your way to becoming a fingerbanging professional. Let's begin!

1. Take Your Time and Start Slow

If you've never learned how to finger bang or you rarely do it for your partner, you'll be off to a bad start if you rush and start jamming your finger in and out of your partner's orifice like a jackhammer. For many people, this action can feel unpleasant or even painful to the point where it's an immediate turn-off, and sex is officially off the table. Don't get us wrong — rapidly thrusting your fingers to imitate sex is pleasurable, but it requires you to take a few moments to let your partner get used to your touch. 

2. Use Lube if Needed

When you're fingering a woman, it's natural for their vagina to become wet and well-lubricated for you to be able to slide your fingers in with ease. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Luckily, lube exists for a reason! Simply pour some lubricant on your fingers or your partner's vagina to make things wet and wild. And, regardless of whether you're fingering a man or woman, lube is essential for anything involving your partner's anus. The anus doesn't self-lubricate, so inserting anything from your fingers to anal sex toys can cause pain if there's no lube on either.

3. Caress Other Parts of the Body While Fingering

This is where things get interesting — if you really want to learn how to finger beyond the basics, you'll need to get creative and use more than one finger. There are many different ways to do this. You can use two of your digits to finger both your partner's vagina and anus or their vagina and clitoris — or, place them both in one of these areas at the same time. You can even massage their breast or make out while fingering to make the sensation all the more steamy. Or, if you're fingering a man, you can stroke their penis while fingering their anus for extra sensations. The point is not to focus so much on the one action of fingering and instead let fingering and fondling complement each other. This will not only make the pleasure more blissful, but also build intimacy with your partner to have them begging for more.

4. Consider Adding Toys For More Fun

You might be wondering what toys have to do with great fingering. Truthfully, your partner can have incredible orgasms from only using your fingers. But, when you add toys such as finger vibrators to the excitement, the intensity of their climaxes will be pushed well beyond the usual limits. These gadgets simply slide over the top of your appendage and offer features such as small bristles or pulse-pounding vibrations. 

Fingering Is Easy with PinkCherry

Now that you know how to finger the right way, we hope that you'll reach perfection and your partner will reach their ultimate climax. And if you need additional sex toys to spice things up in the bedroom, PinkCherry can give you a hand. We carry sexy lingerie to seduce and entice your partner, bondage products to rope each other in and so much more. Browse and feel out our selection today!

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